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If you are looking to hook up with some Vietnam escorts, you’ll find that their availability is concentrated on the two main urban areas; Hanoi and Saigon. The smaller cities lack any significant provision of services, with no dedicated online escort agencies.

Even within Hanoi and Saigon, Vietnam escorts are only available at market prices that are comparable to the prices that you might pay in Europe or America.

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This is to be expected when you consider that the entire prostitution industry in Vietnam is priced at a much higher level than other countries in the region. Supply and demand determine these things, so I can only assume that Vietnamese girls in general are more reluctant to enter this line of work and that, therefore, the supply-side of the equation is not as abundant as in some other Asian countries.

To give an idea of the sort of prices you’ll need to pay, I’ve done my research and the table below sets out my findings:

The prices shown relate to outcall services, but you might also be interested in the incall options. Most of the Vietnamese call girls that I came across during my research seemed to specialize in outcall services, and there were no separate fees mentioned for incall.

There was one agency that seemed to have an incall option, which runs basically as a brothel with various girls available rather than a particular residential address that only a particular escort works from.

Legal Brothels...?

Brothels do exist in Vietnam and some of them claim to be legal, but I can’t help thinking that it’s a bit strange… I mean, it’s illegal for a girl to stay with you in your hotel room, but it is no problem if you want to visit a brothel and knock the back out of her!!?!

According to the font of all knowledge, i.e. Wikipedia, prostitution is not legal at all and is considered a serious crime.

Saigon at nightSaigon, by far the most popular city for tourism.

Another thing that occurred to me during my research about Vietnam escorts, and the brothels in particular, was a concern as to the nature of the business. In the read up about one brothel it stated quite clearly on their website that the working-girls there cannot refuse a man, they don't choose who they go with – the customers do.

Personally this is not a selling point that appeals to me in the least, and I am a little concerned by it. I appreciate that Vietnam escorts are not likely to be willing participants were it not for the cash involved, but to have a liaison with someone that doesn’t want to be there regardless of the payment seems more like rape to me!

Of course, it could be that the intended message is somewhat lost in translation. Even in Thailand the girls working in, for example, dedicated soapy massage parlours, tend to get picked out from behind a glass wall rather than after any sort of discourse between girl and customer. So you could argue that those Thai girls don’t get much choice in who their customers are either.

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A nagging doubt about Vietnam escorts

The nagging doubt that I can’t shake off is that Vietnam seems to have a worse reputation than most countries in the region with regard to human-trafficking. I’ve even seen published authors remark that any prostitute that you end up with in Vietnam who can’t speak Vietnamese is likely to be the victim of human-trafficking.

I can’t make any verification as to the accuracy of that statement, but it is enough for me to veer away from recommending any sort of liaison with any working-girl whereby you don’t get to actually talk to the girl first and thereby form an assessment of her situation. When placing an online booking with Vietnam escorts, I don’t see how that preliminary conversation is going to be possible.

With regard to the range of different sorts of girls and services operating in the Vietnam escorts industry, I’ve already mentioned that there is a lack of agencies outside the main urban cities. However, in keeping with the entrepreneurial, industrious nature of Vietnamese culture, you may well be able to find some local girls operating solo.

I came across a few websites that function for either a very limited number of girls, or for one lone operator.

Another thing that struck me as unusual, at least as compared to the Thai escort industry, was the relatively larger availability of girls with different nationalities. Now, bearing in mind my previous comment about human-trafficking, this may or may not be a good thing.

Judging solely on the online profiles that I saw, I can at least state that some of the Russian girls do look very attractive, but the cost of entertaining one is sky high – starting at $500 US dollars for 2 hours!

My regular readers will know that my remarks here about the beauty of these Russian ladies is the direct opposite of my remarks about Russian girls in Pattaya, but perhaps it reflects the higher payments involved in Vietnam.

That about concludes my thoughts on Vietnam escorts but, as a reminder, I’d like to point out that I see Vietnam as more of a place to meet a regular girl for serious long-term romance than for the pay for pleasure options there.

The regular girls on dating sites look like a very attractive option, the only downside being that you might need to learn to speak a little Vietnamese if you want to communicate effectively. Personally, I think it an investment of time that is well worth the effort because Vietnam in general appeals to me on all sorts of levels e.g. food, weather, scenery, safety, cost of living… and the physical beauty of the girls of course.

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