Phuket Escorts; Jeab’s story

Chris (from Phuket)

Jeab was one of the more popular Phuket escorts and, at times, you could say that she really loved her job. It gave her the flexibility she craved in the times she worked. Sometimes she met really quite interesting, nice people and, best of all, it paid well, really well.

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Standing just over 5’6” in her bare feet and, naturally, much taller in the 3-4” heels she always wore when on assignment, Jeab was a girl from the provinces. A girl escaping the dire drudgery of country life to better herself. Perhaps not the profession she would have chosen for herself when younger and not one she’d choose for any daughter she might one day have herself but, needs must she always thought, needs must.

Jeab had been working on the island for “Prime Phuket Escorts” for almost three years and was in constant demand from her mainly farang clientele; foreigners from Holland, Germany, England, Sweden and so on all looked for her on their annual sojourn to the sinful sun of Patong.

The fact that she had many repeat clients was not that surprising really as he had all the key attributes which a foreign man usually looked for in a Thai woman: namely a lithe yet shapely, well-toned body; full breasts with dark, dark areolas and nipples; and jet black, un-dyed, waist length hair. She spoke very good English and could be as charming or disarming and as seductive as needed; plus, of course, when the time called for it, she was good between the sheets.

Patong Beach, Phuket

Mind you, that’s not what all of her clients paid for and, in her time working for Prime Phuket Escorts, Jeab had already had many varied experiences. She always felt a sort of thrill when her iphone rang and she saw the number of her agency on display. What sort of customer will it be today she’d think? Young man, old man; fat or thin? Will it be a new one or an old client coming back to enjoy what I can offer them? Hope it’s a big tipper, then I can have a few days off before the next one…

Jeab particularly liked the older men, but not too old. The ones like the wiry Joost, 62, from near Rotterdam, who thought for a while that they could still have intercourse a couple of times per night like they were still in their 20s or 30s. These type of men were the most charming, usually took her to the best places to eat and/or relax and, in many cases, simply wanted to talk about their lives in the company of beautiful women. They were also the good tippers.

Often, when it came to the sex part with someone like Jeffrey, just 70, bald and slightly overweight from outside London, she’d give each man that bit of affection they so desperately craved, a few hugs, a few squeezes of their arms, a caress of their backs, a peck on the cheek and so on.

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The men that use Phuket escorts

As with other Phuket escorts, Jeab had learned to neatly categorise the type of men who use her agency and her services. Of course, almost all were tourists and, for the most part, first time tourists to such as the shy, retiring, Elwin, 41, from somewhere near New York, who hadn’t quite worked out the bar or go-go bar scene. Men like Elwin either felt intimidated by the typical bar girl and her casual attitude to having sex, or wanted a better class of woman. Someone a bit more refined, as Jeab liked to think, and one who, even if she didn’t really want to be doing what she did, at least could pretend rather better than the ladies from the bars.

Within Jeab’s customer base there were those men who were either single owing to some sort of relationship break down [Pedro, Spanish 49], being widowed [Alberto, French 73] or simply weren’t getting enough at home. There were also those who had long stopped being attracted to their bloated, unattractive, domineering western wives or girlfriends. Of course, some of the men themselves were singularly unattractive but, interestingly, Jeab often found these type of men more charming or with better personalities as if they were trying to make up for their lack of good looks.

Also, few of her clients were younger men partly, she thought, as younger men didn’t want to bother with Phuket escorts; they could get as many bar-girls as they wanted and think of the consequences later; if the first or second girl didn’t suit they’d happily change her and soon be on to another one. Then there was the cost. Jeab was not cheap and a younger man could probably sleep with three or four Phuket bar girls for the rates she charged.

Catering to the needs of men with fetishes is something that Thai escort girls provide, and Jean was no different. A fetish that a customer’s girlfriend or wife either didn’t know about or didn’t approve of and, hence, would not indulge in. At first, Jeab was surprised just how strange some of the requests she received from some of her clients were but, once she understood that such fetishes were just other facets of the great diversity within the human sexual range of activities, she acquiesced to most requests received.

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From amongst her clients these were the top tippers by far, and the most regular with at least 6 clients that she could regard as repeat visitors; many journeying at least annually, if not more frequently as time permitted, to see her and indulge their needs.

Jeab knew that her worked marked as a very low class woman in the eyes of other Thais, but her situation was similar to a lot of girls in the prostitution industry i.e. she needed the money and there was no other way of earning the same in another job. Phuket escorts can earn a lot of money, and very few of them leave the industry to take work in a much more demanding traditional job e.g. factory work or farm work, for a lot less money.

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