Prostitution in Bangkok; first visit

By Chris (from Bangkok)

I was more than ready to explore prostitution in Bangkok the first time I arrived in the city. “Bangkok, City of Angels and home to every delight a man could imagine”, this was my expectation the first time I landed and, as I was working in Pakistan at the time (without much nightlife), I was ready to have some fun.

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On the taxi ride to my hotel I was mesmerized by the lights, the hustle and bustle, and the buzz that the city seemed to exude. My hotel was located on the bottom end of Sukhumvit Road, fairly close to the famous Nana Plaza and a ten minute walk to Soi Cowboy, pretty much the centres of prostitution in Bangkok. Having done my research before the trip, I unpacked and immediately headed to Nana Plaza to see it for myself, and I was not disappointed in the least.

Affectionately nicknamed the “Three Floors of Whores”, it lived up to its reputation. Girls of every shape, age and attractiveness were everywhere, and all I could hear as I walked by was “handsome man come come.” Every standard of entertainment was on offer from the basic grinding on a pole to several well-choreographed and interesting stage shows, namely at Spankys and Angelwitch gogo bars.

The positive side of prostitution in Bangkok:

After a year working in Pakistan, this was all a little overwhelming for me so I decided that perhaps a cold beer or two in a neutral area might be a good idea. I walked back to Sukhumvit and, on Soi 5, found a nice pool hall/bar with lots of tables as well as pretty girls, a nice place to take a breather.

After a couple of cold Chang beers a very attractive Thai girl came over to me and asked if I would like to play a few games of pool, she was one of the table girls who rack the balls and occasionally play. It sounded good to me so we set about a few games and my first lesson about Thai bar girls is that, generally, they are total pool-sharks. Now, I am not a bad player in my local bar back in Canada, but she beat me well and truly and it cost me a few lady drinks.

She came and sat at my table and we started talking, she had excellent English as a result of finishing her degree at university. Her name was Apple and she was originally from Isaan province, in the northeast of Thailand. As I found out on later trips, the majority of ladies involved in prostitution in Bangkok are from the same region; there is little work there and the families rely on one daughter working in the business to send money home to support the family and, if they are really lucky, meet a foreigner and get married.

Apple turned out to be very pleasant company; it didn’t hurt that she was well built, in her mid to late twenties and could hold her liquor! Eventually I explained to her that this was my first time in Bangkok, I’d never been with a Thai girl before and I wanted her to be my first Thai experience. She really seemed to appreciate this so I paid her bar-fine (the fee you pay to take the girl out of the bar before her shift is over) and off we went.

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My second lesson about Thai girls was that they are always hungry! The first thing she wanted was to get something to eat at her favourite local restaurant, and it was very nice. The food was good as she chose everything and the price was so cheap! I asked if she wanted to go to a club or something like that but she declined, saying that she works all the time in a club and would prefer a quiet drink at a street bar and then to go back to my hotel.

We found a little street bar run by two very tall and leggy ladyboys who both had a great sense of humour and kept us both laughing for several drinks. Lesson three, ladyboys love to regale you with tales of lost loves, the German man that promises to send for her but never did and drunk Aussies getting a surprise when they have a bit of a grope...

Prostitution in Bangkok comes in all shapes and forms and there is something for everyone. Good fun was had and we said our goodbyes and headed to the hotel. At this point I figured I had better make sure of the price for her company and I was quite surprised at a reasonable 100 dollars for the evening, night and next morning. That bit of business out of the way, we got to my hotel room and I really didn’t know what to expect but, as with most Thai girls, she was very respectful and a little reserved, at first.

Thai ladies generally want both parties to shower before anything happens and I thought that was great, especially when she got into the shower with me and made sure everything was squeaky clean. Prostitution in Bangkok is much cleaner and more efficient than I had expected. An amazing night followed and I was not disappointed in any way with my first Thai experience. Lesson four, Thai ladies are conservative. After a lot of bed athletics, she shyly wrapped a towel around herself before going to the bathroom.

We got along really well and when the time came to say goodbye in the morning, I asked her if she wouldn’t mind spending a couple of days with me to be my personal tour guide around Bangkok. She readily agreed as long as we went back to the bar she was working at to pay the bar-fine for a few days. No problem and we also agreed that for a couple of hundred dollars, she would be with me for as long as I wanted.

It is good to have a Thai girl with you if you are wandering around Bangkok as there are so many places to go, things to see, and scams to be avoided. In the evenings, she took me to clubs that I would have never found just to show me both the good side and bad side of prostitution in Bangkok. We always ended up at the end of the evening back at the ladyboy street bar for a few drinks and a good laugh with the girls. Lesson five, always buy the girl a nice dress, t-shirt or a bikini, they seem to appreciate this just as much as the money.

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The time to say goodbye came far too soon as I was heading off to Phuket for the rest of my holiday. I thought about inviting her to come with me but common sense prevailed as I had the impression that she wanted more out of me, and as this was my first exposure of how nice Thai girls can be, I thought better of it. I took her back to her bar and she gave me a big kiss goodbye, quite unusual as Thai girls don’t kiss on the mouth in general (Editorial Note: could this be more evidence of the disappearing girlfriend experience? It might be rare for prostitution in Bangkok, but 2 hours down the road in Pattaya a full GFE is still commonplace... for the time being!) I settled my bill with her, gave her a kiss and walked off to my taxi.

For my first time with a bar girl, I suppose I was very lucky as it was a great time with good company and a pleasure all around. Since then I have had many more experiences involving prostitution in Bangkok as well as other parts of Thailand, both good and bad, but I will never forget Apple and I thank her for the things she taught me and the good impression of Thai bar girls that she left me with. Of course there are good and bad girls but I got lucky and will be forever grateful to her.

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