Thai Bar Girls & Their Bullshit...

We all know that Thai bar girls have got something of a bad reputation for deceit and disloyalty when it comes to their relationships with western men. The bad rap that they get is well deserved and every day there’s another victim.

You might think that you are a good judge of character and that you know when someone is not on the level, but it’s a lot harder to judge this than you might think.

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Your bullshit detectors are no doubt well suited to life in the west, but there are not so many committed tricksters there whose livelihoods depend and fooling people into whatever fiction they have created.

|Disclaimer| Before I get accused of branding all bar girls as the same, that's not my point. Some of them are perfectly honest people, but they are a minority. This report acts as a good basis from which to prepare your expectations, that's all...

By way of example I’m reminded of a bar girl that I used to know. On the surface she was ultra sweet and feminine, unassuming, quiet and reserved. This sort of character in a girl just so happens to be my preferred character in a lady when seeking out a potential bed-partner, and so the two of us got along in the way that western guys and bar girls do.

Soi New Plaza, PattayaThe bars in Thailand are great fun, and full of of girls.

Months passed by with regular meet-ups between us, nothing serious just regular casual 'friend with benefits' type stuff. I’d been completely honest with the girl in question and made clear that I was the butterfly sort of guy and that nothing long-term would ever become of our time together. Of course, I also made clear that she would be taken care of financially each time we met.

She was happy with the arrangement and was fully aware that I would, as the mood took me, spend time with other ladies. She was unusually candid with me too and openly admitted that there would be other western gentlemen who would be entertaining her from time to time.

A lesson learned...

Now, you might think that an admission of this sort is no admission at all since it was known to me that she worked in a bar and that this is what Thai bar girls do. Fair enough, but there aren’t that many bar girls who will openly talk about such things. Admittedly, the secrecy around this is fast becoming a thing of the past but at one time Thai bar girls kept this sort of thing concealed.

Anyway, months past until one day I got a call from her in the night. Her voice and character were completely off, I don't mean in a weird mood sort of way, I mean in a completely different personality sort of way.

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She’d called me accidentally and as soon as she realized her mistake she hung-up. Apologies followed the next day but her game was up. It was unmistakably a ‘different persona’ that she was using when she called me by mistake.

I’d realized that the true character of the girl was a complete mystery to me. Within minutes of our first meeting, she had been able to form an instinctive idea of what sort of girls I like, and then simply assumed a suitable persona...

Other than the mistaken phone call there was never, even for a second, any hint of deception! Some Thai bar girls are actresses, and once they figure out what sort of character to present to you they’ll stick to it and never break character.

I don’t harbor any negative feelings toward the girl and I wish her well, I just regard the whole episode as another step forward on the learning curve that is Thailand.

Even when you think that you have a mutual understanding with a bar girl, and that there is no reason in the world for her to deceive you, you’ll never quite know for sure if the person you’re dealing with is completely on the level.

Western guys back home can’t fully appreciate any of this, and that’s why they are always completely dumbfounded when they hear about another lamb to the slaughter in the form of a western guy that has gotten himself romantically involved with a Thai bar girl, or seemingly regular girl who just happens to be half his age.

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For those of us who have spent time in the bars, we tend to be only too aware of how easily this can happen. Most of us have been burned by a bar girl at one time or another, and that’s despite the ferocity with which we might deny it!

The trick is to bail out the instant that you suspect something is amiss.

Thai bar girls and marriage (an example)

I know of one man that is quite wealthy and had been married to his wife for over 5 years, during which time he had spent 4 million baht on a house for his wife’s parents, bought them a pick-up truck and even provided money to set them up in a small restaurant business. Due to his job being based in Europe, he lived in Europe with his Thai wife.

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After five years of marriage he found out that his wife had been prostituting herself almost the entire time they had been there!

There is no Western logic that can explain such things, the girl had a faithful, wealthy husband who took care of her (and her family) and this is how she behaved.

The nature of bar-work in the tourist areas of Thailand seems to destroy a girl’s ability to be a loyal and loving wife even when they are lucky enough to find a loyal and loving husband.

In her defense, where logic fails, emotions are usually to blame.

You can imagine how Thai bar girls usually enter the naughty nightlife scene - as naïve country girls who end up getting their hearts broken by one sex tourist after another with broken promises of a new life and so on.

They respond by toughening up emotionally, and they stop trusting men altogether.

It’s an unfortunate situation and almost impossible to overcome with any promises that you might make, or even any expensive demonstrations of your true love. My advice is to avoid getting involved with any Thai bar girls. If you are committed to the idea of finding a worthy wife in Thailand, have a look at my Thai dating strategy.

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