Thailand Sex Vacation; my thoughts

For as long as I can remember, a Thailand sex vacation has had a reputation for being the living embodiment of a naughty boy's paradise. Stories of hedonistic excess have been shared by many a man in bars across the world about Thailand's world famous nightlife services.

Even people who have never visited, and never intend to visit, are aware of what is openly offered there. But what about the future of the Thai sex vacation industry?

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As an early heads-up, the future will of course remain fun-packed. Just because things have been the way they are for so long now does not guarantee that things will always be the way they are. What are the drivers that might cause the industry to change? Will a Thailand sex vacation even be possible in the years to come?

Thailand Sex Vacation; past and present

There’s not much to say about the history of the sex industry in Thailand that hasn’t been said a thousand times before; the tourist sex trade started after the Vietnam war with returning U.S. soldiers remembering the rest and recuperation they enjoyed in Bangkok and Pattaya.

By the 1990s the industry had reached its zenith with tens of thousands of sweet, lovely Thai girls eager to snag a potential boyfriend/husband. The most important thing that needs to be said about the past is that virtually everyone who remembers it agrees that the naughty nightlife scene was even more fun back then than it is today; I'm not sure I agree. It was certainly cheaper at one time; even the past few years have seen substantial increases in prices, but the fun factor is still there in spades!

Thai girls and touristsA couple of tourists and their Thai lady friends...

With regard to the expense involved, you used to get a lot more baht for your dollars, pounds and euros in years gone by. Add to that the much higher prices charged by the girls these days and things really have become more expensive, but the cost is still easily affordable for most westerners.

Many long-term visitors feel that the attitude of the Thai girls in tourist areas has changed over time, but on this I think most are a little unfair. I've never read a single report or heard a single story where a long-term visitor has acknowledged any change in his own attitude and perception. Most long-term visitors have been stung at one time or another by a somewhat unscrupulous individual and that taints the way that a person looks at things thereafter.

It is also true that Thai girls are.... believe it or not.... human. With so many negative Thailand sex vacation reports coming from long-term visitors, you’d expect at least a few of them to factor into their estimates some sort of recognition of the fact that father time has not forgotten them, and their once proud and youthful physiques are probably not what they once were. This being the case, the girls will naturally adjust their attitude a little.

That said, I do think that the once common sweet traditional girl is being steadily replaced by a new generation of somewhat westernised ladies and, for many of us, that's exactly what we are trying to get away from!

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Thailand Sex Vacation; the Future

As far as I can make it out, I think that there are three main things to consider when thinking about the future of the Thailand sex vacation scene. Firstly, how desirable is it considered to be by the Thai people? Secondly, how important is it to the Thai economy overall? Lastly, is modern technology making an impact?

Starting with the Thai people; I think it is fair to say that the local population of any country is not going to be particularly overjoyed to see millions of middle-aged, single, male visitors coming to their country from all over the world to enjoy the company of the local ladies and, whilst Thai sex attitudes in general are a little different, I doubt that your typical Thai is overjoyed by the current state of affairs.

There’s no doubt that Thailand is an extremely tolerant country, but what annoys many Thais is the brazen, in-your-face displays that go on in the tourist nightspots. The traditional Thai way of going about this sort of business is to keep it all undercover, in much the same way that westerners keep it undercover in their own countries.

As far as the importance of the sex trade industry to the Thai economy is concerned, the surprising truth is 'not very'. The Thai economy is very much driven by its export markets. Tourism as a whole is much smaller and, within that, sex tourism is only a small part of overall tourism. Obviously there are certain local areas where the Thailand sex vacation is more popular and therefore more important to the local economy, but even in Pattaya the authorities are trying to move away from it.

The last thing to consider is technology. Many of the working-girls greatest fear is that they will be discovered by the good folk back home in the rural heartlands. No doubt the neighbours back home will already have their suspicions about what is going on, but Thai girls can live with suspicion easily. Confirmation of their activities is another matter and these days the probability of being found out is much higher. Mobile phones (and their cameras) are everywhere and the images/videos that they capture spread like wildfire on social websites such as Facebook.

At the same time, growth in online dating sites and escort agencies has provided would-be-bar-girls with an alternative way of discreetly finding customers, and lots of them have seized that opportunity. These days you’ll find plenty of the best looking working-girls plying their trade on my recommended dating site, as well as regular ladies looking for love. For me, technology is the biggest threat to the bars and nightlife in Thailand’s naughty areas, many bars are reporting falling trade year after year and the main culprit is the difficulty in recruiting female temptresses to work for them and draw customers in.

Some argue that economic development has provided would-be-bar-girls with alternative ways of earning a living and, whilst that may be true in a few cases, a quick online search of GDP per capita in Thailand compared to western countries will show you that the income gap is still very wide. Real poverty is still a huge problem in the poorest areas of Thailand, and prostitution remains the only viable means of earning sizable amounts of money for a huge section of the female population.

Thailand Sex Vacation; final thoughts

The Thai sex industry today is certainly a very different thing to what it was in the 80s & 90s. Much of the difference is due to good old fashioned supply and demand. Whilst the naughty bars are struggling to draw Thai girls to work for them in the number seen in previous years, the number of tourists heading to Thailand has grown significantly. This will inevitably change the nature of the pay-for-pleasure industry as time goes by, most notably in the form of higher prices asked by bar girls.

I do think that the current situation is as much fun as it ever was; it's more expensive now, but it is still easily affordable for most Westerners. In some regards a Thailand sex vacation is better than ever now... the cleanliness and overall standard of the bars/restaurants in terms of lavish decour and so on is much higher and there are plenty of really classy places these days that would impress just about anyone.

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