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Whilst not the top naughty nightlife destination, Vietnamese hookers do exist in many of the popular late-night watering holes in Saigon. Hanoi has fewer night-time offerings and so the bar-girl scene there is much smaller, but there are other options on the coast.

Nha Trang looks like the best of these options, but Vung Tau and Da Nang also have something good to offer.

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Compared to Thailand, Vietnam does not have anything even close to the big-city nightlife and bar-scene that you get in Bangkok; and as for a Pattaya substitute – don’t even waste your time looking! The costal resorts mentioned above offer many fine attractions, but the naughty-scene is more of an added extra than a mainstream, fundamental purpose for their existence.

I’ve mentioned on other pages that Vietnamese girls might be less amenable to the idea of working as escorts, and I think that this is also evident with other types of sex-work. The Vietnamese hookers that work the bars at night are far less numerous than their counterparts in Thailand and their asking prices are often much higher.

There is a difference in culture to be aware of; in Thailand prostitution is looked down on just as it is anywhere else in the world, but the distaste for it relates more to the unladylike act of soliciting services rather than the actual acceptance of cash for sex.

Nha Trang, my pick of the available beach resorts in Vietnam...

I think that this attitude is largely unique in Thailand and the proportion of girls there that will happily accept cash in exchange for sexual services (rather than being coerced by economic necessity) is relatively higher. In Vietnam, there are far fewer girls who would think that such behaviour is acceptable.

In economic terms of supply and demand, the supply of sex-workers is higher in Thailand and that forces the going rate for their services down. Prices are lower even though the country as a whole is wealthier and has a higher average cost of living.

As an example of this, there are many Thai university students that will happily provide sexual services as a way of topping up their earnings whilst studying. I seriously doubt that you’ll find more than a tiny number of Vietnamese hookers that are just looking to top-up their student finances! The vast majority of them simply would not even consider the option.

Vietnamese hookers and safety

As with prostitutes elsewhere, Vietnamese hookers can be a threat to your finances if you fall for a gold-digger. I’d say that there are fewer instances of this sort of thing happening though, and that’s because the girls tend not to play the long-game quite so much.

If you are looking for short-term fun, the Vietnam nightlife scene is not the best place to find it. The costs are high and there are many scams. A better option is found at:

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The girlfriend experience that you’ll find in Pattaya is not completely absent, and there are some harrowing online stories about just how ruthless Viet girls can be if you do get too attached, but generally speaking the pay for pleasure industry has more of a short-term business feel to it. As regards the safety aspect, my comments about Thai hookers also apply here.

It is not the same as the sex-industry in the west, where most appointments are by the hour, but I get the impression that falling in love with Vietnamese hookers is a relative rarity.

One thing to be aware of is that there are some expats who report a greater involvement of organised crime in the Viet naughty nightlife scene. This won’t be a problem as far as the short-time service that you’ll get is concerned, but you might want to give consideration to whether or not the girl is working of her own volition. I’ve written more about this on my page about Vietnam escorts.

The Saigon, Ho Chi Minh if you prefer, skyline.

As with Thai girls, the girls that you’ll meet in massage parlours often provide extra services for gentlemen, but the cost is much higher than in Thailand and there may not be the full range of extra services provided. The girls working in Barber shops are another possibility…

How does Vietnam compare overall?

Vietnamese hookers, compared to the hookers that you can meet in other countries in the region, can be amongst the most beautiful that you’ll find. This is not often the case though, the girls that work in the industry seem to be amongst the least attractive of the local populace. This is especially true of those girls that serve western customers.

For some reason it seems that all of Asia has got it into their heads that western men are primarily interested in those girls that local Asian men find the least attractive. That means that darker skinned girls, shorter, and skinnier are all well represented in the P4P industry that caters for foreign visitors.

There are some girls that fit this description and are beautiful, but the best looking girls in Vietnam tend to be fair skinned, tall, and curvaceous. If this suits your tastes, you might have to search out the Karaoke bars that serve Asian men, but the guys in those establishments usually look down on any girl that pays attention to a westerner, so it might be more of a challenge to get up close and personal with one of these girls.

If you are looking for a sex-partner that will make a good stand in girlfriend for an extended period of time, one for which you won’t first need to arrange a sizable loan from the International Monetary Fund, then Vietnamese hookers are not the best choice and you are better off looking at other options in the region.

Many Thai girls still offer this option, and it is commonplace in the Philippines, but I also recommend that you consider a Cambodian girl – especially if you are on a tight budget.

Where Vietnam does excel, in terms of the girls, is beautiful ladies who are suitable for long-term relationships. Obviously, you won't easily find these ladies working as prostitutes, or in bars, or in massage parlours. The online dating sites are your best bet for this, but use your wits and don't get tangled up with a scantily clad, suggestive siren if you want something long-term...

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