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Finding someone beautiful for sex in the Philippines is easily done, and my guess is that the country is likely to attract a growing proportion of the thrill seeking western guys who, until recently, would automatically have booked their flights to Thailand.

The naughty nightlife options in Southeast Asia are plentiful but, in coming years, the Philippines is likely to emerge as the destination of choice for naughty boys.

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Angeles City, on the northern Philippine island of Luzon, is well established as the main alternative for traditional visitors to Pattaya. Luzon in general, which also hosts Manila, Quezon City, and Subic Bay, is packed with options for finding sex in the Philippines, and entertainment costs are amongst the lowest that you’ll find in this region of the world.

Another really important selling point that favours Angeles City and other Philippine holiday destinations relates to the fun factor and the sense of general happiness amongst the Filipina girls and the other tourists. It’s rare in these parts that you’ll be made to feel anything but a welcome visitor.

There is almost universal agreement that the attitudes and western mind-sets about life, the rat-race, and the 9-5 job are all damaging to the simple laid back existence that you find in Asia.

Globalization and economic development puts a lot of pressure on the traditional lifestyle, and whilst the benefits outweigh the costs, it tends to be the costs that weigh most heavily on the minds of expats. The Philippines is so far relatively unscathed by these negative aspects of globalization, and a lot of old-hands in the region are starting to prefer it as a destination.

Bar girls (Guest Relations Officers) in Angeles City.

For those westerners that arrive in the Philippines for their annual holidays, getting away from it all, even if only for a week or two, sort of overwhelms the senses because they get to think and act like a masculine male for once. The easy sex in the Philippines helps out a lot with that, and the girls are a real testosterone booster compared to the ball-crushers you find in some places.

As time goes by there is a definite shift in some parts of Southeast Asia with regard to female attitudes towards the male customers that frequent the bar scene, and those attitudes have not changed for the better! In the Philippines however, you can rest assured that you’ll escape any negative nonsense and be treated with respect by the ladies that you meet there – assuming that you also treat them with respect...

Good manners are a two-way street and assholes will not be tolerated!

Girlfriends and casual sex in the Philippines

If you’re looking for that perfect location that will remind you of the glory days of Thailand, at least from a Western male’s point of view, you’ll end up disappointed no matter where you go. There is no equivalent to Pattaya as it was in the late 1990s, and any search is doomed to failure.

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However, if you are just looking for a holiday girlfriend to hang out with for a week or two then places like Barrio Barretto and Angeles City are perfect. You won’t find regular ladies that are just looking for casual sex in the Philippines, but there are plenty of Guest Relations Officers in the bars who will keep you company.

The only real disappointment, for the depraved amongst us, is that the gogo bars are a much tamer version of the gogo bars in Thailand… or at least the gogo bars as they used to be in Thailand. You don’t get full nudity and, if you have heard about ping pong shows and the like, you can forget it.

Condoms are not so readily available in some places and I can’t urge you enough to pack your own, and make sure that you use them. Even if you care nothing for the potential health risks to yourself, spare a thought for the child that might result from an unprotected encounter.

A gogo bar (bikini bar) in Angeles City.

Catholicism has done away with any hope of a termination should a girl fall pregnant, and the extra financial burden that comes from an unplanned addition to the family is going to mean real hardship for the girl and the child – unless you want to start ponying up for the next 20 years...

Tourism, Expats, and Sex in the Philippines

The typical western sex tourists are... Oxfam employees! Haha. I do love it when these holier-than-thou type organizations get caught with their hands in the cookie jar. No doubt Oxfam and similar charity outfits do carry out a lot of good work, and I wonder how much of the negative press is another example of left-wing politics gone mad… how the left likes to eat its own!

As for the other visitors, most are middle-aged guys from western countries and Asian guys from Japan and Korea. It’s more or less exactly the same make up of men that was once prevalent in Thailand, with perhaps a few extra Americans and a few less North Europeans. It is particularly popular with Americans due to the presence that the US military has had in the country in various locations.

The expats in the Philippines come from the same mix of western nationalities, and most of them appear to be happy with their adopted home. There are some negative comments that you hear with regard to things like hidden costs related to immigration, and difficulty opening bank accounts, getting a driving license, and so on but most expats are settled. The expats here also seem to be more often married to a Filipina girl, there are fewer expats who are only interested in sex in the Philippines compared to traditional expats in Thailand.

The extra security risks in Southern destinations in the Philippines would be a concern for me if I was considering relocating here. The country’s poor infrastructure, including healthcare, is another concern if you are elderly or accident prone.

Final Thoughts

For a first time visitor to the Philippines who is arriving on a short vacation of a few weeks, you should probably opt for the delights of Luzon. Arrivals at Manila are most common and the city’s nightlife is definitely worth checking out; P Burgos Street is the place to head to for fun times.

Don’t make the mistake of limiting your time to Manila though, the best sex in the Philippines, at least as far as value for money and quantity of bar girls is concerned, is found in Angeles city, which can be reached by taxi from Manila.

In fact, you could just head straight to Angeles City by flying into Clarke airport but that would probably require a stop-over in another Southeast Asian city, Bangkok being the obvious one, since long haul international flights don’t usually terminate at Clarke.

Finally, from Angeles City, another taxi ride will take you to Subic Bay where you’ll find a slower paced beach destination, the cheapest sex in the Philippines, and a decent contender for your preferred future retirement home.

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