Two Thai Babes & Their Choices

By Tweed (from Bangkok)

Ploy and Som are two Thai babes who were classmates at University. They were both 26 years old at the start of their stories below, and both had foreign boyfriends, but that’s where the similarities ended. The differences between the two girls were mainly due to their differing outlooks on the future, and the choices that they made because of that.

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Ploy and Stuart

Ploy had a pretty face and a slender, beautiful body, with a charming happy personality. Her hard work at university had rewarded her with a degree in Economics and her main goals in life were to a) succeed in her chosen career so that she could provide some support for her widowed mother and b) to find a good husband with whom she could live happily and raise two children. These were her goals but when she first met Stuart, a charming good-looking man of 32, she had doubts about whether her goals could be achieved with him... Thai babes often have doubts about the long-term suitability of young men. Nevertheless they felt an immediate attraction when they met at a business conference in Bangkok. They shared so many interests that it was no surprise when Ploy became Stuart's first Thai girlfriend.

As with so many Thai babes, Ploy loved Karaoke and she was thrilled to find that Stuart shared her interest. It was in ‘KOK’ lounges that they spent many enjoyable hours together; Ploy sang her Thai songs and Stuart his English and American ballads. They both seemed to favour love songs, an indication of their romantic natures. It took less than three months for the two of them to realise that they were falling in love.

Ploy, always sensible, responded to Stuart’s advances by explaining her goals and wondering whether they would be seriously affected by a relationship with Stuart. Stuart, who was not only in Finance but an owner of his own successful venture, assured Ploy that he had no problems helping her achieve her goals.

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His assurances to her that he would continue to live in Thailand, and his total agreement about having a family of two children, was emphasized with great respect when he added the condition ‘after we have married.’ This was enough for Ploy at that time so, the following weekend, a visit to her home was planned so that Stuart could be introduced to her mother and two younger brothers... introducing the family is a big deal for Thai women.

Ploy’s mother was impressed by the strong stature of Stuart which, as she said, was topped with a very handsome face. The two younger brothers, both keen to improve their English speaking skills, saw Stuart as a benefactor in that area and naturally also admired the farang’s good looks and natural charm. In short, Stuart and the family became good friends and there were many more weekend visits to Ploy’s home, where Stuart helped the brothers with their English and charmed the mother with gifts of flowers and chocolates, both of which mother enjoyed immensely.

It took only seven months before Stuart felt strongly enough about his feelings for Ploy and he took her to a rooftop restaurant for dinner; it was no surprise to Ploy that Stuart proposed to her in that very romantic setting. A couple of years passed and Ploy, now 28 years old, presented Stuart with the first of their two intended children. The pair had become good friends; their relationship was founded on a solid beginning and their marriage was destined to be successful and, above all, happy. The attraction between foreign men and Thai babes is not often built on such solid ground and their friendship had grown stronger as they learned more about each other.

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Ploy’s mother said on their most recent visit that her daughter had never looked more beautiful than she did now in her early stages of motherhood. Stuart, never one to miss an opportunity, said that Ploy’s beauty was simply a reflection of her mother’s. Mother knew she was going to love her son-in-law.

For those of you that are expecting a twist in the story and for it all to come crashing down in disastrous fashion, I’m going to have to disappoint you, this Thai/Western relationship continues to be the happiest that I am aware of and I see only good tidings ahead.

Som and Tim

Som was still studying at University and, owing to the admission of many foreign students, she had met and dated quite a few young foreign men. The men were looking for company and anything else that the Thai babes they came across were prepared to offer. Many Thai babes looked for foreign boyfriends simply because they seemed to have, or at least are prepared to spend, more money than the Thai male counterparts. Som had already decided, because of one of her friend’s experiences, that a foreign boyfriend was the first step to escaping from Thailand and living in the Western world. She was studying Mathematics at University and had no doubts that she could teach her subject just as well in another country.

Som was clever enough also to avoid dates with guys who had said that they were hoping to settle down in Thailand with a beautiful Thai woman. She wanted out, so only those men who intended to return to England, America or even Australia were ever considered for dating.

It was an American man, Tim, that first captured the mind of Som but he was never going to capture her heart. He was not a student; he was a visiting teacher looking at the teaching methods in the Thai education system. He had already been to China and Singapore on his study tour and the spark that flew between him and Som on their first meeting was undoubtedly strong and, just as undoubtedly, very sexual.

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It was just as one would expect; they ended up having a steamy love affair which lasted for the whole month that Tim stayed in Bangkok. Tim was a man who had a fierce sex drive and Som had satisfied him in many ways and on many occasions. He said he was not in love but he also said in his first call to Som that he missed her. He asked if she could possibly visit him in the USA on her next term break and once she agreed he would organise the flights. Som had to go through the torment of applying for a visa to visit the USA by herself.

As anyone with experience will know, it is not easy getting visas for Thai babes, but luckily it all went as planned, Tim had his lover coming to America and Som saw this as the first step towards getting out of Thailand for good. She had planned to keep Tim as happy as she could and at the same time possibly meet another American guy who would want more from her than just sex. For the time being, it appeared that the two of them were content with the relationship they had, Tim was getting what he wanted, and Som was in a western country, at least for now.

It was Som who raised the question of permanently moving to the US and Tim, not at all interested in getting married as much as he enjoyed her company, suggested she apply for a study visa and continue her quest to become a Mathematics teacher. This was enough for Som; wheels were set in motion and Som eventually got to stay in America to complete her studies. As it happened, she was admitted to a University close to where Tim lived, but their relationship did not last much longer. With an independent right to be in America she no longer needed Tim and since each of them were only really using the other to satisfy their needs without any real emotional commitment, things ended when Tim’s usefulness expired.

In so many similar cases where Thai babes get involved with a foreign man in order to get something they want, betrayals, heartbreak, humiliation and so on often follow. This particular case ended without the usual drama as both parties knew the score right from the start.

Two Thai Babes; afterthought

Having settled in the USA, Som has begun her search for an American guy, one that can offer her the opportunity to stay in the USA permanently as a wife. The ultimate goal for Som is in sight, all she has to do is find a guy who wants what Som has to offer; my question to you dear reader, is how likely you think a future marriage to Som will work out. Will her marriage continue after she gains American citizenship, or will her husband’s usefulness expire at that time? When it comes to Thai babes, no one can know for sure, but I suspect that love is not featuring too prominently on Som’s list of priorities whilst searching for her future husband…

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