Thai Call Girls & the 'Good Life'

By Bart (from Australia)

Some Thai call girls that I met in Bangkok, once upon a time, are weighing heavily in my thoughts these days.... I’m a divorcee well into my 50’s and life has been kind enough to have furnished me with enough financial resources to consider early retirement.

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Since my marriage broke up a few years back I’ve found myself with a lot of time on my hands to really think about what I want to do with the time I’ve got left. The kids have long since moved out and got their own lives moving along, I’ve stopped enjoying my work, I’m starting to feel lonely and it just feels like now is the time to make some changes.

Since an early age I’ve always been one to spend time contemplating the big things in life. The age old question that encompassed much of ancient philosophy i.e. ‘what is the good life, and what does it mean to me?’ is at the forefront of my mind quite a lot these days.

It’s not an easy question to answer; knowing what you really want from life is a very difficult thing to comprehend in my view. I can tell you what I want right now very easily, those little Thai call girls I once knew would be a good start – a private yacht with a mooring in Monte Carlo would also be nice.

The question of what you want from life has to be applied to what you can realistically achieve given your means and what you are willing to do to get it. Even then you still need to trade off one thing for another e.g. BMW or Mercedes... Florida vacation or Thailand... a million dollars or early retirement... blonde girl or brunette... and so on.

I’ve thought long and hard about ‘the good life’. I’ve come up with a list of the things in life that I want and guess what, it turns out that I don’t give a damn about the rat-race anymore. I couldn’t care less about fancy cars, cocktail & caviar parties, designer clothes and all the other crap that people want just so that they can show everyone else how well they are doing.

I think I’ve finally matured….. then again a penchant for Thai call girls at my time of life isn’t usually aligned with a matured mind – I suppose it could be a late onset mid-life crisis or something similar? Whatever it is, life in the West just isn’t pushing my buttons anymore. I’ve narrowed my ‘good-life list’ down to 10 things and it seems clear to me from that list that Thailand is beckoning:

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My Good-Life list:

  • Time to think – I like to reflect on things a lot and time to sit back and reflect on life is very important to me. I’m going to record my thoughts in a journal and see how my thoughts on life evolve as my environment changes.
  • Alcohol – nothing helps me philosophize like copious amounts of beer! Everyone needs a vice or two and alcohol helps me to relax.
  • Friends – I’ve found I prefer male company to female company. I’d much rather be shooting pool, or watching football, than shopping for shoes or visiting the inlaws.
  • Girlfriends – major headache, there’s no way in the West that I can get the casual sort of relationships that I want. However, Thai call girls could easily provide the minimal amount of companionship that I need these days.
  • Family – I love my kids and I adore my grandson. If I’m heading to Thailand then this one is going to be the biggest loss I’ll need to deal with.
  • Warm weather – cold weather is no fun at all. I like to get outdoors but it has to be warm outside. Weather suitable for shorts, t-shirt and sandals is important.
  • Exercise – light resistance training, gives you a real boost and fills you with energy. A good health club with sauna, steam room, massage and so on would all be good. I think it is important to have something that you have to do rather than want to do. I don’t like exercising, but I love being fit and healthy, and I like the feeling of accomplishment when I walk out of the gym exhausted. I’m going to treat this as my new job and force myself to do it.
  • Good food – I like to savour my food, so quality restaurants are a must. My idea of a good date is fine food, a bottle of wine, soft light, a beautiful setting and some action in the bedroom.
  • Intellectual stimulation– I need a mental challenge; all that time to think (point 1) needs something to focus on. Luckily, I don’t need other people for this. From what I’ve read, I’m not likely to meet many deep-thinkers in the Thai call girls fraternity! A good read, or a game of chess will suffice. Maybe I’ll start learning to speak Thai too.
  • Change – every now and then you have to mix things up to keep them fresh.

Like I said at the beginning, Thai call girls are weighing heavily in my thoughts, and I’ve decided I’m going to quit my job and start a new life in Thailand! Point 4 on the list above is the one I’m missing more than the rest and I know that it won’t be a problem in Thailand.

So what am I expecting from a life in Thailand? I’m going to put some thoughts down about that; I’ll be checking in again from time to time to write about how things are going, how I’m feeling, what I miss about the West and so on.

I’m keeping an open mind and I’m not expecting paradise in the land of smiles; there’s no way I’m going to set unrealistic expectations and end up bitter and disappointed – I’ll take the good with the bad and learn to live with both.

Editorial Note

I like your reasoning here but I wonder what your intentions will be after a while. Thai call girls are good company if you have a scratch that you want to itch, but most of the men I talk to come to regard such rendezvous as unfulfilling after a while. What will happen if you meet a girl that starts tugging at your heart strings.... will you resist her romantic overtures and keep things casual?

Good luck with everything, I do think that you are approaching things in a sensible manner.

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