Saigon Girls & Western Men

By Sam (from Malaysia)

Western men and Saigon girls are a common sight. Young, attractive women hold hands with overweight Western men who are old enough to be their grandfathers. It’s easy to meet girls in Vietnam, regardless of your age or appearance, the being that they idolize westerners.

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A lot of women want to date a foreigner; as with Thailand some want a genuine relationship with the goal of marriage whilst others are prostitutes or gold-diggers who just want your money. I’ve seen everything you can imagine in Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh city if you prefer – the locals still call it Saigon…

You’ll see men in their 60’s pushing prams with women in their 20’s and straight out of university. A friend of the same age brought a different girl back every night. Prostitutes of course. Another had his bank account emptied and motorbike stolen. On the other hand, I also know people who are happily married to local ladies.

So, Saigon girls are varied, and you can get more or less anything that you’re looking for in the city.

A Shopping Centre is just as good for finding girls in Vietnam as in Thailand...

What Are Saigon Girls Like?

Typically, the girls are slim, flat-chested, and hairy. They wear jeans and sweaters during the day and cover their faces to hide from the sun. At night, short shorts, singlets and dresses that are sometimes unintentionally revealing are popular.

Getting attention from a westerner is a big thing. If you chat with them, and give them compliments, they’ll be all over you. Also consider that Vietnamese girls will start off by showing a lot of affection. They show all the signs of liking you, complimenting you and are quite flirty. But later on this seems to die off. Throughout your date you may think that you’re going to be able to take her home. All of a sudden, she seems less keen and becomes reticent. It happens, be patient and ask her out again.

If you’re looking for a long-term, stable relationship then you can meet girls on dating sites, offering private English lessons, or by going out with a group of people. Any single girl will want to speak to you. Get their number, start texting, and ask to meet up, sometimes it works, other times it won’t.

One-night-stands or casual encounters for sex are a different story altogether. You’ll find that quite a few Saigon girls double up as prostitutes, with most of them working in the Saigon nightlife tourist areas.

These are young, university students looking for a good time with a foreigner and to make some extra money. You can find them as waitresses at some restaurants, working in the bar, or sat on the next table to you with their friends. The later in the night it is, the more likely you are to find one.

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Prostitutes are everywhere too. Despite it being illegal in Vietnam, the authorities turn a blind eye. You’ll find them on the streets, on motorbikes, and in karaoke bars. 24/7 massage parlours are everywhere with an almost guaranteed happy ending. If not, when you start drinking with local men after about 10 pm, they’ll end up suggesting to help you find ‘boom boom’, the Vietnamese term for sex.

Expect English to be limited. University students are okay and are generally trustworthy. 90% of prostitutes that you pick-up will try their hardest to rob you as soon as they get the chance.

What to expect when dating

The game plan for dating Saigon girls is different depending on the type of woman that you’re with. Some are conservative and you’ll need to text a lot, go out for coffee, and then to restaurants. It’s slow, but showing a little interest in them and paying a few compliments will win the hearts.

However, some of the girls that look sweet, innocent and conservative on the surface, are not. I’ve been at parties when a girl came over and started talking to my friend. She dressed well and acted like a decent young woman. My friend told me the following week that they had met up for sex after a few texts.

Don’t copy the veteran sexpats

Vietnam is becoming more of a sex tourist destination. Despite what you may hear from other people it’s there in the background and it is growing. The whole ‘nobody cares’ attitude in the country has led to a lot of older Western men treating Saigon girls quite badly. In the backpacker area in District One, some will approach and ask any girl for sex, or even describe in detail what they want to do to them. I’ve also seen Western men grab the girls and start touching their sensitive spots in the middle of a bar. Don’t follow their example.

Their lewd behaviour has caused the locals to stereotype all foreigners as the same, which makes it more difficult for us. It also gives a bad impression to the locals, making them less likely to be honest towards us. This is especially a problem if you’re in a relationship with a girl from a conservative family. Winning the parents’ trust is damn hard.

Some Tips for Dating Saigon Girls

Saigon girls have some differences to other girls in Asia. Here are a few tips to help you on your way:

  • You’ll meet nice girls during the day time. Coffee shops are a good place to start.
  • Girls drinking more than a glass or two of beer are usually up for something else.
  • Offer to help them learn and practice their English, the girls love this and it almost guarantees that they’ll meet you.
  • Suggest to meet them at a coffee shop before going to a restaurant or a bar. This creates a good image. The not-so-nice westerners drink at the bars.
  • In my experience, Vietnamese girls either have no self-esteem or are extremely vain. Either way a compliment goes a long way.
  • A Saigon girl will probably offer to do almost anything for you (not sexual). Don’t take advantage and remember to reciprocate their kindness.

What to Expect in a Relationship

Relationships with Saigon girls are rewarding, but also need a lot of effort. The goal for many is marriage and this means that they may test you early on to see how committed you are. When you’re in a relationship, expect jealousy. Things that seem innocuous to you may appear to be something else in their eyes.

A colleague at my school was dating one of our mutual friends; they had been together for about 12 months and were looking for an apartment together. To get some extra money to pay for the deposit, my friend began to teach private English lessons; one of his students was an attractive girl… The girlfriend got jealous and a huge argument followed with lots of shouting and screaming. She stormed off and accused my friend of everything and anything and ignored him for almost three days. He thought the relationship was over. Next thing he knew, she was begging him to take her back. All this drama over teaching a girl to get some extra money to move in together.

Important Things to Remember

Meeting and dating Saigon girls is easier than in other countries. You can meet nice ones who are looking for something long-term in coffees shops. Casual encounters can be found in bars and restaurants, although it will likely be with a prostitute. Whether it’s a one-night thing or a relationship, expect the girls to be temperamental and challenging.

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