Subic Bay Nightlife; Sex & Fun Times

The Subic Bay nightlife scene offers some of the best after-dark entertainment options that you’ll find in the Philippines. It is particularly popular with western guys, primarily Americans, who are either living there or spending a long visit there.

Short term visitors and holidaymakers tend to prefer the more raucous goings on in Manila or Angeles City, but Subic Bay is a happy medium that is close by.

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Subic Bay is located on the island of Luzon, which is no doubt far and away the most interesting part of the Philippines for the majority of tourists. Luzon is also home to Manila, Quezon City, Angeles City, and they are not far apart.

Travel times from Subic Bay to Manila will take something like two and a half hours and halfway through that journey you’ll pass by Angeles City so, you can see why it is popular with expats. You get a healthy Subic Bay nightlife scene, with lots more on your doorstep, whilst also getting to enjoy life by the sea.

You also get to choose from a couple of good base-camp options along the bay itself – which covers an area of maybe 40 or 50 square kilometres.

The two options that will be of particular interest to most people are:

  • Olongapo City – with a population of about 230,000
  • Barrio Barretto – a sub district about a 6km drive away

The Olongapo bar girls, and Barrio Barretto bar girls are sure to make your stay a welcome one, and finding some adult action at the end of the night is, of course, easily arranged…

Subic Bay Bar Girls and Prostitution

With some justification you could argue that Barrio Barretto as basically the Olongapo red light district. It has a long history in the P4P pleasure scene due to the US military base that operated close by for many years. That base was ordered closed by the authorities in 1992 and at that time, according to Forbes Magazine, there were up to 60 venues packed solid with Subic Bay bar girls.

These days the number of bars is much lower, with around 20 or so to choose from, but they are still home to a few hundred ladies working as GROs (Guest Relations Officers). GROs are working-girls.

For information about how the whole barfine (early work release fee) works in the Philippines, have a look at my main page about Filipina girls.

The US Military has long had a presence in Subic Bay

With the US military a distant memory, apart from the occasional stop over, the Subic Bay bar girls tend to ply their trade with repeat customers rather than guys that they’ll never see again, and that does help to ensure a better quality service than you’ll find up the road in Angeles City.

There are still some guys that make the trip over to Barrio Barretto for a short break of a week or so, but they do not form the majority of the customers that seek the services of prostitutes, and some of them are younger backpackers that aren’t even interested in P4P. So, repeat custom from permanent or long-term visitors is relatively more important than in other tourist areas.

As with any industry that relies on repeat custom, the need to keep those customers happy by providing a quality service is much higher...

Even more important than that, for those of who are on a tight budget, prices are way lower. These days Angeles City is only a little cheaper than Pattaya, and prices for the cutest girls can reach amounts similar to those in Thailand’s sin city, but not in Subic Bay.

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Subic Bay bar girls tend to cost an all-inclusive fee of around 2,000 pesos for an overnight service including sex, but once you build up your list of acquaintances you’ll be able to agree a fee as low as 1,000 for the girl to see you on her day off.

Subic Bay Nightlife in Olongapo City

I think that the Subic Bay nightlife options in the main urban area is not really set up for the P4P industry. Prostitution in Subic Bay is certainly not confined to Barrio Barretto, but you find bar girls in Olongapo that are as readily open to being bar-fined. Most bars are just regular bar/restaurant type establishments.

There are some freelance girls that you can find hanging around the discos but that’s about it.

Olongapo is still a worthy place to pitch your tent if you prefer a little more activity compared to what you get at a small beach resort like Barrio Barretto and, as mentioned, the bar girls are very close by and easily reached when you do feel the need for some female attention.

For regular ladies I’m a little cautious recommending either location. The history of the area in terms of prostitution in Subic Bay is a little too substantial in my view and I tend to prefer recommending places that are either a little more remote and unaccustomed to the usual sort of western pleasure seekers that reach these shores, or a major city where working-girls only represent a tiny minority of the population.

Subic Bay Escorts

There are no dedicated call girl agencies to be found that specialize in serving this part of the Philippines. The lack of Subic Bay escorts may be largely due to the fact that there are plenty of cheaper bar girls working the area and their customers care nothing about the extra discretion offered by call girls.

Prices are no doubt an additional factor. Since one of the main attractions of Subic Bay is the rock-bottom cost of living, it draws in people who either demand lower prices or simply can’t afford higher prices… and escort girls in the Philippines are a lot more expensive than bar-girls.

Subic Bay Nightlife; Crime & Safety

The general level of safety in Subic Bay looks good and even the stats regarding walking alone at night are not bad. There is no doubt the usual safety concerns that you get in a poor country regarding petty crimes such as bag snatching and the like, but there’s no excess problem with violent crime.

There may be a concern around the level of corruption, but no more than in other areas of Southeast Asia.

If you behave yourself and accept that certain ‘donations’ to the local police are just a part of life then you should be well prepared to fit into life here without too much trouble.

The only significant risk of landing yourself in hot water comes when you disregard the law with regard to drugs – so don’t do it.

The Subic Bay nightlife scene does have its shady characters and you will probably be offered drugs at some point.

It’s easy to think silly thoughts when you’ve had a beer, so discipline yourself on this one as it could potentially put you behind bars in disgusting conditions for a lot of years if you ignore the rules.

Final Thoughts

The Subic Bay nightlife offers a safe, lo cost alternative to the larger nightlife destinations in the Philippines but there is enough here to keep you entertained for a while. As a place to live I think that the area has a lot to offer due to the low cost of living and the generally friendlier relations that you’ll have with the ladies.

There is a sizable population of expats in the area, mostly American but also from Europe and Australia, and that means plenty of services, restaurants, accommodation and so on that is suitable for western tastes.

Although I didn’t mention it above, gambling is not illegal in the Philippines and the Subic Bat nightlife offers a range of casinos where you can test your poker skills and your luck.

Although the Subic Bay nightlife scene isn’t huge, it is only a short trip to the biggest naughty nightlife destination in the Philippines i.e. Angeles City, so all in all this has to be a serious contender for anyone looking for a new place to live.

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