Soi 6 Pattaya; Thailand’s Naughtiest Venue

Over the years, Soi 6 Pattaya has entertained and thrilled the masses with its vibrant nightlife and pleasure-seeking activities. It remains the naughtiest venue in Southeast Asia, but I do wonder how long this place will be tolerated by the authorities.

The direction of travel regarding local law enforcement in Thailand’s red light areas has not been favorable, and it has been the target of various police crackdowns.

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For anyone unaware of the nature of business here, let’s just say that the mainstream media would class it as the seediest cesspit imaginable...

That is, of course, a completely unfair categorization, but the mainstream rags have their left-wing, progressive, feminist, politically correct, flock of sheep to attend to, and it needs to be fed its daily dose of fake outrage.

What goes on is between consenting adults, if that was different then clearly it would be totally unacceptable by any standard and should be severely punished, but Soi 6 is not about that. What angers some is the brazen openness of what sometimes goes on. It’s not uncommon for a girl to sit you down inside her bar and start going to work on you orally… unless you ask for the privacy of a room upstairs.

Soi 6 Pattaya is a place where western guys go to enjoy brief encounters with sexy Thai bar girls, and these encounters usually start and end on the premises of the particular bar in question. That has been the source of the main problem to date i.e. the Thai authorities do not like these interactions taking place on the premises.

Soi 6 PattayaA daytime stroll down Soi 6.

Now, you might wonder why on Earth anyone would care about the particular location at which these P4P delights are served up. If a customer pays a barfine (a bar girl’s release fee) he can take her out of the bar straight to his hotel room and get up to whatever the couple agree to… but if you use a room at the bar it’s different...

I think it all comes down to what is regarded as prostitution and what is not. Prostitution is illegal, but where you and I might think that this means payment for sex, it’s a little less clear where exactly the line is drawn if you take the girl off the premises.

Prostitution and Law Enforcement

Suppose for example that a bar girl and customer decide to spend a week together (which is very common in most areas of Pattaya), at what point are they allowed to make a claim that they have formed a genuine affection for each other and want to enjoy normal adult relations? And so what if the guy wants to help his girl out with some financial assistance...

You can see how it might be difficult to make a legal case stick in these circumstances.

I’m no lawyer, and I offer no advice as to what is technically legal and what is not, but I do believe that the police have so far been primarily concerned with ‘short-time’ acquaintances that are carried out on the premises. Most Soi 6 bars are, after all, undeniably straight forward brothels in all but name.

Pattaya Red Point BarThe Red Point bar on Soi 6.

The Red Point Bar on Soi 6 is one of the most popular and successful of its kind. The usual format is that the girls line up on stools in front of the bar and try to gain the attention of guys passing by. The Red Point Bar has something of an advantage over other bars in that directly opposite is the Jack Tar bar – a men only hassle free establishment where you can have a beer and slowly get drawn in by the Red Point girls.

Other popular options include the Soho bar, the Scooters bar, and the Soi 6 corner bar.

Soi 6 Pattaya Girls

With regard to the actual girls that work on Soi 6 Pattaya, it’s hard to imagine what draws them to prefer working here rather than on one of the less infamous venues. It may be that there is more money to be made here but I have my doubts. Finding customers is not difficult for attractive girls in any of the alternative places in town, although the action does start earlier here.

Until recently any time after about 3pm would be busy…

This is another thing that the police have cracked down upon, and the selling of alcohol until late afternoon is now forbidden. I have to question the logic of this given that alcohol is readily available at all hours in just about every other crevice of the city.

I don’t wish to dwell on the somewhat strange actions of the local law enforcement, but their recent crackdown on dartboards is a strong contender in the Pattaya WTF moment of the year awards.

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The girls fit the same profile as the girls in other areas i.e. same age group, same mix of beauties and uglies, and everything in between. It’s a good idea to watch your bar-bill (check-bin as it is called in Thailand) because a lot of the cashiers that work on the Soi are regularly fired for theft and other misdemeanors.

Make sure you know what’s in your wallet too, assuming that you venture upstairs, because you’ll need to take a shower meaning that your wallet will be left unattended. Also make sure that your lady-friend knows that you know how much money is inside it (be subtle – don’t suggest that she’s untrustworthy).

Soi 6 Ladyboys

For those interested in the third sex, there are some ladyboys to be found on Soi 6, but you’re better off strolling down an adjacent alley called Soi 6, 1. All of the working-girls there are actually ladyboys.

Be aware that if you are just wandering down there for a nosy look, you are likely to get your man parts fondled whether you like it or not – ladyboys are not at all shy and they will assume that you are a potential customer if you wander into their lair.

Whatever you do, don’t get angry if someone makes a grab for your tackle.

These ladyboys might look frail, but they are a lot stronger than they look and they’re used to standing up for themselves. I’ve heard a story about an altercation between ‘Tim Sharky’ (a former loan shark who is built like a tank) and a ladyboy on Walking Street. I don’t know what led to the bust up, but Tim wrestled the ladyboy to the floor and stood on her hair to keep her in place – it didn’t work. She started trying to bite him through his shoe!

There are a few ladyboys on Soi 6, but most work the alley behind it.

Soi 6 Customers

As a general rule, the customers that congregate in this part of town tend to be a little more hardcore than your average visitor. They are primarily middle-aged guys who have done the rounds, but most are stable and far from dangerous.

However, there is that small contingent of lunatics that manage to find something to get angry about.

In a recent case to hit the headlines, an Australian guy ended up dead after being involved in an altercation with an American. According to reports it was alcohol fueled, but the guy that appears to have thrown most of the punches has a long rap sheet including a previous murder conviction.

Personally I’ve never been involved in or even witnessed any violence here, but I can imagine that this sort of news is going to seriously deter anyone unfamiliar with the place from going there. I’d suggest that a late afternoon stroll will be as safe there as anywhere, so don’t be too put off.

The good news is that you don’t get so many of the Chinese hordes roaming through, buying nothing, and doing nothing except for poking their cameras and noses into other people’s business.

Final Thoughts

Soi 6 Pattaya will certainly not suit every taste but it is worthy of further inspection. When it gets busy there it gives a sense of fun that reminds me of years past in Pattaya.

Many of the bars are actually owned and managed by western guys and that helps to make things work. As I understand it, the ‘Night Wish’ group of bars are owned by the founder of the Pattaya Addicts online forum, and he’s a guy that comes across as a decent fellow. If you think you are well suited to work as a bar manager then he’s worth contacting, apparently it’s not easy to find good managers and vacancies come up fairly frequently.

As with most of the P4P industry in Pattaya, I do wonder how long Soi 6 will survive. It occupies a stretch of land that leads right to Beach Road, so it’s prime real estate. Throw in the unhelpful attention that it is getting from the authorities and you’ve got a recipe for closure at some point.

If/when that time arrives, I for one will lament the loss of Soi 6 Pattaya… it is one of the city’s jewels as far as the long-term visitors to sin-city are concerned.

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