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You may have heard the Sihanoukville nightlife scene referred to as the closest thing in Cambodia to Thailand’s Pattaya, but let’s just take a moment to shed a little light on that reference. Whilst technically accurate, this coastal province is much smaller and far less developed than Thailand’s main party town. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if you are a fan of Pattaya due the epic size of the nightlife there then it might be an idea to dampen your expectations a little before venturing to Sihanoukville.

It’s best to go there with an open mind, if you do that you’ll have a much better chance of appreciating the place for what it is. As explained in the video (by YouTube’s ‘Dead Farang’), Sihanoukville square on Serendipity beach is the best place to locate yourself if you want to be near to the bar girls and main nightlife action. The beer bars there are similar to the sort of thing that you find in Thailand i.e. lots of small open-air bars with a selection of playful, flirtatious Sihanoukville girls working there, loud music, neon lights, pool tables, and TV screens for watching live sports. There’s also the odd ladyboy to be found if that’s your thing.

There’s another important point made in the video about Sihanoukville girls, and it relates to their age. Some of the working-girls look suspiciously young and fake ID card are easily obtainable, so be extra careful to make sure that you steer well clear of anyone who is not clearly old enough for intimate relations. Jail sentences are hefty, and the conditions there are rough.

Sihanoukville nightlife costs

If you do meet up with someone in a bar who you would like to accompany you somewhere else, Sihanoukville girls come with a bar-fine that is a little expensive compared to their Thai sisters, but any other associated costs will be significantly cheaper.

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Sihanoukville bar girls are not the only sort of ladies that you can meet up with though, there are also plenty of Cambodian girls to be found online who would no doubt be very pleased to spend some time with you.

I think that the low cost associated with the Sihanoukville nightlife experience is one reason why it attracts a large body of young, western backpackers. Another reason is due to the quality of the beach which, for a nightlife orientated resort town, is actually very good.

Stepping away from the topic of Sihanoukville nightlife, there are plenty of other areas in which the place excels. Most of these revolve around the incredibly cheap prices that you’ll find; a decent, nutritious and filling Cambodian breakfast can be found for as little as US$1, and a beer can be bought for just 50 cents in some of the bars. Accommodation is similarly cheap, with en-suite guesthouse rooms available for around $8 per day. For those intending a longer trip, monthly rental deals are available for as little as $150.

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