Thai Girls and an American Man

By David (from USA)

John is an American from Washington D.C. and had never had any luck finding a suitable wife despite being previously married.  As a former business executive, John had the means to travel extensively around the world, but never was able to make it to Asia.

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In 2002, John was faced with the prospect of losing his unused vacation if he did not get away for a couple of weeks.  Since he was between major projects at work, he figured he could get away for 16 days and began looking for exotic places to go.

While browsing the Internet, he became interested in Thailand and figured why not get on a plane and fly half way around the world to a place he did not know much about, where he knew no one; and did not speak the language, and see what would happen. Sounded like a good plan at the time!

As he searched for flights from Washington D.C. to Bangkok, he came across a very good deal flying out of New York City direct to Bangkok on a 17 hour flight.  He booked the round trip ticket for less than $800, including a shuttle flight form Washington D.C. to New York.  On the day of departure, he was nervous and excited as he took a taxi to the airport and enjoyed a relaxing flight to New York, which was about an hour and a half away.  Once he arrived at JFK airport, John began to get nervous and began to seriously reconsider his trip.  He thought that maybe he could cancel his trip and stay in New York for a week and just hang out.  As he was contemplating what to do, about a dozen Thai girls (Airline flight attendants) walked down the walkway towards the gate.  John always was very attracted to Asian women, as the Washington D.C. area had a very large Korean population.

Anyway, John thought these Thai ladies were absolutely the most beautiful women that he had ever seen and was soon following them towards the gate, with the flight attendants being the pied pipers playing a flute and John being a rat following them!  It was not long before he was settled in Premium Economy for the 17- hour flight over the North Pole to Bangkok, which at the time was one of the longest of long haul flights anywhere.  The constant attention from the flight attendants during the flight made the trip bearable and it was not long before the captain was on the intercom telling the flight attendant to prepare for landing at Bangkok’s new airport. 

The Thai Girls of Pattaya

John really had no itinerary or goals during his trip, as he preferred to play it by ear when he traveled.  The guy sitting beside him during the flight was traveling to spend time with his Thai wife and family and suggested that John go to Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok during his trip. The guy said that John would like Pattaya especially due to its nightlife and abundance of beautiful Thai girls. As John walked out of immigration, he grabbed a taxi and headed to Pattaya, which was about two hours away. As he left the terminal he was immediately hit by the heat and humidity, although it was just getting dark. It was a quite a contrast to the nice spring morning in New York 17 hours ago! Once he arrived in Pattaya, he was next hit be the smells of the city with sewage and garbage providing a unique 3rd world aroma.

Once he was checked into the hotel, he asked the reception desk where he should go for dinner and a couple of beers, since it was now around 8:30 or so. They looked at him like he had 3 heads and said “Go Walking Street” and gave him directions and said that it was a 5-minute walk away. Well as most directions, they were bad and John walked around for 15 minutes or so wondering why he had not stayed in New York at the Plaza instead of coming to Thailand. 

John happened across Walking Street by accident and became lightheaded by the hundreds of beautiful Thai girls everywhere. They were just incredibly beautiful and exotic with perfect bodies, smooth coco colored skin, long black hair and very feminine. Their smiles made John weak in the knees. Just when he thought he had seen the most beautiful girl in the world, he would see another one that was more beautiful. Needless to same John soon found out how things worked in Pattaya and spent the next two weeks engaged in a number of holiday relationships and had the time of his life. It was no surprise that he never made it to Phuket, although he did manage to squeeze in a day trip to Bangkok with one of his “girlfriends”. Two weeks went by very quickly and before long he was back at work in Washington D.C.

As soon as John got home he began to plan his next trip to Thailand. This soon turned into over 10 trips in six years and John had Thailand fever badly!  Although John strived to keep his relationships casual holiday style romances, he soon became involved with a girl, which soon became a train wreck due to her lying and constant pleas for money from her and her family. Once John got over his “relationship” with Noi, he kept things very casual in his follow up trips to other part of Thailand besides Pattaya.

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Finding Aom

Fast-forward to about 6 years ago and John was on his last day of one of his trips and asked a girl out that was working in a restaurant that he ate at. They went out and had a great time at a local restaurant and went out dancing and drinking. Although she was younger that the girls John liked and only spoke a limited amount of English, there was something special about Aom that he was really attracted to. As John kissed her goodbye in the morning as he returned to the airport for the long flight home, he kept saying to himself “that is a really nice girl”. He thought about her the entire trip home!

Once he was home he emailed a friend currently in Pattaya and asked him to give Aom a picture of John and her together. Aom was thrilled that John remembered her and made the effort to contact him. Over time this lead to weekly phone calls and then daily phone and Skype calls, as they enjoyed talking to each other. Although half a world away, things were progressing well in their long distance relationship, with both John and Aom counting down the days until John got back. 

Several trips came and went and soon Aom and John were deeply in love and expecting their first child together. During her pregnancy, John spent over four months in Thailand and had a chance to meet Aom’s small family, all of which were hard working people and self sufficient and did not demand that Aom send money back home. Aom’s family was ecstatic when they learned about Aom expecting a baby with John.  Although the family did not give any signs of wanting money, Aom laid down the law with the family telling them that there would be no dowry paid to here mom and no monthly support once John and her were married. John was very surprised and impressed that Aom had such a straightforward talk with her family on a subject that can be a significant obstacle in Thai and westerner relationships.

John traveled back to Thailand for Jay’s birth and spent a month with Aom and their new son before returning back to the United States for work. Leaving his family was the absolute hardest thing that John ever did in his life and he counted down the days before he returned to Thailand. Although they spent a fortune in phone calls, most of the time they spent hours on Skype every day so they could see each other.

On John’s final trip to Thailand, John and Aom were married with their marriage being registered with the local government office and not a traditional village wedding in Surin, where Aom was from. They elected to go this route because it would be easier for Aom to be able to get a visa to live in The United States if they decided to go to the United States. John could not stand to be away from his family and decided to stay in Thailand, as the economy in the United States was really bad and John lost his job. Everything in the U.S. was put in storage and John worked for a while in real estate in Thailand until he decided to concentrate on working as an independent contractor.

Five years later Aom and John are still together and happy and recently welcomed a second son, named Zach. Jay attends one of the local private schools and is doing very well and is a very happy child, because he knows that he has parents who love him and take care of him and his brother. While they are seriously considering moving to the United States for the boy’s education, they are a happy family. Although they went thru some very tight times financially, as John built his consulting business, Aom’s commitment to John never wavered, which is against all of the typical stereotypes about Thai girls only being interested in money. Aom’s family has been completely supportive and has never asked for anything in the six years that they have been together. John and Aom both feel that they were very lucky to have met each other and cannot imagine being apart.

The funny thing is that there are many, many stories similar to Aom and John’s, but often people concentrate on the negative experiences between westerners and Thai girls.

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