Saigon Escorts; a true horror story

By Sam (from Malaysia)

This is a true story about Saigon escorts, a former banker, and his obsession with the pay for pleasure industry (P4P) in Vietnam. Unfortunately, he ends up having his money, passport, and motorbike stolen...

Saigon call girls may seem like a safer option than finding a street/bar prostitute due to the extra perceived professionalism but, in my experience, they’re not.

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Fact is stranger and more unbelievable than fiction; here’s just one of the many stories that I’ve heard whilst living in Saigon. Let’s start off by describing who the story is about.

For discretion, I’m going to call him Tom. He lived the high-life in Australia making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Work sent him around the world where he found himself becoming an alcoholic and addicted to cocaine. Escorts were a major part of his life as he went around the world with his job.

One day Tom lost it all; so he came to Saigon to semi-retire (teach English) until he was eligible for his pension. Alcohol, drugs, and sex are still a big part of his life now. He has slept with more bar-prostitutes and Saigon escorts than I’ve drunk beers.

Bui Vien Street is a popular area of Saigon's nightlife

Tom is experienced and knows what he’s doing, the guy even spent a night in Dubai Airport with a Japanese prostitute. His P4P habit has caused him a lot of problems over the years, and I hope his story gives you some awareness about what really happens when you use Saigon escorts…

Meeting Saigon Call Girls

You can find and meet an escort on a Vietnamese dating website or a dedicated escort site. It’s easy to sign up and within five minutes you’re texting someone.

The vast majority of Saigon escorts are not who they say they are. The pictures are often fake. The girls sometimes look completely different and some profiles are just downright scams.

Tom met this girl on an online agenecy. He played the game and arranged to take his escort out for drinks before going back to a hotel room. The call girl who showed up was scrawny, in her mid-30s, and a blatant drug addict. Not the 20-something, attractive student from the photos.

She expected all the expensive drinks and started to touch Tom inside the bar. They even went for a hand-job in the toilet.

Saigon is a hub of SEA commercial activity...

Tom thought that this was a saucy girl and was excited. After an hour or two of expensive drinks and a lot of affection, he was persuaded not to waste money on a hotel room.

Why pay for a dirty room when you can pay me extra and have a better night? After all, this girl has had a hard life, and with her sad stories she deserves a bit extra as a tip. He took the bait and decided to take her back to his house.

A Typical Saigon Scam

After a few drinks more they decided to leave and the first problem occurred; Tom’s motorbike wouldn’t start. His lady-friend became impatient so they took a motorbike taxi back to Tom’s house, with a quick stop off at an ATM.

When they got home, the escort’s personality changed. Within five minutes she was pressuring him to take a shower or to find any excuse to be alone. There are more than a few Saigon escorts who will steal from you if they get half a chance. Tom was experienced and didn’t let her out of his sight.

The girl started to tell Tom to hurry up and finish during sex. When he did, she demanded payment of more than $300. He refused, the agreement was $60. The escort became vicious and started shouting and making threats to have someone come and kill him.

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Now, in Vietnam, it’s common for people to live in a room with an en-suite in a large house. This is how Tom lived i.e. with his landlord in the same house. Of course, Tom told the girl this before to make sure she was quiet... which didn't work. She took advantage and caused a scene.

Tom caved in and ended up giving her $150 but the landlord heard the commotion and came to complain, arguing with Tom for letting a prostitute into his house. With the distraction, the girl disappeared.

In the morning, Tom woke up to find that his ATM card was gone and his motorbike keys, along with the house keys, were missing. When he went to the bar from the night before he found that his motorbike was also missing.

Crooked Saigon escorts tend to work in groups with other dodgy people. It was no coincidence that his bike wouldn’t start the previous night, and it was no coincidence that the motorbike taxi, that the girl found, was in on the scam.

Motorbike swarms in Saigon... the traffic is even more hectic than in Bangkok!

They watched him put his pin number into the ATM machine the night before. The daily withdrawal limit in Vietnam is about 50,000,000 Dong, almost $2200 at the time of writing... his account was emptied.

Reporting the crime

Tom had to report it to the police. When he did, they laughed and made it impossible to file a complaint! So, he returned the next day with a Vietnamese friend and this time the situation turned ugly.

Prostitution is illegal in Vietnam. Tom was accused of being involved with them and the police began to get aggressive towards him.

This isn’t anything unusual; the police sometimes try to dominate foreigners so that they can extort bribes.

Eventually he left, after losing more than $2000 and his motorbike without any help from the authorities…

The horror story didn’t end there. Remember, his house key was also on the same key-ring. He forgot about this small fact.

A few nights later some people tried to enter the house. Luckily, the landlord was home and was once a former police officer himself. The situation was controlled and the locks changed.

They didn’t return, but Tom was evicted the next day.

Lessons about Saigon escorts

This happened to Tom who, whilst guilty of behaving like a novice on this night, is seasoned in the world of prostitutes and ladies of the night. To minimize his risk he went through an online agency, but luck was not on his side...

It’s important to also note that this wasn’t the only incident Tom had with Saigon escorts and prostitutes. If you do want to use their services, go ahead. Just remember these points to reduce your risk:

  • Don’t trust them. The sob stories they may tell are just to get you to fall under their spell. All they want is your money.
  • Always take them to a hotel and never your house. Don’t leave them alone, even for a few seconds.
  • Profile pictures may not match who actually shows up.
  • Make sure you both agree and are 100% happy with the price before taking them back to the hotel.
  • A lot of Saigon escorts work with criminals and make it their goal to steal as much from you as they can.

Editorial Note:

For a former high-flying westerner, with bags of experience in the global P4P scene, Tom seems to have made a lot of catastrophically poor decisions – you should have called him Fredo Corleone. No matter how good the cards that life deals you, you’ve still got to play them. Most Vietnamese women are lovely, but I guess that some guys are just built to lose.

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