Thai Sex Industry; sexpats & expats

You may have no experience of the Thai sex industry, maybe you have but you've never actually visited the livelier nightlife orientated resorts in Thailand, or maybe you have but just the once.

Whatever your circumstances, since you’re reading this, I'm guessing that you'd like to know more about the sort of men who make use of the pay for play scene.

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Starting from young to old, there are many Thai sexpats that have come to this part of South East Asia for similar reasons…

For the older generation of expats that have made the permanent move from the West to Thailand, many of them had been Thai sex industry aficionados for decades before making the permanent move, and a fair proportion of today’s younger visitors will end up making the move in due course.

The main Thai resorts are addictive and a very high proportion of first time visitors return. Be aware though, that the stuff you see in the holiday resorts is not a good reflection of traditional Thailand where attitudes towards sex and soliciting are quite different.

Younger Pattaya sexpats

The younger participants in the Thai sex industry, in the age-range of about 18-29, are a bit of a minority but there are a few of them dotted around here and there.

I think most people in this age range tend not to have the resources to be able to afford a 2-4 week holiday half way across the world; they tend to choose holiday vacations in places closer to home for no more than a week at a time.

Soi 6 PattayaSome younger/middle aged fellows wandering down Soi 6 Pattaya...

For those young men that are fortunate enough to find themselves in places like Pattaya, they tend to think that they must have died and gone to heaven!

They don't often have any intentions of long-term relationships with Pattaya girls, and most seem to be on a mission to spread their love as widely as possible. That's not always the case of course; there have been plenty of men in this age range that have gone home smitten with one particular girl. I think it is these guys that return again and again and, when things don't work out with their beau, they end up becoming full on Pattaya sexpats.

Middle-aged visitors

This is the main group of visitors that come to enjoy the pleasures of the Thai sex industry; those guys aged from 30 - 50. There is still a large number of men in this group that are first time visitors, especially at the younger end of the scale, but many have been many times before.

There are also plenty of men in this group that are intent on spreading the love, but I think there is a growing body of men that are here for the long-term romantic opportunities rather than for purely lustful purposes.

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There is also a very strong contingent of men that are already involved, to some extent, with Thai girls. Many of them have gone the whole nine yards and actually married their Thai sweetheart. Some have started families too.

It is still relatively rare that men in the middle-age group have actually made the permanent move from their own countries to Thailand. The reason is obvious, they have not yet accumulated the financial resources to allow such a move. Instead, they live abroad but frequently visit Thailand; those that are in Thai marriages do so to see their in-laws. Many of these men do eventually make the permanent move and retire to Thailand.

A fair proportion of the men that use the Thai sex industry do so after going through a messy divorce back home in their own country. Pattaya offers a great escape from all that trouble and strife, and for a time it really serves a purpose and allows faster recovery from broken marriages.

It's around about that time, once recovery is complete, that romantic attachments with Thai girls start to occur. Trouble often follows, breakups occur, and new Thai sexpats emerge!

It has to be said that this group is well represented by those men that have been burned by the less scrupulous ladies working in the Thailand sex trade. In fact, just about everyone has been burned at one time or another to a greater or lesser extent, and most of the rest are waiting to get burned without realising it.

It is a sad fact that getting serious with a girl you meet in a bar is a recipe for disaster, and it's a disaster that happens again and again before people learn how to do the dating thing correctly. Unfortunately, it's a lesson that we rarely learn from the mistakes of others...

Older visitors; Thai sexpats & expats

There is, of course, a great deal of diversity across all the groups that I've written about and I think that this is especially true of the older generation.

I think that people are less concerned with doing what western society thinks they ought to do as they get older, and concentrate more on doing what they want to do instead.

Different things suit different people, so you see more diversity in the older group. Take the Pattaya sexpat in the picture below.... he couldn't care less about what nosey on-lookers are thinking. He's not only walking carefree down Pattaya 2nd Road with a companion less than half his age, he's doing it with a ladyboy less than half his age!

Old man with a ladyboyAn older gentleman with his Ladyboy friend...

Some of the older characters in Thailand have had very interesting lives and have lived in many different parts of the world. Many have been married before, got divorced, sought comfort with Thai girls and gone on to marry one. I think that the most interesting characters tend to keep themselves to themselves, but if you get talking to them they'll keep you entertained with their stories and their knowledge about what goes on.

Don't go thinking that any old duffer will be scintillating company though... if you head off to a bar and see a group of old-timers drunk at 2 o'clock in the afternoon it's best to leave well alone.

There's a large body of Thai sexpats that love nothing more than whinging about Thailand and they’ll happily bore you senseless. Bearing in mind what is on offer to them in the Thai sex industry, I sometimes wonder if these old-timers are grouchy because their love tackle isn't functioning properly!

If you wander around the big Thai resorts long enough, you'll soon come across a small bar or restaurant owned/run by a Westerner. Have a sit down and start chatting; I can't guarantee an entertaining conversation, but there's a good chance of it.

Thai Sex Industry; other visitors

Believe it or not, there is a growing number of Western women heading to Pattaya and other Thai sex industry hotspots. At one time I doubt that they would have wanted anything to do with such places but times are changing, and Thailand is developing fast. Most resorts can now boast many mainstream attractions that appeal to mainstream visitors.

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On the other hand, you do see quite a lot of western women that seem to like nothing more than sticking their noses into other people's business. You see them turning their noses up at western guys who are accompanying younger Thai girls. As a word of advice to these ladies, you're only making these guys enjoy it all the more...

There are large numbers of Chinese tourists that seem to be on holiday purely to fire off about a million shots with their cameras. You'll see them travelling in large groups together, sometimes 50 or more people at a time. It all seems like a hassle to me... I like to just wander off wherever my feet take me but the Chinese hordes gaggle along like a flock of geese.

Russian visitors are growing in number. I was quite surprised to find that the typical Russian visitor does not like to drink... not in the bars at least. I had a preconceived idea about Russians drinking large amounts of Vodka and generally getting far too drunk. This is not the case though, it is rare to see a Russian visitor looking out of control in any way. Many Russians visit with their girlfriends and families too, so it's not usually the Thai sex industry that they are coming for.

I think that about wraps it up. The conversation about Thai sex industry visitors could go on for a while but I think I'll leave it here. There's far more to add, but I think I've covered some of the main groups of Thai sexpats and expats today. If you are concerned that you might end up rubbing shoulders with filthy old perverts if you visit Thailand, hopefully I’ve put your mind at ease to some extent.

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