Thai Girls and Losing my Job

By David (from the USA)

I first came into contact with Thai girls eight years ago on a 2-week visit to Bangkok and Phuket with my brother. While my brother did not enjoy the trip, I was hooked as I loved the beaches, nightlife, people, food and overall vibe of the place. I always liked Asian women and where I lived in the United States there was a large Korean and Vietnamese population.

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Whilst the Asian women at home were very attractive, I found the Thai girls on that first trip to be just incredibly beautiful and feminine, with the most amazing coco coloured skin and long black hair. In addition to having amazing bodies, they were a lot of fun and were comfortable with their sexuality, which was quite a change from most of the women back home.

Looking back on this trip, I think that the main reason my brother did not have a good time was because he was married and was a bit envious of the two holiday romances I had during the two weeks we were there! Mai, a Thai girl I met in Phuket, was a great girl from Surin and stayed with me the entire time we were there. She was beautiful, fun, outgoing and took very good care of me day and night. It was really a sad day when I kissed her goodbye at the airport in Phuket, as we headed back to the real world of work back home in the United States.

As with most guys who travel to Thailand, I started planning my return trip as soon as I got home. Six months later, I was boarding a plane in Washington D.C. for the long 24 hour journey to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport, which is also affectionately known as ‘Swampy’. Once I arrived, I headed back to Phuket and spent 10 days in heaven with Mai, who I had stayed in touch with since my first trip. Although I really liked Mai, I was realistic in my expectations about any sort of long-distance relationship with her and focused on enjoying the moment and not worrying about the future.

pattaya nightlifePattaya; best known for the nightlife and the girls that work there...

Soon I was travelling to Thailand two to three times a year for my vacation and began to venture to other areas of Thailand. Mai had married an Australian man and was living in Perth with him and their newborn daughter. Whilst I enjoyed Phuket, the main reason I went there was to see Mai and since that was no longer possible I took the opportunity to visit other places. Some of the areas I visited included Samui, Pattaya, Korat and Chang Mai. During these trips I had dozens of casual holiday type of relationships with the Thai girls that I met. Whilst it was fun, it soon began to get old. Believe it or not, multiple casual relationships with beautiful Thai girls can get old after a while!

The Thai girls of Pattaya

My life really changed in late 2010, at the height of the great recession in the United States when I received a buyout/early retirement package from my long-term employer. Being over 50, job opportunities were scarce. One cold January morning during a snowstorm, I boarded a flight to Thailand where I spent 5 months in Pattaya, about two hours away from Bangkok. While there I had a blast enjoying the nightlife that the city is famous for, as well as the company of many beautiful Thai ladies. 

When I returned to the United States, the economy was still not great, so I decided to place everything in storage and spend a year or so in Thailand where I could enjoy a brief early retirement before I returned to the United States and got serious about finding a new job. Once all of my affairs were settled, I was soon heading back to the Land of Smiles once again.

When I arrived I came into Thailand under their 30-day visa waiver system, which allows visitors to stay in Thailand for no more than 30 days without a visa. I then obtained a ‘retirement visa’ fairly easily as I was over 50 and had the funds to support myself there. This allowed me to stay in Thailand for 1 year, but it did require me to go to the local immigration office every 90 days to update my address.

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Although I had been all over Thailand, I elected to stay in Pattaya as it is a very popular city with expats and offered decent infrastructure, as well as access to decent western food and excellent healthcare. Housing was relatively cheap, especially when compared to Phuket. I was able to rent a 41 square meter studio, with an ocean view, for $300 per month, which was significantly cheaper than my apartment in Washington D.C. that was costing me $1,800 per month!

The first month or so, I was out almost every night in the bars and gogos around town and met many Thai girls of all sizes, ages and shapes! In addition, I had kept in touch with many of the girls that I had previously met on my trips to Pattaya; so female company was not an issue. Soon, I grew tired of going out every night and the casual encounters with bar girls and started spending more and more time in my condo.

Life was good and I soon settled into a regular routine. One of the things that most expats will tell you about living in Thailand long-term is to find something else besides the bars and bar-girls to keep you happy or you will end up sitting in the same barstool 16 hours a day drinking yourself to death!

In my case, I limited myself to only going out on Friday or Saturday nights and kept myself busy with the gym, walking, my numerous hobbies and doing some remote consulting work for people back in the United States. I was up at 7:00 in the morning and went to sleep by midnight almost every night.

Although life was good, I was a bit lonely, and going down the bar-girl route for company was just not an option as I had been there and done that and had the t-shirt. Instead I wanted a relationship with a non-bar girl who would be a good partner if things worked out. I decided to place a profile on one of the Thai dating sites, where one of my friends had met his girlfriend the previous year. It was not long before I was getting dozens of views of my profile every day, as well as dozens of messages from Thai girls from all sorts of different backgrounds. 

One of the things that I was surprised about was the quality of the Thai girls that responded to my profile. While there were a fair number of bar girls, freelancers and ladyboys looking for a customer on the side, there were also a larger number of regular Thai girls that were looking for a foreign boyfriend.

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While it took a significant amount of time, I decided to chat with all of the girls that had messaged me since they had taken the time to contact me. I had been contacted by girls of various ages; I decided to focus on the women over 30 group, as I figured that someone closer to my own age would be better in the long term. Before long I had narrowed the list of girls that I wanted to meet down to three and arranged to have dinner with them over the course of a week or so. All three ladies were great, but I was attracted to Kim the most and was actually able to have a meaningful and normal conversation with her.

Kim, who speaks excellent English, is 34 and is a critical care nurse at one of the local international hospitals. She is from Bangkok, where she attended university and nursing school and only recently moved to Pattaya for her job. Unlike most of the other Thai girls I have met, Kim has no children and has never been married. While close to her small family, she does not support them, as her parents are fairly well off and own a couple of businesses in Bangkok. Kim also owns her own condominium is Pattaya, which is a couple of kilometres from where I live.

After our first date, Kim and I began to speak daily and soon were exclusively dating each other. Sometimes our date would entail me meeting her for lunch at the hospital or going out for dinner and a movie at Central Festival Mall. Before long I was meeting her friends and a couple of months ago we went to Bangkok where I met her parents, who later gave her their approval of our relationship. It helps that her older sister has been married to a guy from the U.K. for 10 years now.

Here we are 10 months later and we are now living together in her condominium and will be getting married next month in Washington D.C. We decided that living in Pattaya was really not what we wanted and that the United States would offer us the best possible opportunities, as well as for our future children. Due to her level of education, the usual troubles that many Thai girls have with their visa applications just didn’t seem to apply, getting a visa for her was easy. After being away for 4 years I have also found a new job in Washington and it looks like she already has a nursing job lined up too.

I have never been happier in my life and now I am thankful that I lost my job in 2010, because if I had not, I never would have met Kim.

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