Thailand Real Estate Investment

There are some very promising Thailand real estate options available to anyone with an interest in overseas property investment, but I think that most westerners who look at buying a property in Thailand do so with a view to putting down some permanent roots in a place that they intend to call home, rather than looking at it as an investment.

Nevertheless, regardless of your motives, I firmly believe that there is a lot of money waiting to be made.

The expat community here is very well developed and most, though not all, westerners have made the move after finding a Thai lady with whom they intend to settle down.

In that regard, my Thailand real estate advice is targeted at my most successful regular readers i.e. the ones that have already overcome all the romantic complications that come with a cross-culture relationship.

For other guys I do have some serious concerns… let’s be absolutely clear about this, for the unscrupulous Thai ladies out there, getting their western boyfriends to invest in Thailand real estate is very much at the top of their agendas, and there’s no shortage of men that have fallen foul of such women so be careful...

Thailand Real Estate Considerations

I have divided my eBook into seven short sections and I’ve made them all simple to understand. I do admit that some of the sections draw on my background in economics, but it is all written in a fun and simple format. This is not some dry, politically correct, boring tome. There’s good advice here that might even make you chuckle from time to time :)

The seven sections of my property investment eBook look at:

  • Exchange rate risks and some simple ways to protect yourself from them
  • Judging the market and when to invest for the best results
  • Money transfers and Thai mortgage availability
  • Thailand real estate investors and forward contracts
  • Taxes, ownership rules, condominiums versus houses
  • Where to buy, where to live, buy-to-let and buying off-plan
  • Owning land via a business, and building your own home

Some more thoughts…

Whilst, as mentioned in the opening paragraph, there are some very promising investments to be found in the Thailand real estate market, success shouldn’t be taken for granted.My eBook will help you to find the best opportunities in the long run, and avoid short-term risks.

If you had been unfortunate enough to have invested around the time that the financial crisis began in 2007, you probably would not be seeing much return on your investment. Nothing in life is guaranteed and property investment does come with some risk.

Since the financial crisis there has been a sharp devaluation of some key currencies that have reduced demand for Thai property from those countries; what you don’t hear is that anyone from those countries who had invested prior to the devaluation could have sold up afterwards for a healthy profit.

Notwithstanding that, such movements are short-term shocks and, by definition, very difficult to forecast accurately. The short-term is always hard to predict, but don’t let that take your eye off the long-term, it’s there that you’ll see why Thailand real estate investment makes a lot of sense as I’ll explain in a moment.

First I want to add a few words about scams. Property market scams in Thailand are reported from time to time, and you should always deal with a reputable agent and legal advisor to protect you from any unscrupulous individuals. If you hear of an unbelievable once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a property at a knockdown price – then take the ‘unbelievable’ part literally and walk away.

Most of the thefts come when money is transferred to a scammer in cash rather than to an estate agent via bank transfer, so don’t get involved with anyone who even suggests such things. The advice given in my eBook is sound, but you’ll still need to make your own judgements about timing if you are in it for short-term gain.

The sharp decline in the Russian Rouble in recent years did lead to a big fall in demand and resulting falling property prices in those areas that were popular with Russian investors.

More recently, the Brexit vote caught a lot of people by surprise and led to a depreciation of the British pound, with similar results for British investment in Thailand real estate.

If you get your timing wrong then these sorts of short-term movements can cost you. On the other hand, both of these devaluations led to an oversupply of properties in the Thai real estate market as Russian and British investors pulled out, with the effect that there were some real knockdown bargains to be found for those buyers that remained.

Why is long-term Thailand real estate investment so attractive?

In the long-term I believe that British and Russian investment will recover, but increasingly I think that the future growth in the market will come from Chinese and Indian investment. Thailand is a very popular tourist destination for the growing middle-classes in these two rapidly developing countries and the future outlook for property prices, via increased demand for holiday homes, permanent residences for people interested in living in Thailand, as well as for pure investment purposes, all looks very good.

Just to put some perspective on this, Thailand has a population below 70 million; China has a population of over 1,350 million and, as mentioned, its economy is growing at a rapid rate. There’s no question in my mind that China will soon grow to become the world’s biggest economy, it is currently forecast to overtake the US economy by 2026, and there’s no telling how far it will go after that. Demand for Thailand real estate will undoubtedly grow with it.

There’s nothing controversial about this, and you’re probably well aware that China is destined to become a world superpower. What you may not have heard is that India, with another 1,250 million people, is also headed in the same direction as China. It is also expected to overtake the US economy in the not too distant future, and yes, Thailand is also very popular with Indian tourists!

With these two neighbouring giants rapidly developing, it’s not hard to see why I’m confidently predicting that the likely future capital gains from Thailand real estate investment are promising.

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