Thai Girls & Western Men

Thai girls can be the stuff of dreams if you are tired of living in the west with all its political correctness and the gradual emasculation of men by an ever more feminist culture. In Thailand you can escape all of that nonsense and date beautiful, slim, younger ladies by the bucket-load. Whatever you’re looking for, whether it be casual fun-times or something more long-term and serious, Thailand offers you lots of options to relax and be the man that you want to be.

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There are, of course, lots of unscrupulous Thai girls trawling the bars and the online scene in search of a wealthy benefactor from whom she can extract as much money as possible, but at the same time there are lots of genuine, decent ladies to be found – so don’t be too put off by any romantic horror stories that you hear/read.

Thai girls & the nightlife scene

Let’s be absolutely clear, the Thai girls that work in the bars and clubs in the tourist focused parts of Thailand are a LOT of fun to be around. The naughty nightlife is world renowned and it has long been a major draw for a lot of visitors. However, it is also responsible for a lot of the bad press that Thai girls receive as regards the relationships with foreign men that spring up from these illicit beginnings.

It is almost always a very bad idea to get involved in a serious relationship with a bar-girl, and the reasons as to why that is the case should be abundantly obvious to anyone who has visited the tourist destinations in Thailand. Unfortunately, whilst it may seem obvious, it hasn’t stopped a lot of men from taking a chance!

Thailand nightlifeThe nightlife hotspots in Thailand are second to none

First of all, you should know that the Thai girls working in bars and clubs are not necessarily bad people as such, they are more usually normal people who are in a bad situation for one reason or another. They tend to have serious family problems that can only be solved by larger amounts of money than they are likely to earn in formal employment, and so they turn to prostitution.

Problems occur when westerners get too attached to these ladies and try to become their knight-in-shining-armour. Whilst most men understand the follies of getting involved, many are often helpless to resist the temptation. I would, on the other hand, advise anyone against judging the actions of these men too harshly, Thai bar girls can be extremely charming and, prostitutes or not, they bear little resemblance to the western notion of what a prostitute is i.e. in Thailand they often have very quiet, sweet and innocent characters. I’ve often likened them to the sirens in Homer’s odyssey, due to the way in which they can lure men in with their charms…

Places like Pattaya have frequently been described as being an adult fantasy land for men, and it’s a cap that fits perfectly. Everyone knows that the Thai girls working in tourist area bars are doing what they do because they need the money, but at the same time a significant proportion of male visitors end up convinced that their particular lady-friend is different from all the rest and just needs a bit of help to save her from a life in the bars. If you’ve never experienced the tender romantic overtures of a committed bar girl then you really can’t imagine just how convincing they can be. It’s much easier to fall for this nonsense than you can imagine and many have done exactly that… and have the scars to prove it.

Thai Bar Girls

Traditional cultural values are followed by regular Thai ladies, but bar girls follow a different path. Click here for details:

Thai Bar Girls Guide

Thai bar girls are not all the same in their methods, and some are not interested in forming long-term relationships at all, whilst others are primarily hoping to find a long-term wealthy benefactor or two. It’s actually quite common for some girls to be involved with several western benefactors at any one time, with each of them completely unaware of the others, and each of them sending various amounts of support money to their girl each month from their home countries… and all this whilst their bar girl sweetheart is secretly supporting a Thai boyfriend or husband!

The final word on bar girls has to be that, whilst a lot of fun can be had with short holiday romances, any sort of lasting romantic attachment is seriously risky and definitely not recommended. For anyone that is looking for a lasting romance, you really should build its foundations on stronger ground; my general advice is to use a good online dating site for meeting regular girls but be aware that the online scene has got its tricksters too.

My Thai dating guide will help you find what you are looking for, and it will give you a good grasp of the culture gap that exists between east and west.

Thai girls; my thoughts on destinations

Pattaya Girls – the lovely sirens of Thailand’s sin city are as welcoming and plentiful as they are untrustworthy! They’re not untrustworthy on a short-term basis and they are, in fact, very good company to be around. They are fun-loving girls and you’ll be hard pressed not to have a great time with them, but short-term fun is the order of the day. I wouldn’t advise anyone to accept the unnecessary extra risks posed by these ladies in terms of lasting relationships, because they hardly ever work out.

Bangkok Girls – if Pattaya is my top tip for short term fun with Thailand girls, Bangkok has to be my top tip for finding a serious long-term girlfriend. There are exceptions to that though, the tourist focused nightlife areas of the city are definitely not the right stomping grounds for finding true love! The big selling point about Bangkok is that it is home to a large section of online girls, meaning that you can use the Thai dating sites to their best effect here. Arranging meetings with online girls is simple and it will all be on your doorstep, so there’s no need for the unnecessary time and expense of travelling to far off places.

Phuket Girls – I’ve always liked Phuket and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. It is arguably the most beautiful destination in Thailand with some truly world class beaches. It offers a little of everything; excellent nightlife in Patong, peace and serenity in quieter beach resorts, and a taste of Thai culture in the main administrative town. The girls also come in a wide variety, with short-term fun available in Patong, and the chance to meet a more suitable long-term partner in the main town centre. Prices vary quite a lot and some things are expensive whilst others are really cheap. Basically, you can live a quiet frugal life here, or you can live it up with the big-spenders.

Chiang Mai Girls – this northern city is something of an acquired taste. The local expats speak very highly of it and it will certainly appeal to some westerners. The city is home to two things of note; the tallest, fairest-skinned Thai girls in the kingdom… and the lowest cost of living that you’re likely to find in any place with a decent level of development. I suppose I should add a third point of note in that it is also home to some lush mountainous areas with stunning waterfalls, impressive temples, curious hill-tribes, elephant treks and so on.

Koh Samui Girls – my thoughts on the second largest Thai island are a little different to its rival Phuket. It doesn’t appeal much to me personally but I’ve tried to give it a fair review. The visitors that it attracts tend to be the younger generation of backpackers, and the older generation of wealthy couples. There are some nightlife hotspots, but nothing like as good as Phuket’s Patong (let alone Pattaya’s vast array of nightlife attractions). The island is less developed and the development that does exist is more of the low-rise variety than you find elsewhere. As far as Thai girls go on the island, your options are much more limited.

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Thai girls & the culture gap

The differences in culture within Western society e.g. between the U.S. and Germany, or between France and Italy and so on are nothing compared to the differences between Thailand and the West. Thailand has a culture unlike anything else in the world, but it certainly resembles other South East Asian cultures more closely than anything in the western world.

If you start dating a Thai girl without any knowledge of Thai customs, you might find that you have completely different ideas about what a happy, successful relationship looks like. In which case, before rushing to sign up with a dating site, give yourself a head-start by familiarizing yourself with some cultural differences first.

Thai Dating Guide

For a better understanding of Thai dating culture, customs and etiquette, have a look at this...

Thai Dating Guide

Whilst the cultural differences are the main hurdle to long-term success, you should also be aware of a host of other factors that will play their part in any romance with a Thai girlfriend. These are briefly presented below and they should be fairly self-explanatory.

For the less obvious stuff regarding dating Thai girls, have a look at my Thai dating guide – it covers specific cultural aspects of interest as well as the simple problems that typically crop when dating a girls from another part of the world. These true stories may also be of interest.

  • Education - The general level of education in Thailand is, as you would expect from a developing economy, of a much lower standard than you'll find in the West. Knowledge about topical issues in the news might get a different reception from your typical Thai girl than you might expect from your average westerner. Some things that you might expect everyone in the world to know about might be a complete mystery.
  • Ethnicity - Some parts of Thailand are still very under-developed and there are some communities where people rarely venture more than a few kilometers from their homes. Things are changing of course, but you can still find yourself feeling like a celebrity in some places due to your exotic appearance.
  • Language - Whilst there are at least some strong similarities in different western languages e.g. the alphabet, Thai language is completely different. It is a tonal language whereby the same word can mean different things depending on how it is pronounced. It will be quite confusing to a Thai if you speak the right word but pronounce it incorrectly; he/she might not have a clue what you are talking about.
  • Religion - Buddhism has played an enormous part in developing Thai culture and it is a very different religion to the other main religions. Personally, whilst my own beliefs are rather more secular, I like Buddhist teachings and find that it is a very tolerant religion which is welcoming to the outsider. That said, there are some things that are quite unusual and you won't understand much of what is going on in this regard.
  • Economy - This is a big one that effects everyday life in Thailand. If you intend to live in Thailand, especially if you intend to live outside the main urban areas, you'll need to get used to the idea that many of the things that you take for granted in the West are either not as good or not available at all in Thailand. Road infrastructure, high-speed internet connection, modern healthcare and so on are all less well catered for... but things are rapidly improving in this regard.
Thai culture and paradesStreet parades for various Buddhist events are commonplace

Thai girls and the pay-for-pleasure industry

The P4P industry in Thailand extends to more than bar-girls and girls hanging around on the streets; all the usual options that you find in other countries are also found, with escorts and naughty massage services as standard.

Additionally, the usual safety and moral concerns apply as they do in the other countries of Southeast Asia. You are also advised to check out the article about attitudes towards sex in Thailand, because this is one area that is much misunderstood.

Thai Escorts & Call Girls – this is the favoured option of men, and sometimes couples, who put value in the extra discretion offered by call girls. The downside in the extra expense involved.

Happy Ending Massage – the range of venues where extra services are offered is quite wide. If you go to the tourist areas you’ll scarcely find a shop that doesn’t offer extras…

Thai Hooker Safety – there are many inherent dangers involved in the trade illicit services and this report looks into just that. Different dangers sometimes apply to different sorts of working girls.

Thailand Prostitution, Morals & Ethics – personally I have no particular moral objection to P4P industry, but it’s an issue that generates differences of opinion, click for details.

Thai Sex Attitudes - step away from those tourist areas and you'll discover a very conservative country. Traditional values resemble those that existed in the west at one time.

Thai girls; local differences

Depending on what sort of relationship you’re looking for i.e. casual fun or something serious, you are advised to know something about local differences. The Thai girls from the main tourist & expat locations of the kingdom are not all the same; there are some differences that are worth knowing about before deciding on where to head off to. I’m not talking about the differences between rural girls and city girls, I’ve covered that already on this page; I’m talking about differences in the physical appearance of the girls, different lifestyles and especially the cost of living.

Overall, the cost of living in Thailand is very low compared to Western countries and Thai girls are generally adept at stretching their incomes to find bargains. This will depend a lot on the social class of the particular ladies that you might want to get involved with, but I won’t be writing about that either since, once again, I’ve already covered it on the same page that I linked to in the previous paragraph.

If you are in the fortunate position of being able to relocate to Thailand, either for retirement or business purposes, then you might want to know a little about the various destinations and local ladies that you’ll come across in your new home, so scroll back up the page and check out my links to the main location options around Thailand.

General safety regarding the different destinations in Thailand is also something that I’ve not really covered elsewhere and, where I personally feel that it is something to consider, I’ve mentioned it in the location reports above. To put your mind at ease in this regard, I believe Thailand to be a very safe place to visit in most regards, and safer still if you are aware of any potential issues that might be of concern…

Songkran ThailandThe main safety concern for most tourists is the Songkran water fight!

Cost of living & crime statistics

With regard to independent statistics about general expenses in Thailand; click here: Cost of living in Thailand

You’ll also find some crime and safety reports via the link that you’ll be able to fiddle around with to compare one area with another. Take them with a degree of scepticism; I’ve lived in Pattaya and spent countless nights wandering the streets alone with no trouble whatsoever, so don’t go thinking that it is a bad choice for a holiday just because the figures look bad.

Just to put this into context, I did a comparison of Pattaya (Thailand) and Damascus (Syria); Pattaya came out worse despite the unresolved civil war in Syria! Comparing Pattaya within Thailand, for example to Koh Samui, might lead you to think that the latter is a safer option, but I’d argue that the opposite is true…

Regardless of the reliability of the crime & safety stats provided via the link, the cost of living stats are reliable and they provide good news for anyone looking for a cheaper way of life. The local Thai girls in each area will be able to help you to stretch your money even further if you choose your girlfriend wisely – again, see my Thai dating guide for advice on finding the right girls.

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