Thai Massage Girls

By Graeme (from Pattaya)

Thai massage girls are well worth writing about, not least because they get less coverage than their sisters the Thai bar girls. They both have the same means to an end – trading sex, or the promise of sex, for money. But, I hasten to add here that whilst 99.99% of bar girls are available for sex the same cannot be said for Thai Massage Girls. There are hundreds of legitimate massage parlours, even on the streets of Sin City (Pattaya) itself.

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The women who work these massage parlours are skilled in the art of traditional Thai Massage and to suggest a ‘happy ending massage’, to those ladies, would be to invite a damn good slapping. What is interesting to note about Thai Massage parlours is that the vast majority of the customers, especially in the evenings, are Thais – often there are couples and sometimes even families. Proper Thai massage is a traditional pas-time and certainly does not deserve the sordid image that most westerners have of it.

However, there is another side of this ‘pleasure’. Usually ‘oil massage’ in a private room and if there are hundreds of legitimate traditional Thai Massage parlours there are thousands of massage parlours where a ‘happy end’ is ‘par for the course’ - and some of it is blatantly available, soi honey, in Sin City, is one example. I was honestly looking for a massage, a back massage, it was my first week in Pattaya and my naivety was embarrassing.

There were six Thai massage girls sitting in the street in front of a small shop, all were holding up cardboard signs that read ‘MASSAGE’. Two of the girls were really attractive and I couldn’t believe my luck. I say to one, “Can I have a massage? I have a sore back.” The whole group broke into hysterical laughter and turned their signs over “we not do massage”, they said, and turned over their signs. On the back of each sign read: Hand job 500 Baht. Blow job 750 Baht. Boom boom 1000 Baht.’ You’ve got to love them.

Thai massage girlsSome Thai massage girls in Pattaya

Thai Massage Girls: Gatai (Thai for Rabbit)

I met her in Phuket; she was in the front of her shop with the rest of the girls. The usual “Massage, welcome, massage” rang out as I walked past but one girl smiled and caught my eye. Radiant, brilliant, she just, for me, stood out! Really stood out, wow, that smile lit up the street.

“I go to the bank then come back” I said. “I wait for you, you want massage?” she asked. “Okay. I’ll be back.” That smile again...

And come back I did – but she wasn’t waiting. “She inside” one of the girls said, opening the door for me. In I went and she came out from behind a curtained partition, smiling. “Come with me. Take off your clothes and lie down” So I did; modestly wrapping a towel around me. She giggled and started to give me an oil massage.

One of the tricks that the Thai Massage girls have is the ability to brush their hands and fingers over your sensitive areas when massaging the insides of your upper thighs. They do it with such casualness that you could be forgiven for thinking it was accidental, but it isn’t. It’s designed to arouse you and, when you’re at breaking point, you’ll inevitably ask for ‘happy end’ or ‘happy finish’ – and they oblige. That is the art of the Thai Massage girls; their ability to heighten your senses with a flick of fingernail is an art in itself.

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Gatai tried it but, by then, I knew the game and as difficult as it was I thought of King and Country, the All Blacks greatest moments, and bit my bottom lip. She knew what I was doing and smiled. I asked her out, she said yes, and we clicked. I want back to Phuket after a few weeks and she came up to Pattaya after a few more weeks. We met for Songkran, and had a great time, and I was taken to Korat, ‘The Gateway to Isaan’, to meet the family and to see the family home in its last throes of construction.

Earlier on I had asked her how much money she sent home each month. “40,000 baht” she said. “I send money home so my mum and dad build home, my house” she said. She was quite adamant that if she was supplying the money then the house was hers. Her mum and dad can live there - but it’s hers.

“40,000 baht every month?” I asked, because that’s an awful lot of money to send home and most Thai massage girls don’t send anything like that much.

“Yes”, she said, “sometimes more in high season.”
“How do you make that much? You go boom boom?” I remember her being quite offended and indignant about that suggestion.

“No” she flared. “I do to man” and she gave the universal sigh for a hand job. Then she shrieked with laughter and said “man give me 1,000 baht, only take one minute and he pay for massage also.” What could I say – 1,000 baht for one minute... I didn’t like it but I sure understood.

“You not go boom boom?”
“No. I tell you.”
“Man kiss you when you do to he?”
“I only let man kiss me on cheek” she said.
“You take your clothes off?”
“What if he tries to touch you?”
“I put Tiger Balm in his eyes.” My turn to shriek with laughter...

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As with many Thai massage girls she had a regular clientele – tourists from Germany, England, Italy and Australia who were on holiday in Phuket with their wives! They’d come for a massage every day then go back to their hotels, and their wives, happy. And they came year after year, 1,000 baht after 1,000 baht...

One day in October 2013, talking on the phone, she told me that she wouldn’t be able to see me again until after Songkran – April 2014. It would be high-season and she’d be very busy. I knew there was something wrong. We’d met numerous times during the last high-season and she’d even come to Pattaya for Songkran in 2013. In the end she told me she had an Italian boyfriend. He’d been sending her 20,000 baht every month for three years and he was coming in November for six months! Wow. It all made sense then – but it also hurt quite a lot. The poor guy had been sending her all this money, faithfully, every month, assuming she was being faithful. He hadn’t even seen the house he’d paid for in Korat.

I understood but I hated it and felt betrayed somehow. Forgetting the god-awful conditions of life that drive so many Isaan girls to Pattaya and similar places; forgetting that, for them, it is literally survival. Forgetting that 99% of them have children that live with their parents while she sells her body in the flesh-pots of the south; forgetting that she is the breadwinner for her family. She does what most Thai massage girls in Pattaya do to make money and the feelings of the men in her life are of no particular concern to her.

Anyway, I got over the hurt and became quite cynical and sarcastic to her, but she still kept in contact. In fact she called last week... “I go with boyfriend to Korat in January for three weeks; when he goes I come and visit you okay?” She knows there is no money here, no goose with the golden egg, and I have to wonder what her motives are.

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