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The first real interest in the Vung Tau nightlife scene started back in the Vietnam War days when it was seen as a place for R&R, in that regard it shares a similar beginning to Pattaya in Thailand, but Vung Tau never really took off in the same way.

Today, as far as westerners are concerned, it is still seen as being a venue for getting drunk and meeting up with prostitutes, but tourists are relatively few in number.

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A big proportion of the westerners there are working on overseas contracts for the offshore oil and gas industry, and these tend to be guys with a lot of cash to spend.

Given that fact, you can probably guess that the prices asked by bar girls and other hookers in Vung Tau are not the lowest that you’ll find in Southeast Asia, especially when there’s a ship anchored in port!

The Red Parrot bar is a long-time favourite amongst the guys employed in the offshore oil and gas industry, but recent developments have provided many more bar options. The ladies working these bars are easy on the eye but, unless you want to compete with the purchasing power of some of the best paid workers in the world, I’d look elsewhere for your jollies!

The Vung Tau bay is attractive, but the beach is not the best.

One selling point about the place is that it is easy to get to. There is a ferry that runs from Saigon to Vung Tau for less than $20 and gets you there in under 2 hours, so it is useful as a place that you can visit for a day or two if you feel like getting out of Saigon and heading to the beach.

That said, the beach in Vung Tau is not one of the best that Vietnam has to offer, so that brings you right back to nightlife options I guess...

Vung Tau Bar Girls

Vung Tau bar girls will often ask for 2 million VND (not far off $100) and sometimes more. Unless you have some seriously good negotiating skills you will struggle to get that price down by much, and if the girl is particularly attractive then you are wasting your time trying to negotiate the price down...

Another thing that grates on my nerves is that, in some venues, the bar girls in Vung Tau can manipulate you into feeling like some sort of loser if you don’t splash at least $50 on a bottle of wine or something similar. My advice is to be prepared for this sort of crap, and politely stick to drinking local beers.

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It’s not all bad news on the expenses side, Vung Tau nightlife is cheap if you restrict yourself to drinking the local beers. There are many places where a beer can be bought for less than $1, but be aware that lady-drinks can be a lot more expensive.

There are several clubs to choose from and most reviewers of these venues agree that whilst they are good, they do tend to play music at ridiculously loud levels… I mean uncomfortable loud. You will find it impossible to hold a conversation inside these places, but then that’s hardly the point. If you are a veteran clubber then you’ll know that by the time you get to a club you’re usually drunk and just want to impress the world with your dance moves...

Vung Tau Escorts and Online Girls

Your two online options are regular dating sites and Vung Tau escort girls. Now, if you thought that $100 for a bar girl was expensive then you’ll be particularly unimpressed by the amount of cash necessary to gain the services of a Vung Tau escort. You can expect to pay a minimum of $300 and quite possible a fair bit more than that...

To be fair, Vung Tau escorts are not especially expensive and prices in Saigon are no cheaper. In fact, all of Vietnam is similarly expensive for these ladies. The upside is that they are amongst the most beautiful ladies that you will find on the planet. As for the quality of the service offered – a pauper like me would love to know but at those prices I’m not going to be finding out anytime soon!

Oil rigs off the Vung Tau coast.

Given the expense that comes with Vung Tau escorts, you might be well advised to look on the dating sites for your female companionship. With Saigon being so close by it would be quite easy to meet girls there and, once the two of you are comfortable with each other, you can easily hop onto a ferry together and go check out the nightlife in Vung Tau.

As always with the dating sites, you will also come across some freelance hookers, and these will usually be the cheapest P4P ladies that you can find anywhere in Vietnam.

Vung Tau Nightlife; crime and safety

The overall crime and safety stats that I’ve seen for Vung Tau are excellent.

Vietnam as a whole scores well for safety and, if this sort of thing is a concern for you, you should be happy to note that this is certainly one of the safest countries in Southeast Asia.

The specific stats for Vung Tau are not backed up with high numbers of data, which does compromise the results, but they are still in line with the stats for Vietnam as a whole – the figures for which are much more reliable.

The only issue that needs to be taken seriously is crime related to motorbike thieves, e.g. bag snatchers.

I’ve also heard complaints about groups of hookers on motorcycles some of whom will pick your pockets whilst one of their accomplices entertains you, so be on your guard against that sort of thing.

Final Thoughts about Vung Tau Nightlife

You may have picked up that I’m not particularly impressed by the Vung Tau nightlife scene. That’s a fair assessment in terms of the P4P scene because I think that are far better options for that elsewhere in Southeast Asia. Thailand is far better, Cambodia and the Philippines are also much better.

However, you do need to look beyond that to give a fair assessment. I think that the Vung Tau nightlife appeal comes largely as a getaway destination from Saigon and just for short breaks of a day or two.

There is some good infrastructure and some good bars and clubs to choose from, but I think that it is best enjoyed in the company of some friends or a girlfriend.

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