Saigon Escorts, Nightlife & Sex

Saigon escorts i.e. call girls are easily located via an online search and there are many options to choose from. If you want Caucasian girls, they are available too, but the fees asked are way higher than for local escorts.

As well as the hostess girls that work in some of the bars, the Saigon nightlife is also full of freelance prostitutes. Some are more obvious than others.

If you are looking for short-term fun, the Vietnam nightlife scene has many opportunities but there are also many scams and rip-offs to avoid. A better option is found at:

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Be careful if you’re picking up a girl to make sure that they want to come back for sex or if they want to be paid for sex. Foreigners fall for this time and time again. They were naïve enough to think that it was all for fun until the girl starts getting aggressive and starts making a scene.

If you meet the girl on or around Bui Vien then it's best to assume that she may well be a prostitute, so ask her if she likes you for free...

The Saigon Red Light District

You can expect to see a range of young to middle-age Saigon escorts. Some are students by day and are quite attractive. They’re looking for a little bit of extra cash whilst having a good time with a westerner.

There's no isolated red light district in Saigon, but you'll meet a lot of freelance hookers in Bui Vien or Pham Ngu Lao. Be aware that some of the street-walkers take drugs, and they aren't the most trustworthy companions...

Heroin and crystal meth are popular.

Several ladyboys are also found in these red light areas of the city. You won’t find any blatant a-go-go bars in Saigon because these sorts of strip joints are illegal in Vietnam.

You can find available girls almost everywhere in the city, but Bui Vien prostitutes are the most well-known. The main place to pick up is at some of the late night bars/discos, or at a hostess bar. Others hang around the streets. There are also lots of massage parlors just off Bui Vien that provide a happy ending, and that usually includes full sex.

Biu Vien Prostitutes

Some waitresses at restaurants and some girls in karaoke bars double up as prostitutes, the Karaoke ladies tend to be younger and more attractive than most other working girls.

Attractive waitresses do not make up a large percentage of the Saigon prostitution scene, and it can be difficult to tell which ones are available unless you are at a dedicated ‘hostess bar’. The girls that are available will be flirty and ready to have a drink with you.

If the drink and conversation goes well enough i.e. she doesn’t feel that you are a dangerous lunatic, she’ll be happy to meet up with you after her shift. In many ways, picking up a Bui Vien prostitute is just like picking up a regular girl back home... just a million times easier!

Bui Vien streetBui Vien street, the heart of the nightlife for tourists.

Karaoke bars have a different setup; you go in and pay for a room. In some of these venues there will be girls wearing revealing clothes who will quickly come and join you. Throughout the night you talk to them, they get flirty, and then you negotiate a price.

The Saigon escort industry thrives online.

A friend once told me he found a girl online using his phone in a bar. Within 30 minutes he was in a hotel room with her. He got in touch, went to a nearby hotel, and paid for a room for two hours. These rooms are common in Saigon but not strictly legal i.e. it is actually illegal for a Vietnamese girl to be alone in a room with a foreigner!

He sent a text to the girl and told her his room number. She came, they had sex, and went their separate ways. Saigon prostitution comings and goings are often initiated in the digital world.

If you’re out in a hostess bar, the girls will come up to you. After around 12am in Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Vien most of the bars are full of girls. They’ll come over and start to talk or show affection towards you. Expect them to pour your drinks, to touch your leg and to be super nice.

These girls will negotiate a price before heading off to a hotel room. Asking prices usually range from around $50 up to $100 depending on the girl.

I had a friend who was in his mid-60s and always brought a different girl home with him every night. These were all young university students. I think the oldest he ever bought back was in their late 20’s.

This went on for a couple of weeks and I was new to Vietnam at the time so I asked him how he did it. He revealed that he paid them 1,000,000 VND each and he asked them directly if they want to have sex after a few drinks in the bar.

He told me that he had about a 30% success rate, but this was a few years back and asking prices are a bit higher these days.

Several hotels in district one offer a room on an hourly rate, but some are better than others. One hotel room I went in was in appalling condition. They hadn’t cleaned up from the last person. The sheets were dirty and stained and a used condom was under the bed!

Be aware of this, but don’t make the mistake of taking them back to your own hotel room. It makes sense to keep these relationships secret and not give the girl any opportunity to acquire any of your personal belongings…

The Saigon prostitution scene comes with risks. The girls want your money and will go a long way to get it from you.

Ho Chi Minh Escorts; a true horror story

By Sam (from Malaysia)

This is a true story about Ho Chi Minh escorts, a former banker, and his obsession with the pay for pleasure industry (P4P) in Vietnam. Unfortunately, he ends up having his money, passport, and motorbike stolen...

Ho Chi Minh call girls may seem like a safer option than finding a street/bar prostitute due to the extra perceived professionalism but, in my experience, they’re not.

Don’t get scammed; there are lots of pitfalls involved with the illicit trade of romantic liaisons in Vietnam, and some can be dangerous. A better place to find casual fun is on:

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Fact is stranger and more unbelievable than fiction; here’s just one of the many stories that I’ve heard whilst living in Ho Chi Minh, or Saigon if you prefer. Let’s start off by describing who the story is about.

For discretion, I’m going to call him Tom. He lived the high-life in Australia making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Work sent him around the world where he found himself becoming an alcoholic and addicted to cocaine. Escorts were a major part of his life as he went around the world with his job.

One day Tom lost it all; so he came to Vietnam to semi-retire (teach English) until he was eligible for his pension. Alcohol, drugs, and sex are still a big part of his life now. He has slept with more bar-prostitutes and Ho Chi Minh escorts than I’ve drunk beers.

Tom is experienced and knows what he’s doing, the guy even spent a night in Dubai Airport with a Japanese prostitute. His P4P habit has caused him a lot of problems over the years, and I hope his story gives you some awareness about what really happens when you use Saigon escorts…

Meeting Saigon Call Girls

You can find and meet an escort on a Vietnamese dating website or a dedicated escort site. It’s easy to sign up and within five minutes you’re texting someone.

The vast majority of Saigon escorts are not who they say they are. The pictures are often fake. The girls sometimes look completely different and some profiles are just downright scams.

Tom met this girl on an online agency. He played the game and arranged to take his escort out for drinks before going back to a hotel room. The call girl who showed up was scrawny, in her mid-30s, and a blatant drug addict. Not the 20-something, attractive student from the photos.

She expected all the expensive drinks and started to touch Tom inside the bar. They even went for a hand-job in the toilet.

Ho Chi MinhHo Chi Minh is a hub of SEA commercial activity...

Tom thought that this was a saucy girl and was excited. After an hour or two of expensive drinks and a lot of affection, he was persuaded not to waste money on a hotel room.

Why pay for a dirty room when you can pay me extra and have a better night? After all, this girl has had a hard life, and with her sad stories she deserves a bit extra as a tip. He took the bait and decided to take her back to his house.

A Typical Ho Chi Minh Scam

After a few drinks more they decided to leave and the first problem occurred; Tom’s motorbike wouldn’t start. His lady-friend became impatient so they took a motorbike taxi back to Tom’s house, with a quick stop off at an ATM.

When they got home, the escort’s personality changed. Within five minutes she was pressuring him to take a shower or to find any excuse to be alone. There are more than a few Ho Chi Minh escorts who will steal from you if they get half a chance. Tom was experienced and didn’t let her out of his sight.

The girl started to tell Tom to hurry up and finish during sex. When he did, she demanded payment of more than $300. He refused, the agreement was $60. The escort became vicious and started shouting and making threats to have someone come and kill him.

Now, in Vietnam, it’s common for people to live in a room with an en-suite in a large house. This is how Tom lived i.e. with his landlord in the same house. Of course, Tom told the girl this before to make sure she was quiet... which didn't work. She took advantage and caused a scene.

Tom caved in and ended up giving her $150 but the landlord heard the commotion and came to complain, arguing with Tom for letting a prostitute into his house. With the distraction, the girl disappeared.

In the morning, Tom woke up to find that his ATM card was gone and his motorbike keys, along with the house keys, were missing. When he went to the bar from the night before he found that his motorbike was also missing.

Crooked Ho Chi Minh escorts tend to work in groups with other dodgy people. It was no coincidence that his bike wouldn’t start the previous night, and it was no coincidence that the motorbike taxi, that the girl found, was in on the scam.

Motorbike mayhem... the traffic is even more hectic than in Bangkok!

They watched him put his pin number into the ATM machine the night before. The daily withdrawal limit in Vietnam is about 50,000,000 Dong, almost $2200 at the time of writing... his account was emptied.

Reporting the crime

Tom had to report it to the police. When he did, they laughed and made it impossible to file a complaint! So, he returned the next day with a Vietnamese friend and this time the situation turned ugly.

Prostitution is illegal in Vietnam. Tom was accused of being involved with them and the police began to get aggressive towards him.

This isn’t anything unusual; the police sometimes try to dominate foreigners so that they can extort bribes.

Eventually he left, after losing more than $2000 and his motorbike without any help from the authorities…

The horror story didn’t end there. Remember, his house key was also on the same key-ring. He forgot about this small fact.

A few nights later some people tried to enter the house. Luckily, the landlord was home and was once a former police officer himself. The situation was controlled and the locks changed.

They didn’t return, but Tom was evicted the next day.

Lessons about Ho Chi Minh escorts

This happened to Tom who, whilst guilty of behaving like a novice on this night, is seasoned in the world of prostitutes and ladies of the night. To minimize his risk he went through an online agency, but luck was not on his side...

It’s important to also note that this wasn’t the only incident Tom had with Saigon escorts and prostitutes. If you do want to use their services, go ahead. Just remember these points to reduce your risk:

  • Don’t trust them. The sob stories they may tell are just to get you to fall under their spell. All they want is your money.
  • Always take them to a hotel and never your house. Don’t leave them alone, even for a few seconds.
  • Profile pictures may not match who actually shows up.
  • Make sure you both agree and are 100% happy with the price before taking them back to the hotel.
  • A lot of Ho Chi Minh escorts work with criminals and make it their goal to steal as much from you as they can.

Asia Libertine Editorial Note:

For a former high-flying westerner, with bags of experience in the global P4P scene, Tom seems to have made a lot of catastrophically poor decisions – you should have called him Fredo Corleone. No matter how good the cards that life deals you, you’ve still got to play them. Most Vietnamese women are lovely, but I guess that some guys are just built to lose.

Saigon Nightlife; enjoying the city

The Saigon nightlife consists of partying with expats, backpackers, tourists and a bunch of scantily dressed Vietnamese girls. The cost of drinks is cheap in Vietnam and many of the local ladies are very beautiful.

You’re sure to get what you’re looking for whether you want a night you can’t remember, or an unforgettable night with an exotic lady...

The main party areas are along Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Vien in District One. Several bars, restaurants, and budget hotels are there. The Western crowd is mostly young backpackers who like to drink and party, which means that no matter what night you’re out, it’s probably going to be a lively one.

Saigon barsBui Vien Street is a popular area of the Saigon nightlife.

The other typical westerners are the expats. Some are young, others are in their 50’s and 60’s who’ve come to Vietnam to semi-retire. The one thing that they tend to have in common is that most of them are English teachers.

So, the Saigon nightlife is a mixture of people of all ages and nationalities making it an exciting place to be. The city is full of pubs and restaurants, and both locals and foreigners seem to enjoy a good drink.

Vietnamese men drink a lot, my observation is that it’s almost a competition between them as to who can drink the most. You’ll hear ‘mot, hai, ba, yo’; this is one, two, three, drink. They then proceed to drink all of the beer in their cup. Five minutes later, it’s repeated and so on.

People are friendly and like to drink with foreigners; expect to be invited over to their table and to join in with their excessive drinking. Vietnamese girls are easy to approach and, if they can speak English, you’re almost guaranteed to be in when you give her a few compliments. The girls in Saigon like the attention of western men, regardless of your age or appearance.

Saigon Nightlife Bars & Clubs

One thing to note with Saigon nightlife venues is that they change names a lot. What was there last year may not be there now. I had a few favorites but they have long since shut down. The best areas for drinking are in the backpacker areas around Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Vien.

Expect the average beer to cost around $1.50 there. For the latest tips on the best pubs, speak to some of the other backpackers. If you want to drink with the locals then go to any restaurant away from this area. You’ll be sitting at tiny tables on even tinier chairs at these places, so they might not suit the larger gentleman, but you’ll love the cheap prices...

A popular club that has stood the test of time is Apocalypse Now; this is located near the backpacker area in District One. You’ll find a mixture of locals and westerners there, drinks are expensive and drugs are all around as are the prostitutes who work there or freelance there.

New Year in SaigonAs you'd expect, the New Year is a good time to be in Saigon.

Beer clubs are the favorite part of the Saigon nightlife for locals. A beer club is basically like a pub with live music. The waitresses tend to wear very short and revealing dresses, and they’ll try to use their sexuality to sell you the most expensive beer. Drinks are expensive and are consumed in large volumes, every table has a beer tower.

The beer clubs are also prone to the occasional raid by the police.

I’ve experienced this and it was scary. The black uniformed police, who are rumored to be ruthless, marched inside. Everyone fell silent. The police walked around picking out people they didn’t like the look of and started shouting things at them. I’m not sure what was being said but it was aggressive. A little while later everyone went home.

An unusual part of the Saigon nightlife is that some coffee shops double up as clubs. The DJ there is often an attractive young girl wearing clothes that leave little to the imagination. In fact, I’ve heard rumors that some of these venues even turn into strip clubs later in the night, although I’ve never come across it myself.

Some Noteworthy Bars in Saigon

The Saigon nightlife has a massive number of bars to choose from, and you'll definitely have the best time here if you spread your wings and visit lots of them. The recommendations below are mostly located on Bui Vien, but the streets surrounding it are also highly recommended. Some of these bars employ Saigon escorts directly, but you can meet girls in all of them. Here's a small selection of my favorites:

  • The View Rooftop Bar - this bar is located on the 9th floor of the Duc Vuong Hotel and, as the name suggests, you get a great view of the city with reasonably priced drinks. Perfect to start your night.
  • Miss Saigon Bar - a good option for a beer with a view because the second and third floors of the bar have open balconies overlooking all the hustle and bustle on Bui Vien. You'll find it opposite the Sahara Bar.
  • Crazy Girls Bar - a decent hostess bar that has a good view point due to being located opposite some other hostess bars. It's good for people watching, and it's good for spotting a lady-friend for fun times!
  • Seventeen Saloon - this one is a short motorbike taxi ride from Bui Vien but it is well worth the trip if you want to get away from the backpackers and listen to some live rock music.
  • Apocalypse Now - a Saigon nightlife institution! It's actually a nightclub and it pulls a decent crowd. There are freelance prostitutes working here, but they come with risks. It's also a motorbike taxi ride away.

Saigon Girls & Dating Opportunities

Saigon girls are friendly and it’s easy to start up a conversation with them. Most are happy to practice their English and are eager for the attention of a westerner. The girls you meet after midnight and who are drinking glass after glass of beer are more likely to be up for casual encounters.

Friends have met girls this way and are still with them today. Others took them back to their hotel for a lusty night of pleasure.

Finding a long-term love interest in Vietnam is easy to do if you take your time and enjoy a courtship. The ladies of Vietnam are seeking permanent relationships on:

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I don't recommend looking for a long-term girlfriend in the tourist areas of Vietnam any more than I do in Thailand, because there's way too much risk that they are prostitutes.

Regular Saigon girls do mix with the local tourists here though, which is something that is unique about Vietnam. All in all, I think that it's a better move to look for someone either online, in shopping malls or via friends of friends if that's an option.

Western men and Saigon girls are a common sight. Young, attractive women hold hands with overweight Western men who are old enough to be their grandfathers. It’s easy to meet girls in Vietnam, regardless of your age or appearance.

A lot of the local girls want to date a foreigner and, as with other countries in the region, some want a genuine relationship with the goal of getting married. On the other hand, the girls in the tourist areas are usually prostitutes or gold-diggers who just want your money.

Expect English language skills to be limited, especially away from the tourist areas. University students sometimes have passable English, and most are generally trustworthy. Your ability to help them improve their English skills is one of the big advantages in your arsenal, because English skills are a gateway to many of the best jobs/careers for these girls.

What to expect when dating

Some Saigon girls are conservative and you’ll need to text a lot, go out for coffee, and then to restaurants. It’s slow, but showing a little interest in them and paying a few compliments will win hearts.

However, some of the girls that look sweet, innocent and conservative on the surface, are not. I’ve been at a party when a girl came over and started talking to my friend. She dressed well and acted like a traditional conservative young woman. My friend told me the following week that they had met up for sex after a few texts, which is fine of course, but hardly the shy and retiring sort of thing that we assume of these ladies.

Saigon trafficSaigon has fewer cars and more motorbikes than Bangkok.

Vietnam is becoming more of a sex tourist destination as single guys seek alternatives to neighboring Thailand. In the backpacker area in District One, some poorly informed sexpats will approach almost any local girl and ask her for sex, or even describe in detail what they want to do to them. I’ve also seen Western men grab the girls and start touching their sensitive spots in the middle of a bar.

Don’t follow their example.

Their lewd behavior has caused the locals to stereotype al lot of foreigners, and it isn’t doing a thing to help our image in Viet minds. This is especially a problem if you’re in a relationship with a girl from a conservative family. Winning the parents’ trust is damn hard.

Some Tips for Dating Saigon Girls

Saigon girls have some differences to other girls in Asia. Here are a few tips to help you on your way:

  • You’ll meet nice girls during the day time. Coffee shops are a good place to start.
  • Girls drinking more than a glass or two of beer are usually up for something else.
  • Offer to help them learn and practice their English, the girls love this and it almost guarantees that they’ll meet you.
  • Suggest meeting them at a coffee shop before going to a restaurant or a bar. This creates a good image.
  • In my experience, Saigon girls often have either no self-esteem at all, or they are extremely vain. Either way a compliment goes a long way.
  • A decent Saigon girl will probably offer to do almost anything for you (not sexual). Don’t take advantage and remember to reciprocate their kindness.

Relationships with Saigon girls are rewarding but they also need a lot of effort. The goal for many girls is marriage and this means that they may test you early on to see how committed you are. When you’re in a relationship, expect some jealousy.

Things that seem innocuous to you may appear to be something else to her.

A colleague at my school was dating one of our mutual friends; they had been together for about 12 months and were looking for an apartment together. To get some extra money to pay for the deposit, my friend began to teach private English lessons but one of his students was an attractive girl.

The girlfriend got jealous and a huge argument followed with lots of shouting and screaming.

She stormed off and accused my friend of everything and anything and ignored him for almost three days. He thought the relationship was over, but the next thing he knew she was begging him to take her back.

These sorts of relationship headaches can easily happen all over Southeast Asia because the local girls know that western guys with marriage on their minds are a hot commodity, which means that other good-looking local girls, and all the Saigon escorts in all their forms, are a threat to their relationship with you.

Saigon Escorts & Nightlife things to remember

The Saigon nightlife doesn’t come without its problems; hawkers will constantly harass you trying to sell you things that you don’t want. Beggars are everywhere and there is no shortage of petty criminals who will try to pick your pockets.

It’s can be unpleasant, especially when parents send their disabled kids to try to get the sympathy vote. It’s a bad idea to give to beggars as there will be others watching them, as soon as you give anything you’ll be swarmed. Do as the locals do and just ignore them completely.

Another thing to be aware of when you’re enjoying the nightlife is this common scam. At most places, you pay for the drinks at the end. The receipt is on duplicate paper. The top copy is yours. The bottom goes to the bar. Some waitresses pretend to check the receipt and make a tiny marking on the top one, which doesn’t go through to the bottom one. Now, they charge you for the extra drinks and the money goes into their pockets.

Always count your drinks and check. This is easily done because your empty bottles are not removed until you've paid your bill. You don't get paper receipts each time you order a drink, as you do in Thailand, but you do have your empties to count.

A night out in Saigon can be risky as regards petty crimes. People aren’t usually violent and most don’t carry weapons, but you need to be careful of your possessions. Given any opportunity, the locals will rip you off, scam you or steal from you.

A key thing to remember is to never carry a lot of money or leave your belongings unattended for a second. Every day there’s a story of someone having their bag stolen by a speeding motorbike, or cameras and phones went missing from their table...

Drugs and drug dealers seem to be everywhere and the authorities seem to turn a blind eye. You can buy weed and crystal meth in minutes. The latter is often laced with other things such as heroin to dilute the purity. Taking drugs is risky with all the people out to steal from and scam you.

Despite these issues, tourists are flocking to the city and a big part of the attraction is the nightlife, as mentioned in this Forbes article.

A final safety issue with regard to the Saigon nightlife is the number of drunk drivers all over the place. Like I said before, the Vietnamese like to drink... and then they get on their bikes and drive home!

A lot of drivers are drunk or under the influence of drugs on the roads around the bars. Take care when you walk around as pavements are limited.

Meeting and dating regular girls is far easier than you might think. You can meet nice ones who are looking for something long-term in coffees shops and other respectable places.

Saigon escorts are equally easy to meet, and they come in all the usual varieties from hostess girls in the bars, online call girls, massage girls and street hookers.

Casual Saigon sex encounters can sometimes be found in bars and restaurants, although it will likely be with a prostitute if it happens in a tourist area. Whether it’s a one-night thing or a relationship, be prepared for the girls to be a bit temperamental and challenging.

This sweet young lady is only 19 years old and she comes from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam in the North. To find more girls just like her:

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