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My first experience of Southeast Asian girls came as a young man on his first trip to Thailand; I can remember to this day how excited I was by the whole experience of Thailand and its rich culture. Up until that first trip I had only strayed from my own country, England, on a handful of occasions and never anywhere outside of Europe.

Southeast Asia is completely different to Europe in so many regards. There are, of course, many rich and diverse cultures within Europe but when you step outside the Western world you can feel the difference almost as soon as you step off the airplane (of course, that might also be something to do with the wave of heat and humidity that hits you rather than the culture shock!). You don’t just feel like you have stepped into a different culture in SEA, you feel like you are in a completely different world!

Many things, in a million different ways, are just not quite the same as they are back home. The food, the tonal language, the religion, the hierarchy, the customs and much more are very different but, compared to the problem of understanding feelings and emotions in any given situation, they are simple things to overcome. Having lived in SEA, and having dated many different Southeast Asian ladies whilst studying the various cultures, I am at last at a point where I believe I can make a significant contribution to help my fellow Westerners understand how to go about dating Asian girls and, just as important, how not to do it.

AsiaLibertine.com has been a long time in the planning stages, not least because my skills in web design and development have taken quite a while to get to their current level (which I confess is still basic!). However, I start this website off the back of already having spent a couple of years developing my first website: Pattaya-Adventures.com. The challenges that developing that site have given me have stood me in good stead to get the right structure and flow to this website and I hope that you will find it an easy website to navigate and read.

As AsiaLibertine.com matures it is my intention to provide not just the best of my own advice about romance in SEA (in fact it is already a combination of my own knowledge, that of close friends, and of a balanced view of relevant literature), I intend to source more and more second opinions form professional writers with specialist knowledge of Asian dating customs.

I hope that you will find AsiaLibertine.com an interesting and useful resource and that it will help you to find what you are looking for in a romantic sense. If you are already dating a Southeast Asian lady, I hope that the pages here might help you to understand her feelings about certain things and that you can at the very least avoid an argument or two!

Best wishes and good luck,

Steve Bain

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