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The prices charged by Thai escort girls in various locations around Thailand are shown below, and I must admit to having been very surprised at the results.

No matter whereabouts you go in Thailand, the prices quoted on the main escort websites are almost identical. Only Pattaya comes in with any noticeable deviation from the standard rate, all the rest are the same.

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I should point out that there are some differences between escort agencies, but taken together and averaged out there really isn’t much difference at all. It is surprising because there are some real differences in local markets in terms of supply and demand. For some reason, differences in supply and demand are not having much impact on prices.

Without exception, prices are high, way higher than any of the other pay-for-pleasure (P4P) options that you’ll find. As a rule of thumb, Thai escort girls charge something like 3 or 4 times the price that a Thai bar girl would charge.

The selling points of Thai call girls may be many and varied, but two selling points in particular stand out:

First, in most places in Thailand there is pressure to keep P4P activities under wraps. If regular Thais discover that you have openly used the services of a prostitute they will not be impressed and you’ll lose a lot of respect and status. That might not matter if you are only on a short term vacation, but you’ll want to consider it if you are on a more long-term visit… especially if you are on a work contract. The extra discretion offered by call girls will be highly valued in these circumstances.

The second attraction has something to do with the extra services that are often requested. Note that the prices quoted (see table below) are the standard prices for regular sex with a single customer. If you are a looking for someone to help spice up your marriage, entertainment for couples is more expensive. If you want to explore some sort of fetish desire then that too will cost more. I think that in these cases people are usually a bit reluctant to ask bar girls for this sort of thing and so the ease of ordering from a Thai escort service comes into play.

Thai Escort Girls & the Future of P4P

The openness of the pay for pleasure scene is something that regular Thai girls do not like; they cannot understand why a man would allow himself to be seen in the company of someone that he has clearly paid to be with him. Thai men are very careful to keep such things secret, and the distaste for the openness seen in Pattaya may well lead to a big crackdown by the authorities in the not too distant future.

The authorities have already made moves to clean up naughty areas of the country, and police raids of various premises to check that girls are of legal age to be working in bars are becoming more and more frequent. Many places have been forced to shut down their premises for breaching the rules and some never reopen.

The Thai call girl scene on the other hand is booming. The discretion that it offers is a much better fit with Thai sense and sensibilities about such matters, and I suspect that the trend for the pay for pleasure industry will move more and more towards Thai escort services and the like.

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Thai Escort Information

Pattaya Escorts:
Pattaya call girls seem to be an exception to the rule with regard to the prices that they charge; they are a little lower I can only imagine that this is due to the plethora of competing options in Pattaya, as well as the comparative lack of any stigma for being seen in public with a working–girl (meaning that paying for the extra discretion offered by an out-call arrangement is not quite so appealing).

The most famous of the Pattaya escort agencies ‘Devils Den’ has prices that are a fair bit lower than those displayed in the chart. At the time of writing, 2 hours starts at 3,000 baht and a full 24 hours cost quite a lot less at 7,000 baht. Even so, it is difficult to recommend paying these lower prices because they still far exceed what you would be asked for from a bar-girl. In Pattaya there’s no need to pay any more than 2,000 baht plus a 300 baht bar-fine (release fee) for a bar-girl of your choice for a full 24 hours of fun.

Bangkok Escorts:
Bangkok has by far the largest range of options; there are even some Caucasian girls available and, judging from the pictures displayed online, the quality of the girls in terms of their attractiveness is high – much higher than the Russian girls that you’ll find on Pattaya’s Walking Street. I can’t confirm if the attitudes of the Caucasian escorts in Bangkok are any different to the somewhat arrogant attitudes of the Russian girls in Pattaya, but I would suspect that there are no real problems on that score.

Bangkok call girls have got a good reputation for giving quality service to their customers and you can find some sweet girls working in this scene. It’s one of Bangkok’s worst kept secrets that many of the Thai escort girls are actually university students looking for an income top-up. With Bangkok being home to the best and most expensive universities in Thailand, the city has a much larger body of students that are willing to do what it takes to earn the necessary funds for their upkeep.

Chiang Mai Escorts:
It is a surprise that the prices quoted for Chiang Mai escorts are not quite a lot lower than the prices elsewhere. The customer base in Chiang Mai is a much more price sensitive person than you find in other parts of the land of smiles and the 5,000 baht for 2-hours quoted in the table is more than many expats pay for their monthly rented accommodation!

I can only imaging that the Chiang Mai call girl market is a very small market. Most expats find their long-term girlfriends via online dating options, and everyone knows that these facilities can easily be used to find some casual partners too. That only leaves the holiday-makers that visit the city, most of whom are not sex tourists. In these circumstances prices really ought to be a lot lower, but they’re not. Unless money is no object, my advice is to avoid the expense of a Thai escort and sign up for the online dating route for satisfying your feminine companionship needs.

Phuket Escorts & Koh Samui Escorts:
If it was surprising that prices in Chiang Mai were not lower than in other destinations, it is just as surprising that the prices quoted for Phuket call girls and Koh Samui call girls are not higher. Phuket and Koh Samui are marketed at the wealthier end of the tourist market, and they attract lots of cashed-up male visitors.

The nightlife options in Phuket are not great; with the exception of the main resort i.e. Patong. Patong is like a mini-Pattaya and there are lots of bar girls that are available at much lower prices than the escorts charge. Outside of Patong the beaches around Phuket are quiet and peaceful, much as the Koh Samui beaches are. In these places I’d imagine that Thai escort girls are in higher demand than in other locations, and that’s why I’m surprised that prices are not higher.

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