Siem Reap girls & the city

By Andy (from California)

Siem Reap girls are not known for their participation in the naughty nightlife scene, there are exceptions to that but in general this is one area of Cambodia that is best avoided when looking for a night out amongst scantily clad working-girls. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a fun place...

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Of course, before heading off to check the city out, I told my friends that I really wanted to see the famous archaeological site of Angkor Wat and, in honesty, it is a site worth seeing even if wasn’t the main attraction for me. For those who are interested, crossing the border from Thailand will expose you to a few scam attempts; do not take a guide up on the offer to get your visa – it will be too highly priced, just do it yourself.

Rather noticeably, along the Cambodian roadside after clearing immigration, there are signs indicating unexploded land mines. ”Stay out” is the message. Memories arise about the Vietnam War period as well as the later Cambodian upheaval in the 1970 and 80s. Past atrocities are still well within living memory for many Cambodians, but there is also a lot of development underway, and a promising future ahead.

First Night with Siem Reap Girls

'Pub Street', the most popular part of the nightlife scene in Siem Reap

After resting up from my bus trip for a couple hours, it was time to explore the nearby area for Siem reap girls, so I hopped in a motorbike taxi. “Where you want go?” he asked. “You want see Pub Street? Maybe find a nice girl?”
“Okay I will go and look” I replied, not needing much encouragement for such things.

On a street downtown my driver dropped me off pointing for me to go into the house nearby which he promised there were some Siem Reap girls that would be happy to meet a westerner.
“I can wait here for you” he said. Taxi drivers in Cambodia are often happy to spend all night working for one customer as a sort of chauffeur around town.

I ventured inside the house where the room was a large rectangle with 8 or 10 nice looking girls sitting on benches along one side. The man in charge told me to sit opposite and look them over. It reminded me of the fish bowls of Bangkok where massage girls often sit behind glass. Clearly, the P4P industry is alive and kicking here and these Siem Reap girls were available for hire. I decided not to partake.

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My driver was waiting outside as promised. He pointed to Pub Street which was now filled with tourists. “You like a good massage now?” he asked, “many places in these side lanes” Low price. Get happy end.”  
“Not now, my friend,” said I.

So it was Pub Street Central and the usual mug of Angkor beer. Lots of Siem Reap girls were sitting up on the bar stools, legs crossed and looking around the place. Other ladies walked slowly along the street, peering in at the table guests.  A pool table kept a few guests and girls busy. After a quick feed and a bit of people watching, for which Pub Street is good, I paid my bill I set out for the X-Bar and what I hoped would be a great night. I went upstairs for the view and was surprised to be nearly alone. It was only a little past 9pm, which is rather early in Siem Reap if you are going out on the town. I ordered a mug of beer and took a seat near the balcony so I could at least view the street activities.

Inside the bar, two Siem Reap girls were shooting pool.
“You want to play, mister? Come have some fun with us.”
“Well, okay, but I am not very good at pool,” I muttered.
We made quick introductions and started taking our shots in turn. I am always worried about driving the end of the cue into the table top, but gradually I relaxed. Maybe it was the laughs of the two girls and their comments about my poor shots and my foreign looks.

About 30 minutes later, it was getting busier and Devi excused herself to look after new tourist arrivals. “My friend, Kenya can stay and play with you,” she said.
Well, when we had sunk the balls, I asked Kenya to join me for a drink.
“Okay, Andy let’s go to the quiet table over there,” says Kenya pointing.

I ordered another draft and she got a house drink; maybe cranberry juice and ice. We chatted about ourselves, our jobs, our bills, and challenges. Kenya was a good talker and she spoke English well for a local girl. She claimed to be 23 years old, to have worked the X-bar for six months, and to have been in a relationship for a year with a chap from the UK who had stopped sending her money recently. I assumed that she would like some new Barang (foreigner) to help her out monetarily, not exactly an uncommon wish of Asian women… 

“Another round, Kenya?” I asked. 
“Yes please,” she answered, “do you want me to go with you later?” while nudging her attractive body closer with her hand rubbing my leg.  
 “Yes, I would like your company if it is free.” I joked.
“No way, “said Kenya, “but I can offer a good deal and lots of extras. I am very good.”
Well I gave in and paid the bar fine (10 dollars) and drinks tab, and headed off to a short-time hotel room…

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Day two in Siem Reap

Day 2 of my trip started out as one for tours of the major sites and attractions. One 20 dollar fee for an admission ticket gets you in to all sites. There are some truly amazing Hindu structures in Siem Reap that date back to the 13th century – prior to the dominance of Buddhism. I hired a motorbike and a driver for the day as most sites are a mile or more apart. As always food stalls are near the entrances; you will never go hungry for lack of foodstalls...
As for Siem Reap girls on the second day of my trip, well, there were not many of them hanging around the ruins! Stick to the downtown area for that sort of thing, that’s my advice.

Angkor Wat itself is immensity impressive. It is a massive temple structure sitting at the end of a long walkway the length of a football field. With some advance planning you could be walking around the place with a local lady who might giggle as you admire the more erotic Hindu carvings on the massive wall.

All in all, I found Siem Reap girls to be good company, and I noticed that the city has got a lot of appeal for all sorts of tourists of all sorts of nationalities. There are singles, couples and families and if you have the chance to go, it is certainly worth a visit.

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