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I’ve selected the Thai ladyboy pics below and added some useful dialogue that will help you to organize your thoughts about how to approach someone online, and what sort of considerations you should keep in mind before approaching anyone.

Another point to make about Thai ladyboy pics is that they are often difficult to distinguish as being ladyboy pics and could easily be mistaken for girls.

Most ladyboy dating sites look more like adult sites then genuine dating sites... and I wouldn't advise using them! No worries, you can easily meet regular ladyboys at:

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Mistaking ladyboys for girls is a worry for those guys who are not interested in ladyboys, and it is another good reason to sign-up with my recommended dating site since they do such a good job of separating out girls from ladyboys.

Sometimes it is not possible to look at a picture alone and determine the gender of the person in front of you; on the other hand, identification is much easier in person when you can observe how the person moves around. Ladyboys love to flaunt their movements…

Thai Ladyboy Pics Mini Gallery

Thai ladyboy pics - 1

The first picture looks like it belongs to a respectable sort of person. The first thing that is stated on the profile is that she is a nice girl and is looking for a long-term relationship. She goes on to state that she is not a bar girl, but more importantly from my point of view is that the pictures provided present a respectable image.

Checking the details in any picture is extremely important and obviously, knowing what to look for is vital.

Sometimes you will see Thai ladyboy pics and focus solely on the person whilst completely overlooking the setting. I’ve seen countless profiles that have pictures taken at a bar – sometimes a bar with a foreign customer playing pool in the background.

That sort of thing is a very bad sign about the nature of the work being done by the ladyboy and I think I needn’t say any more about that. Have a read of my Thai bar girls page for full details about the sort of thing I mean.

Another thing to look out for in pictures is the style of clothing that the ladyboy is wearing. You should never forget that Thailand is a conservative country at heart and that modest clothing is preferred by any respectable person.

You won’t see much modest clothing in the bars in the tourist hotspots, and you shouldn’t confuse what goes on there as being in any way representative of what goes on in the real Thailand. Happily, there is no indication on either of the pics provided here by this ladyboy.

All in all I’d say that this profile is just the sort of profile that a man looking for a serious relationship with a Thai ladyboy should be looking for. There are, of course, no guarantees in life, but avoiding any obvious red-flags such as revealing clothing, heavy make-up, pictures taken in a bar/nightlife setting and so on, will go some way to avoiding heartache should you end up getting emotionally attached.

My usual advice about locations is that Bangkok is the best place to arrange a date, but there are other advantages to Phuket. Phuket is a very beautiful part of Thailand and there are many resorts there to enjoy, as well as many romantic venues. If you are interested in seeing many more profiles like this one, is my recommendation.

Thai ladyboy pics - 2

At 22, this young ladyboy must have been using hormone replacement therapy for a number of years now. As you’ll notice from the pictures, if you didn’t already know that this is not a female, then I think you might struggle to see that she is a ladyboy.

For those readers that are a little more familiar with Thailand, I think you’ll agree that the second picture does have a certain ladyboy look to it, but I think that that might be more due to the clothing than the aesthetics. The typical young Thai ladyboy often wants to look sexy and will very often wear clothes to accentuate her curves.

Silicone implants are available for the hips and the breasts and this lady looks like she has chosen her surgeon well.

Her profile states that she lives in Pattaya and that she works as a model and earns a high income. I don’t know, but I would hazard a guess that she could be working at Tiffanys in Pattaya. The ladyboys there make most of their money from tourists by posing for pictures after a cabaret show. The last I heard, the going rate was 100 baht per picture. Of course, I may be way off the mark and she may have an entirely different job.

She is interested in meeting men aged at least 18; she has not provided any upper age limit. She is a mere 162cm tall and weighs in at just 45kg which makes her smaller than a lot of female Thais.

Unusually, her profile states that she is a Roman Catholic – the vast majority of Thais are Buddhists. She does have a certain Western look to her, with unusually fair skin, and I wonder if she has one parent of Western origin. If this ladyboy looks like the kind of person you would like to meet, her profile states that she is interested in ‘serious offers only’; I’m not entirely sure what she means by that though. You can find many more profiles like this one at

Thai ladyboy pics - 3

I’ve come across a few profiles where the ladyboy in question has given an introduction where her frustration is palpable concerning the guys that are contacting her.

I must admit that I’ve had a little chuckle here and there at those frustrations, but they aren’t really a laughing matter. It turns out that there is a large proportion of men contacting ladyboys online thinking that it is okay to use adult language, describe explicit fantasies… even to expose themselves on Skype!

I can’t stress enough that this sort of behaviour is highly unlikely to endear you to a ladyboy. You really should treat them in the same way that you would treat a shy, reserved and respectable woman. If you do that, you will give your success chances a huge boost!

The Thai ladyboy pics here are of a 22 year old ladyboy from Bangkok. She is looking for a man of any age group, she is quite tall at 173cm and weighs in at a slender 54kg. She is university educated and she specifically states that she likes a man that is polite (so none of the sex talk!). She also has a keen interest in foreign languages, European languages specifically; she can speak both English and French and is interested in learning Spanish.

Looking at the pictures on this profile, I can’t find any red-flag warning signs to be concerned about. The pictures look fairly respectable, her clothes are not too revealing and she wears only light make-up.

One good thing about this profile is the location; as mentioned already, she is based in Bangkok. I’ve mentioned on other profiles already, but it is worth repeating, Bangkok is the best place to arrange meetings for your dating adventures as it is a place that most Thais are able to get to whilst also being somewhere that you will not find yourself at a loose end.

Imagine if you travelled up-country to meet someone and things didn’t work out; you would be in the middle of nowhere with very few English speakers around to help you. By sticking to dating in the main urban centre you can easily arrange to meet lots of other people without having to trek all around the country in search of your ideal partner. If you were to restrict your search to Bangkok, you will still find lots of ladyboys on that will be happy to meet up with you there.

Thai ladyboy pics - 4

I think that of all the Thai ladyboy pics that I’ve featured on this section of my site, the photos on this profile are the most lady-like. I personally cannot detect anything from these pictures to suggest that she is not female.

It’s one thing to look at a profile that is in the ladyboys category and immediately see a ladyboy; but if this profile was placed in the girls’ category, I doubt that anyone would suspect a thing. Even her height gives no signal; at 165cm tall she stands at a very typical height for a Thai lady.

I think the point that I’m trying to make is that whilst you will be able to spot a ladyboy on 99% of occasions, there is always that 1% of remaining occasions where you will be completely in the dark!

My advice for men that are fearful of this is to relax; you can easily guard against any mishaps by casually mentioning in a conversation that you are not interested in ladyboys and would be upset to find that someone you thought was a girl actually turned out to be a ladyboy.

Don’t do this in a direct manner though; the way to do things in Thailand is to skirt around the issue – maybe tell it as a story about a friend who was once duped by a ladyboy. As a final guard against any mistaken identity, you can always check your lady’s I.D. card when you meet her. It will state her gender and her date of birth but both will be in Thai (the Thai calendar is not the Gregorian calendar that we use in the West, so you’ll need to do a little research on this).

This ladyboy is 29 years old, she’s interested in dating a man aged 18 to 50, and she lives in Pattaya. She states that she is a shy lady and that you should contact her when you come to Pattaya. There’s no information about her education level, her job or her income, and there is nothing in the pictures to suggest anything about what she does for a living.

Thai ladyboy pics - 5

My mini Thai ladyboy gallery concludes with this profile of a lady from Chiang Rai in North Thailand. She is 27 years old and is interested in dating men from any age group.

She is 168cm tall and weighs 53kg. She is high school educated and she has stated that her income is 7,000 to 15,000 (which I assume is a baht per month), but she does not state what her job is. With such a big income range I’m guessing that there is a large commission element, a little like the commission a bar girl gets from lady drinks (I’m not implying that she is a bar girl though, there are many commission based jobs in Thailand).

On her profile is an interesting message regarding true love; it states that true love is a little like a ghost in that everyone talks about it but only a few have seen it!

I think that I should mention something about superstition in Thailand. Basically, most Thai people are very superstitious and believe quite firmly in the presence of ghosts. This is nothing to do with Buddhism, and I’m not sure where it stems from but it is taken quite seriously.

I know of a few Thai girls that are scared of bad spirits (called ‘phi’ and pronounced ‘pee’). If you have ever been to Thailand and noticed the miniature houses that sit in the gardens/grounds of buildings, you may have wondered what they are. They are spirit houses. When dating a Thai, you are well advised to take the whole ghosts/superstitions thing seriously because they can get quite concerned about such things.

Getting back to this dating profile, I think that it is worth mentioning one more thing i.e. the city in which the lady lives. Chiang Rai is, by all accounts, a very beautiful place and well worth a visit if you want to see the hill tribes in the north of Thailand, and/or you want to go on a proper elephant trek.

There are many reasons to visit Chiang Rai, but I can recommend it as a dating venue. It is only a small city on the northernmost tip of Thailand and it is a 90 minute flight from Bangkok. If you were to travel there to meet someone and things didn’t work out you’ll have wasted a lot of time and money. If you stick with Bangkok as your dating venue, you be able to arrange many dates there via, so you won’t need to worry about being lonely!

Final Thought

It’s a good idea to read the guidance I’ve provided in my Thai dating strategy if you want to know how the dating game works in the land of smiles. It explains how to approach someone, how to impress, and what topics of conversation to go with (as well as which ones to avoid), so do try to make time for that before you get around to actually contacting anyone.

Don't forget, the best place to find a Thai ladyboy, either for something serious or for casual fun, is online at:

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