The Singapore Red Light District

Surprisingly, the first Singapore red light district in the 19th century was started by the British for the men working away from their families. Today, whilst actual prostitution in Singapore is still legal, soliciting your services is not.

Prostitution is well organized and, in brothels, girls have regular health checks. General safety is high and the risk of being ripped off or robbed is low.

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Paid sex in Singapore is not limited to girls in professional brothels, you can also find freelance working-girls in the bars around Orchard Towers and take them back to your hotel room.

I’ve had experience with both girls in the brothels and freelancers from Orchard Towers. Some were good, others were downright scary as you’ll read later.

In this article, I’ll describe what to expect in the Singapore red light district in both the brothels and when picking up girls at a bar.

Sex Tourism in Singapore

The Singapore red light district is widespread and you can find brothels in several parts of the city. Everything is more regulated compared to other places in Asia.

Girls of different nationalities from South East Asia and Eastern Europe work in Singapore. Most are from Vietnam, China, Thailand and Indonesia. The Europeans are either Russian or Ukrainian and tend to be very pricey.

Singapore is highly developed and has a lot to offer the more affluent gentleman.

You are unlikely to meet many local Singaporean girls in the sex trade because the island is one of the richest places on Earth, education standards are unrivaled, and most local ladies have plenty of other ways to make money.

Despite the lack of local ladies in the P4P industry, Singapore has attracted a great deal of immigrants who will happily provide the sexual encounters you're looking for, and the place is notorious for being able to satisfy your wildest dreams. I know people who go to certain parts of Geylang for threesomes or to fulfill other more bizarre fetish fantasies.

Before continuing with an assessment of the city's main red light areas, I thought a bit of info about regular dating opportunities might be of interest.

Singaporean Girls & Western Men

The stand out factor when it comes to Singaporean girls and the romantic adventures that you’ll have with them compared to girls from other areas of Asia is, of course, related to economic development.

Whereas in the vast majority of Asian countries the level of development lags way behind the west, in Singapore the reverse is true – the west is actually poorer!

That fact is not often fully appreciated; the average income in Singapore actually exceeds that of any western country (with the exception of the tiny European state Luxembourg).

Clarke Quay, SingaporeClarke Quay, Singapore at night.

The latest figures that I've seen (IMF, 2018) for Singapore give a GDP per capita of $100,345 per year. Compare that to $62,606 for the USA and a paltry $45,705 in the UK (believe it my fellow Brits, most Singaporean girls probably earn more than you do!).

If you like to be the main earner, I'd stick to poorer SEA countries.

It does make you wonder though; as a graduate of Economics I can tell you with some confidence that there is an uneasy relationship between income per head and quality of life.

Capitalism is a fine thing for achieving economic growth and providing many of the things that create a high standard of living but, if you’re not careful, it will have you spending all of the extra income that you earn and more besides as you borrow and extend credit lines to further increase spending...

Singaporean girls are similar to the Malaysian women of Chinese extraction; they are often remarked upon for their orientation towards money, and the constant pursuit of more and more of it.

Consumerist societies, through non-stop advertising, urge you to spend money on things that won’t really improve your quality of life, like designer clothes, Rolex watches, BMWs and so on. You can’t stop yourself because you have to keep up with those around you to maintain face and status.

In Japan things have got to the extent that people are spending around 80 hours per week at work! I read a silly article a while ago about the future extinction of the Japanese race because the young people there don’t have any energy left to make babies! It’s crazy isn’t it, when young people in rich countries can’t afford to make time for sex, it’s consumerism gone completely mad!

Okay, you might be wondering what all this has got to do with dating Singaporean girls.

The answer is because the western rat-race that I’ve just described is exactly what a sizable proportion of expats in Asia are trying to get away from and, if you are one of them, then you might want to cease your interest in Singaporean girls because I’m afraid that their consumer appetites are, by all accounts, even worse than those in the west - and the need to 'maintain face' by buying the latest gadgets is even more intense!

Cost of Living in Singapore

Clearly, Singapore is not going to suit your average expat.

There are, however, some westerners for whom it may be the perfect blend of East and West. If your finances are fit and healthy then life there will be very good, the infrastructure is second to none, everything works like clockwork, and it is one of the safest places on Earth even at night.

Healthcare is top notch, there is no corruption, cleanliness is unrivaled and all the comforts of a wealthy society are abundantly available.

Singaporean Girls and Dating Culture

Singaporean girls are amongst the most beautiful in Asia and, if your finances are up to it, you’ll find that getting dates is much easier than it is in the west.

A night out at a decent restaurant, with some alcohol involved, can easily cost you 200-300 Singapore dollars (SGD) as the local custom is very much that the man pays for everything. Singapore may be an economically developed country and globalization may well have westernized the people in some ways, but this is still an Asian city and the Asian way of life prevails in most ways.

The dominant ethnic group in Singapore are the Chinese, and their culture is almost identical to that of the Chinese Malaysians. If you read my advice about Malaysian girls you’ll know that their dating culture is very similar to Thai dating culture, so if you have experience in Thailand then you'll have an idea of what is involved.

When getting married, a small symbolic dowry will be expected but you’re unlikely to face ongoing pressure to provide for family members since they’ll most likely have their own resources to draw upon. However, you’d still better make sure that you pick the right girl if marriage is on your mind – a typical wedding will cost 50,000 SGD and up!

Casual dating is no problem but casual sex is another matter; Singaporean girls are quite reserved and news travels very quickly in such a small country, so you’ll need to be patient.

There are some ladies that are known for their preference of Caucasian men, they are referred to as ‘Sarong party girls’ and you’ll find them hanging around expat watering holes. Not everyone will be interested though, and some Singaporean girls will not entertain the idea of a cross-cultural relationship.

Geylang Singapore Escorts

Geylang has lots of Lorongs (alleys) branching off the man stretch. You can find regulated brothels between Lorong 2 and 30 which have large red street numbers to identify them. Most of them open from the early afternoon until 5 am.

I’ve visited Geylang several times over the last few years. The brothels look rundown and a bit dodgy from the outside, which does make going inside for the first time a bit intimidating.

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Once inside the receptionist will tell you to sit down and she'll offer you a drink; she’ll then ask what you’re looking for in terms of race, type of girl, and what you want to do.

Sometimes these Singapore escort girls are available and waiting, other times you’ll need to wait. You’re not obliged to accept the first girl that they offer. Be firm and they’ll find someone else. Most of the time you won’t have to wait longer than 10 minutes unless you want something particularly unconventional.

The receptionist tells you the price and you pay her, not the girl. It’s so official that you could probably get a receipt for business expenses if you asked!

A typical scenario starts with the girl locking the door and undressing both herself and you. She will then wash you with soap in the shower before drying and licking your body!

Sex follows, with standard sessions typically last up to 45 minutes. You’re not expected to tip the girl as she gets paid by the brothel. However, if you want the same girl again then give her a generous tip. Trust me, the second time will be much, much better!

Visiting Geylang has advantages and disadvantages. The main benefit is that most services are regulated, thereby ensuring safety and cleanliness.

You pay a fixed price, don’t need to worry about theft, and the girls have health checks but, at the same time, it’s a business and you have less flexibility, so don’t expect to share a few drinks and a conversation beforehand.

A tip from experience, go as early as you can. Rooms are cleaned in the morning and the later it gets, the dirtier and more unhygienic the rooms get.

Orchard Towers' Singapore Escorts

Orchard towers is another infamous part of the Singapore red light district. The 4 floors of whores as it is commonly referred to is the most well-known naughty area in the city.

The entrance to the 'Four Floors of Whores' looks just like any other shopping center.

There are lots of bars there which are full of freelance working girls from all across Asia and Eastern Europe. You can also find erotic massage parlors and advertisements for escorts.

You don’t need to worry too much about theft at the regulated places in Geylang. However, you do need to be careful with the ones you meet in Orchard Towers.

The bars aren’t strip clubs or a-go-go bars. They’re just bars where ladies of the night – mainly Thai, Filipina, and Vietnamese, go to ply their trade. You can find higher-end Ukrainians on the fourth floor.

In my experience, the escort girls here are more attractive but more costly than the girls in Geylang. They always come up to you and ask you to buy them a drink before negotiating a price and heading back to your hotel room.

Most hotels allow you to take a girl back to your room. In fact, I’ve heard rumors of wealthy businessmen taking girls from Orchard Towers back to the Shangri-La, but that’s a story for another day. I stay in budget accommodation and have never had any problems. Short-time hotels are available too, and the girl will know where to find the nearest one.

A quick point about picking up a freelancer in the Singapore red light district; there are a lot of ladyboys hanging around and some may be difficult to spot in the dim lights, so be aware of this if they’re not your thing.

Singapore Red Light District - other places

A lot of tourists don’t know that the Singapore red light district extends further than Geylang and Orchard Towers. There are other naughty options to be found in Little India and Chinatown, and they tend to cater more for locals at slightly cheaper prices.

In Little India, the red light district runs along Desker Road and Petain Road, both of these are a short walk from each other.

Desker is one of the oldest in Singapore but the girls I’ve seen there weren’t as attractive and it feels more sleazy and unhygienic. Go to Petain Road if you’re just looking for cheap satisfaction. I’ve found that this is one of the cheapest options around town.

Keong Saik Road is in Chinatown. This was most active in the 1960s and only a few brothels remain. Again, it’s cheap compared to Geylang.

Points to Remember

  • Geylang is more controlled and you’re almost certain to fulfill any desire you want but the girls may not be top-notch, and the rooms can get dirty later on.
  • For a more attractive Singapore escort girl, one that you may want to take back to your room, go to Orchard Towers. You can also find cheaper places in Little India and Chinatown.
  • The Singapore red light district satisfies most desires but you should be prepared to pay more than you would elsewhere in Southeast Asia.
  • Singapore is highly developed and people have lots of cash to spend, which means that prices are pushed higher...

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