Thai Ladyboy Stories; A Wild Night Out

By Kevin (from the UK)

My Thai ladyboy story started almost one year ago when a long standing friend of mine decided to visit me from the UK. I had known Andy for nearly thirty years and was sad to hear that he and his wife had decided to end their marriage.

Always looking for ways to help out my friends, I decided to offer him the opportunity to come and visit me in Pattaya for a month.

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I had enough room in my home and was looking forward to spending some time with an old friend from back home. I helped him to arrange his flights and organised a private car to collect him from the airport. He was in great spirits when he arrived at my home and we decided to go into town and visit some bars.

This was the first time that Andy had visited Thailand and he was keen to enjoy himself. Having heard about the nightlife and party scene in Pattaya, he was particularly looking forward to experiencing it. Our first afternoon was spent with me showing him the sights which basically comprised of bars, bars and more bars. We decided to return home and change clothes before visiting Walking Street later in the night.

On the way home, Andy seemed particularly interested in Thai ladyboys. He had seen programs on TV back in the UK and was keen to visit a ladyboy bar. This surprised me somewhat as Andy has never been the type of guy to be interested in something like that. I agreed to take him to renowned ladyboy bar on Walking Street later that night.

Pattaya ladyboy barsThe ladyboy bars in Pattaya are not hard to find.

Thai ladyboys and an eye opening experience

I would consider myself to be an open minded individual and having lived in Pattaya for a number of years, nothing really shocks me. However, what I was to experience that night proved to me that Pattaya never fails to amaze.

We had already visited most of the bars on Beach Road when Andy reiterated his desire to visit a ladyboy bar. We jumped on a tuk tuk and set off along Beach Road to the entrance to Walking Street. The bar was located about 300 yards along Walking Street on the left hand side.

I had visited the bar before with friends and always had an enjoyable time joking with the Thai ladyboys who worked there. It was something a bit different and a fun time was always guaranteed.

Andy seemed to particularly enjoy his time in there and I began to consider the possibility that he may be attracted to Thai ladyboys a little more than he was prepared to admit.

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We discussed this in the next bar we visited but he continued to deny it. As can happen on Walking Street, we somehow got split up and despite my phone-calls to Andy’s phone, I could not get in touch with him. I decided to visit some more bars in the hope of bumping into him during the course of the night.

After a few hours I decided to call it a night and made my way back to the entrance to Walking Street. Strolling past the ladyboy bar I noticed Andy in a somewhat compromising situation...

Tapping him on the shoulder, he was a little shocked to see me as he thought that I had already returned home. “This is not what it looks like” he protested. I explained to him that if he was happy then I was happy. It was like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He paid a bar fine for the ladyboy that he was with and arranged to meet a number of others in one of the disco’s later.

Walking Street does not really begin come alive until relatively late and it was just after midnight when we entered one of the discos. A short time later, the ladyboys from the bar joined us.

Some of the visitors to Pattaya find something odd about a man being attracted to a ladyboy. Whilst it is not my preference, I have no problem whatsoever with the situation and I must admit that I did have one of the best nights of my time in Pattaya during the course of that night.

walking street pattayaPattaya Walking Street is a real eye opener...

Away from their bars, Thai ladyboys really open up and are happy to talk about their physical and mental journey through life. Perhaps it is the discrimination that they have encountered during their lives but they have such a carefree attitude and do not place much emphasis on the opinions of others towards them.

After dancing and drinking until the sun started to rise, we decided to take the party back to my home. I learned a lot about their mindset and how they dealt with prejudice. I was particularly interested to hear about the times when they had to reveal all to their families. Some of their families had been fully supportive whilst others had virtually disowned them in shame. I found the latter situation quite sad.

A blossoming Thai ladyboy story...

Things did not quite work out with Andy and the ladyboy from Walking Street. They worked at a relationship for a week or so but there did not appear to be enough to convince Andy to commit.

He has, however, moved to Pattaya full-time and now works as an English tutor in a local school. He has been with 'Apple' for nearly three years now and I have never seen him more content.

Apple is a pre-op ladyboy which means that she has not completed the full surgery process as yet. Together with my current girlfriend, the four of us enjoy travelling to different places throughout Thailand. Apple is undoubtedly the joker of our group and always brings a smile to our faces.

The first time I saw her in a bikini was particularly memorable and amusing. I still do not know how much tape she needed to use to conceal her masculinity so to speak.

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Thai ladyboys love to perform and be the centre of attention. They are much more feminine, in my opinion, than their female counterparts. This can provide some excellent entertainment. During a visit to Koh Samet, Apple had an entire bar in uproar as she performed some of Madonna’s greatest hits on the karaoke.

This is just another example of the type of person that Apple is. Thailand can be an introverted place, where the expression of feelings can be frowned upon in some circles. Apple is doing her best to change that in her own little way and I wish both her and Andy all the happiness in the world.

Andy is now facing the task of breaking the news to his friends and family back home in the UK...

Whilst I don’t envisage any problems, I can understand his anxiety. He has two children from a previous relationship and he is a little concerned about how they will react.

I have explained to him that times are changing. The younger generation is much more accepting than previous generations and the world is such a diverse place now. I hope that his friends and family take the time to get to know Apple and realise how happy she makes Andy.

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Key Learning Points:

  • It is true that there are some visitors to Pattaya that love to have a nosy at westerners accompanied by ladyboys, and this is especially true of Walking Street (which I have referred to as Gawping Street on my website). There are plenty of alternative nightspots around Pattaya that offer more discretion.
  • As demonstrated in the article, there is still some prejudice against ladyboys and not all families are accepting of such things. That said, the discrimination that you will find there is nothing in comparison to the West.
  • I disagree somewhat with the article where it states that Thai ladyboys love to perform and be the centre of attention, and I doubt that Apple enjoys that role as much as she might lead others to believe. The author is right that Thailand is a little introverted, but Pattaya is nothing like the rest of Thailand. The keyword here is that the ladyboys ‘perform’. My guess is that Apple (or at least most ladyboys) would be quieter and more reserved given the chance.

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