Puerto Galera Escorts and Sex

The best value Peurto Galera escorts are located right on Sabang beach in the various bars operating there. They are a fun bunch and generally trustworthy due to the close knit community on the island.

There are no Puerto Galera call girls operating in the area given the limited potential customer base on such a small island, so online opportunities are limited.

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The price of sex in Puerto Galera varies, and can depend on your nationality i.e. the island is popular with some generous Korean/Japanese tourists and you will, at times, need to compete with these guys if you want the company of a sex-worker...

The nightlife scene is another gem that the Philippines has to offer, with plenty of girls working in the bars on Sabang beach, but this is clearly not a place to find true love, though you will find sex easily enough.

Puerto Galera is the main town on the island of Mindoro to the south of Manila. It is sparsely populated, but it does attract significant numbers of tourists in the high season.

I think that you will enjoy the island less if you visit it during the low season because the nightlife is really quiet at that time, and there aren’t many girls to be found in the bars.

The resort does gather a bit of a mixed response from those tourists who pay it a visit, and I get the impression that a good chunk of those visitors don’t realise that the area is a bit of a sex tourist destination. Sabang is definitely the red light district of Mindoro.

White Beach, Puerto Galera. The island of Mindoro is worth exploring...

The island does market itself as a top destination for scuba diving and in that regard it is very highly regarded, you’ll barely hear a negative word spoken about the quality of the diving...

Most of the tourists are men and they tend to travel either alone or with male friends, and they tend to like the place a lot. The negative reports that you may have heard usually come from couples and families. That’s because, whilst liking some aspects of the island, they are uneasy with the Puerto Galera sex scene and what they regard as its sleazy girlie bars.

Some of them complain about the old men looking for young Filipina women… you know the sort!

Aside from drinking and diving some visitors feel that there’s not much else to do. Sabang beach is not good for sunbathing, and the town is too small to support big shopping centers, cinema complexes and so on.

The criticism is a little unfair, there are many other beaches on the island, some with fire shows at night, and it’s a great place to rent a scooter and go off exploring during the day. If you have the company of a Puerto Galera escort girl then your exploration of the island will be all the more fun.

Sabang Bar Girls & Hookers

A possible recent development with Sabang escorts that may be of some concern comes from a Tripadvisor review where the author states that Sabang bars attract a large number of Korean customers who, within 10 minutes of them opening, have paid the barfine for all the bar-girls and taken them off to drink elsewhere – leaving the bars themselves totally devoid of life or atmosphere.

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I’m not sure if this is an accurate representation of your typical night out there or if this was just an unfortunate one-off event, but it does appear to be an isolated report and so I wouldn’t let it put me off too much.

I did mention that the bars are not busy in the off-season, but during the peak season I believe that the bars remain a hive of activity and fun. If, on the other hand, the reviewer painted an accurate picture then you might have to copy the Korean approach.

In other words, if you want to have sex with the Sabang bar girls then you might be well advised to pay their barfines early. That way you’ll know that you will have a companion at the end of the night.

Puerto Galera Escort Prices

The general level of prices on the island are amongst the more expensive in the Philippines, and that does apply to the nightlife. P4P entertainment is comparable to Angeles City but not as high as in Manila.

Something like 3,000 pesos for an all-inclusive service is about right at the time of writing. Beer and other alcohol is also a bit more expensive than on average for most other places.

If you want cheap prices in the Philippines, have a read of my report about Subic Bay Nightlife.

Part of the reason for the higher prices here is because Mindoro is sparsely populated and the cost of transporting goods to the island has to be borne out in higher prices.

On top of that, I suspect that a sizable proportion of the other tourists, i.e. those interested in diving holidays, may have slightly deeper pockets than your typical budget traveler, so their extra purchasing power might be pulling up prices somewhat.

Puerto Galera Nightlife - Bikini Clubs

As exciting as 'Bikini clubs' sound, the term often refers to a floating bar just off the beach. I’ve heard some talk about them from guys who were full of praise, but personally I don’t see the point.

You’ll end up paying much higher prices for your drinks, and the bikinis (if there are any at all) will usually be worn by someone who is way past her prime.

Crime and safety

There are no crime stats available that I can find relating to the Puerto Galera nightlife. However, all the usual precautions apply, such as keeping your valuables out of sight.

Divers will be very happy with the attractions off Puerto Galera.

My mind always boggles when I read about a motorcycle thief who has grabbed a gold necklace off a foreigner and fled the scene – why do foreigners want to flaunt such valuables in a poor country?

Avoid this sort of nonsense, it impresses nobody and it only draws the sort of attention that you don’t want.

Final thoughts

Whilst some western guys have moved to Mindoro permanently, I would regard this as being more of a destination for a short break of a week or two. The Puerto Galera nightlife and the Sabang bar girls are fun, but there’s not enough to keep most guys entertained for long periods of time.

The somewhat higher prices that you’ll need to pay on the island are also tough to justify when there are places e.g. Subic Bay that offer just as much entertainment at a lower cost whilst also being located just a short drive from the big cities.

However, if you prefer a quiet sort of existence in a sparsely populated part of the Philippines, it may be worth a longer visit, and that’s especially true if you want to employ the services of a Puerto Galera escort for a week or more and go off exploring the island together.

Recent developments on the island have seen the authorities take action to clean up Sabang beach due to local businesses violating environmental laws. For the most part this hasn't affected the nightlife attractions, and it wasn't meant to.

The general level of cleanliness is high, and I recommend the island for short visits if nightlife and sex is your main thing, or longer visits if you want a more relaxed atmosphere than the larger naughty boy destinations.

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