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The stand out factor when it comes to Singaporean girls and the romantic adventures that you’ll have with them compared to girls from other areas of Asia is, of course, related to economic development. Whereas in the vast majority of Asian countries the level of development lags way behind the west, in Singapore the reverse is true – the west is actually poorer!

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That fact is not often fully appreciated; the average income in Singapore actually exceeds that of any western country (with the exception of the tiny European state Luxembourg). The latest figures I’ve seen for Singapore give a GDP per capita of $62,400 per year; compare that to $52,800 for the USA and a paltry $37,300 in the UK (believe it my fellow Brits, most Singaporean girls probably earn more than you do!). If you like to be the main earner, I'd stick to Thai girls.

It does make you wonder though; as a graduate of Economics I can tell you with some confidence that there is an uneasy relationship between income per head and quality of life. Capitalism is a fine thing for achieving economic growth and providing many of the things that create a high standard of living but, if you’re not careful, it will have you spending all of the extra income that you earn and more besides as you borrow and extend credit lines to further increase spending...

Singaporean girls are similar to the Malaysian women of Chinese extraction; they are often remarked upon for their orientation towards money, and the constant pursuit of more and more of it. Consumerist societies, through non-stop advertising, urge you to spend money on things that won’t really improve your quality of life, like designer clothes, Rolex watches, BMWs and so on. You can’t stop yourself because you have to keep up with those around you to maintain face and status.

In Japan things have got to the extent that people are spending around 80 hours per week at work! I read a silly article recently about the future extinction of the Japanese race because the young people there don’t have any energy left to make babies! It’s crazy isn’t it, when young people in rich countries can’t afford to make time for sex… it’s consumerism gone completely mad!

Clarke Quay, Singapore at night

It’s actually an even bigger problem than you think; if people woke up to the error of their ways and started saving money in a responsible manner then goods would go unsold, firms would have to cut production or unsold goods would pile up, employees would be let go, recession would ensue, even less would be spent and even more goods left unsold and so on and so forth as a downward spiral starts to unravel the whole economy.

Any move in this direction would have national governments lowering interest rates to encourage borrowing and more spending, so called ‘quantitative easing’ (which basically entails governments printing more bank notes and spending them) and a whole package of other measures would be brought in to get you spending again so that goods are purchased and recession avoided… the madness can’t be allowed to stop, it has to feed itself or countries go bankrupt!

Okay, you might be wondering what all this has got to do with dating Singaporean girls. The answer is because the western rat-race that I’ve just described is exactly what a sizable proportion of expats in Asia are trying to get away from and, if you are one of them, then you might want to cease your interest in Singaporean girls because I’m afraid that their consumer appetites are, by all accounts, even worse than those in the west! The need to maintain ‘face’ in Asia goes beyond anything in the west and Singapore is no exception to that rule.

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Cost of Living in Singapore

The overall cost of living in Singapore is comparable with that of London in almost all regards, only restaurant prices are significantly cheaper and that is offset by groceries that are actually more expensive – so it seems like eating out makes more sense. New York is still a more expensive place to live, about 20% more expensive overall. However, if you compare these costs to other places in South East Asia then you’ll see the difference. Singapore is around 115% more expensive than Bangkok, and about 165% more expensive than Pattaya.

Clearly, Singapore is not going to suit your average expat. There are, however, some westerners for whom it may be the perfect blend of East and West. If your finances are fit and healthy then life there will be very good, the infrastructure is second to none, everything works like clockwork, it is one of the safest places on Earth even at night, healthcare is top notch, there is no corruption, cleanliness is unrivalled and all the comforts of a wealthy society are abundantly available.

Singaporean Girls and Nightlife Options

Whilst you won’t find any born and bred Singaporean girls working in the naughty nightlife scene, the city does have the usual crop of immigrants from all the usual places. Thai girls, Vietnamese girls, Filipinas and so on are all there in significant numbers. Many of these ladies have regular jobs during the day in low paid sectors like cleaning work, and top up their earnings at night via prostitution.

Prostitution in Singapore is legal, although some of the things that usually go with it like soliciting services are not allowed. As you might expect, prices are high by Asian standards, but they are lower than typical western prices. The girls will accompany you for an all-night experience, and the prices they ask do fall the later that the night gets.

Singaporean Girls and Dating Culture

Singaporean girls are amongst the most beautiful in Asia and, if your finances are up to it, you’ll find that getting dates is much easier than it is in the west. A night out at a decent restaurant, with some alcohol involved, can easily cost you 200-300 Singapore dollars (SGD) as the local custom is very much that the man pays for everything. Singapore may be an economically developed country and globalisation may well have westernized the people there in some ways, but this is still an Asian city and the Asian way of life prevails in most ways.

The dominant ethnic group in Singapore are the Chinese, and their culture is almost identical to that of the Chinese Malaysians. If you read my advice about Malaysian girls you’ll know that their dating culture is very similar to Thai dating culture, so have a read of my culture gap section with regards to Singapore girls – it all applies with the exception of finances. A small symbolic dowry will still be expected but you’re unlikely to face ongoing pressure to provide for family members since they’ll most likely have their own resources to draw upon. However, you’d still better make sure that you pick the right girl if marriage is on your mind – a typical wedding will cost 50,000 SGD and up!

Casual dating is no problem but casual sex is another matter; Singaporean girls are quite reserved and news travels very quickly in such a small country so you’ll need to be patient. There are some ladies that are known for their preference of Caucasian men, they are referred to as ‘Sarong party girls’ and you’ll find them hanging around expats watering holes. Not everyone will be interested though, and some Singaporean girls will not entertain the idea of a cross cultural relationship.

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