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The Penang girls that you'll meet in nightlife venues are a varied lot, and some of them are actually Thai. So, as you might expect, hooking up with an escort for the night and getting sex is not impossible, but this is not a place for party animals.

As is typical of Malaysia the nightlife is a lot more subdued and relaxed than in the big tourist cities of southeast Asia.

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The island has a long and interesting history which, of course, means that there is plenty to see and do. It's only a short ride from the border with Thailand, and it offers plenty of relaxation for those who want a much needed break from it all.

Georgetown is the island’s capital, so it is not surprising that this is where you will find most of the action. I’ve never been much of a fan of Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia in general, but I have to say that Penang is a place that I am really fond of. 

To start with, Georgetown was once a British base in the region, something which means they built lots of really beautiful buildings that give the place a real charm.

Because it was such an important hub of trade, Georgetown is also packed with old Chinese ‘shop-houses’, as well as mosques, temples, and other interesting buildings.

Though the Penang nightlife scene is very different from Thailand’s, it still has plenty to offer provided you come with the right laid-back attitude. A large proportion of visitors to the island are actually western expats who live in Thailand but come over on visa-runs. Some of these guys end up disappointed, others find the slower pace to their liking.

Penang Escorts

There are plenty of Penang escorts to found online and, judging by the pictures, they are extremely attractive. If the extra discretion offered by these ladies compared to other types of working girls is important to you then you have plenty of options.

Most Penang escort girls charge by the hour but, if you prefer an all-night experience, that this too is on offer. You’ll also be delighted to know that the short-time prices charged by these girls are really quite reasonable – I found a beautiful Thai lady advertising her services at a mere 180 ringgit for 45 minutes, that’s actually cheaper than bar girls in Thailand these days!

However, local ladies do generally ask a bit more, maybe 250 ringgit, and long-time prices are much higher.

One thing that is absent here is the large number of P4P girls in and around the bars, though in certain areas local ladies will provide sex services. Since the majority of tourists here are either from China or from Arabian countries, there are lots of Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian working girls on offer.

Georgetown, Penang.

There are also a few East European girls to be found in the P4P industry.

However, wherever you go you won’t see any obvious signs of the sex industry like you do elsewhere in the region, because it is frowned upon in Malaysia.

Given the limited options to meet working-girls in the bars, it seems that Penang escorts are the way to go if P4P is your thing.

There are opportunities to meet girls who will be eager for sexual relations without a payment involved, as you can read about in this article below.

2 Penang Girls & A One Night Stand

By Axel (from Prachuap)

I didn't believe that I would meet any Penang girls for the sort of sexy fun that I was about to enjoy on the island, actually, I had no idea at all what to expect in terms of the ladies that I would meet.

Penang is not known for being a bed of iniquity but, if you are looking for some adult entertainment, you will be happy to know that there are some options.

There used to be five ways to get to Penang - You could fly to the international airport, take the bridge, a car ferry from the mainland, a passenger boat from Langkawi Island or a ship from Medan, Indonesia. In the end, the Indonesian service was terminated.

Penang is quite sizable and the main town is called Georgetown, which was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. Chinatown and Little India are really quaint and renowned for their delicious foods. Another popular option is to stay at Batu Ferringhi beach, which boasts a large number of luxury hotels.

Alcohol fueled parties are not a local specialty, but there are some options which you can read about here: Penang Nightlife.

I usually stayed at a really inexpensive guesthouse in Chinatown, where I knew all the staff and most of the regulars. During my 30-day stays, I would hang out with other travelers and have a look around the island.

Penang, MalaysiaPenang, Malaysia, a popular destination for tourists.

Penang Girls and Casual Sex Overview

As an overview of casual sex in Penang, most horny visitors employ the services of a local working girl. That girl will probably not be Malaysian and will most likely come from Thailand, although Vietnamese and other working girls from around the region are also present.

However, and as my story demonstrates, there are also opportunities to find sex without having to open your wallet. Local Penang girls are more liberated than you find in more traditional parts of Malaysia and if a girl takes a liking to you then things can happen.

If you do find such a lady, she almost certainly will not be of Malay extraction as these ladies are Muslim and are not so liberal on matters of sex. Penang girls of Chinese or Indian origin are more amenable to this sort of thing.

At the Guesthouse

One day, two sexy Penang girls checked in to the guesthouse. I didn't see them arrive, I just heard the guys rave about them. That evening, I ended up chatting with one of them in the common room. I used to keep the night manager company in the evenings, that's why I spent so much time in the common room.

Thomas, the manager, and I had known each other for at least 5 years. He was a local Chinese in his mid-fifties. The Penang girls turned out to be from Thailand. May worked as a singer at a bar, on Koh Samui, she was really attractive with her olive skin and shiny, long black hair. She was quite tall for a Thai, outgoing and had a bubbly personality. She was cut out to be an entertainer!

Thomas and I talked to May for hours, her English was quite good. She told us that she and  had just spent 5 nights on Batu Ferringhi beach in a comfortable hotel, and would leave for Thailand the following morning.

Her friend was out on a date and probably wouldn't make it back until the morning, May blushed slightly as she said it. She was sitting at a table drinking beer, from large bottles. I sat next to her on the sofa while Thomas either stayed at his desk or tended to the guests.

May told us funny anecdotes from Batu Ferringhi, in her silky voice. Thai girls often have that soft voice and amazingly gentle body language. They had seen a large monitor lizard on the beach that went for a swim in the surf. She laughed and said, "Lizard almost 2 meter, big!"

Penang monitor lizardMonitor Lizards; keep your kids away from them!

As it approached 11:30pm, May started to get quite drunk. I used to go out and buy takeaway food for Thomas, before I went to bed and that night he wanted a chicken burger with extra mayonnaise. Unexpectedly, May decided to tag along.

We left the guesthouse and walked down the street, May stayed close to my side and I noticed that she struggled to walk straight. As we crossed over the main drag she ran next to me with her hand on my lower back. I had told her that I had a girlfriend and I had not flirted with her in any way. We got the wrapped chicken burger, in a plastic bag, from the Indian vendor.

When we crossed the busy street again, May gently took my hand and looked me in the eyes. Her hand was really soft. I thought to myself, "What's going on!" We returned to the guesthouse and sat down in the common room and continued to chat with Thomas. Instead of drinking more beer, she asked for a soft drink.

While Thomas removed his glasses and enjoyed his midnight burger, May and I talked about her favourite songs. She particularly liked western music from the 80s, but also enjoyed performing older songs. With her cute accent, she said, "Beatles okay too."

Penang one night stand?

I was quite tired and wanted to shower and go to bed. I said goodnight to Thomas and May and slowly trod down the long corridor. It didn't take long until May caught up with me. "Wait me!" Her voice had gotten louder and I was concerned that she would wake up the guests.

May said that she was alone in her room. She looked a bit unsure of herself, when she asked, "You like one-night-stand?" We were standing outside her room.

The whole scene in the corridor with her loud voice and the one-night-stand business made me extremely uncomfortable. After all, I had a wonderful girlfriend that I loved, and I would never cheat on her.

Yet, things got even worse when May embraced me tightly, and said that she was lonely. I had to get out of her grip, as soon as possible, so I told her that I had to shower first. Unwillingly, she let go of me and I was free to walk off.

Several Penang girls who knew me in the guesthouse also knew that I had a long-term girlfriend. I really didn't want to be seen hugging another woman in the dark corridor, late a night. I stepped up the stairs to my room and grabbed my towel and soap dish.

The communal showers and toilets were downstairs in the back. The facilities had mottled, plastic partitions without ceilings. There were two shower rooms, one with only cold water and one with warm and cold water.

It was really hot and sticky in Penang, so I usually took the cold shower to cool off. Moreover, since most guests preferred a hot shower, I could take my time without anyone banging on the door.

I could hear someone entering the shower next door, and it didn't take long before I heard May's silky voice say, "Come to my room?" After hesitating for a moment, I replied, "Yes."

Georgetown, PenangGeorgetown, Penang.

I was really uncomfortable having this conversation, any of the Penang girls who knew me could be waiting outside the showers. May kept talking accompanied by the sound of splashing water. The intense situation made me really excited and nervous at the same time. When we both finished showering, the silence was unbearable. As I left the shower room, I had to say something, so I uttered, "See you later."

Once in my room, I locked the door and could finally relax. After some time I was woken up by knocking on the door. Since I suspected that it was May, I asked, "Who is it?" It was Thomas. When I opened the door I saw Thomas grinning like a little boy. He said that May wanted me to go down to the reception so that she could take a photo of me; I shook my head. Before closing the door, I told Thomas she wanted more than a photo...

The morning after

Against the odds, I got a good night's rest. The following morning in the reception, while paying for my room, May came up to me. She didn't keep eye contact and said, in a low voice, that she was sorry about last night. I said, "No problem." That was the last time I talked to her. Shortly after, I saw May's stunning Thai girlfriend, for the first time. Later that day the two girls checked out and got in a van, heading for Hat Yai.

In hindsight I'm really glad that I had the strength to resist the sexual urge that night. What a trial! I've been with my girlfriend for over 9 years now. Not only do I love her, she is my best friend.

I can imagine that you may have been reading this hoping for some saucy details about Penang girls and bedroom antics, sorry to disappoint on that score, but when you find that special girl it's best not to fool around. Just be aware that these opportunities are not unusual and will most likely present themselves to you too, so be prepared!

Penang Sex; Massage & Hookers

The Penang nightlife atmosphere is quite sophisticated in its way. Whilst there are bars selling alcohol, the majority of locals don’t drink it on account of being Muslim, but that does make for a lively late night coffee shop scene where people put their feet up and catch up with friends.

A late night coffee is quite a change for us Westerners and it does take some getting used to…

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Honestly, at first I wanted no part of this nonsense but in the last year or so I’ve really grown to love it now that I have lots of local friends. I have to say that somehow it feels really great waking up the next morning without a nasty hangover to start my day.

Resident expats can spot the ‘weekender’ Thailand tourists, who have come over on a visa run, from a mile away. They rush around Georgetown with an energy and noise level that is totally unfitting for the place. Most seem really frustrated at the lack of party bars and at the higher price of alcohol and soon head back across the border.

Sex in Penang, by which I mean the commercial variety, is offered in the usual formats e.g. freelance hookers hanging around a few of the bars and streets in town, naughty massage parlors, and escorts.

Happy ending massage in Penang can be had at many of the parlors in town but not all, so it might be an idea to ask someone local, whom you trust, for recommendations on where to go.

Finding the best Penang nightlife venues

You could be forgiven for thinking that the Penang nightlife sounds a little boring, but trust me, once you relax into it you will be surprised how much fun it can be.

The island has loads of really good places to drink and have a good time. Most of these are located in Georgetown and Batu Ferringhi beach where there is a nice shopping district and a traditional night market. Both these areas have plenty of good bars and lounges where you can drink and hang out with the friendly locals.

Batu Ferringhi, a popular beach location


The main area where all the action happens is Penang Street. Here you will find lots of really delicious places to eat, drink, and go clubbing. For those of you who don’t know about Malaysian food, well, it is a mix of native Malay, Chinese, Indian, and even Thai. This means that there is literally every taste from East Asia all in one place.

Even after 3 years here I still keep finding great new places to eat as well as delicious new foods to enjoy. A nice touch is that many of the street-food places and restaurants stay open until quite late, meaning that you can grab a quick bite without having to worry about the time.

Penang Street has a walking zone which helps give it that little extra boost in atmosphere. Up and down it, mixed in with restaurants, you will find bars. I often meet friends in some of the quieter ones to get warmed up and then later head to the busy ones to get the night going.

For single travelers hoping to meet some nice local Malaysian women, Georgetown is your best bet. As I said earlier, Penang has become a hot-spot for groups of Middle Eastern and Chinese men who are looking for hook-ups.

This has changed the Penang nightlife scene a little, but don’t let it put you off. The locals still really love us westerners, so you can still meet ladies here quite easily.

Though Malaysia still follows the traditional Asian code of 'keep it out of sight', more and more 18+ bar signs are popping up everywhere.

These are the places where you will find lots of Chinese and Middle Eastern men, all after the pay to play girls inside. If this is your thing then the majority of clubs will have Chinese, Filipinos, Thais and some Vietnamese.

Other most ‘specialist’ 18+ bars will have African and some Middle Eastern women on show.

Gurney Drive

A little Northwest of Penang Street is Gurney Drive where you will also find plenty of bars and a few clubs. This area is not as vibrant as Penang Street but it still is worth checking out. Because the Penang nightlife scene is relatively small, if you stay around the place long enough it is inevitable that you will end up heading out to Gurney Drive sooner or later.

It is a really nice change of scene and is more focused on the expat community who prefer to get away from the endless stream of tourists that are to be found elsewhere.

Batu Ferringhi Beach

Batu Ferringhi Beach is located about about 5 or 6 miles northeast of Georgetown. The road hugs the coastline and it takes quite a bit of time to get out there. I usually give it 35 minutes to drive out on my scooter, but if there is traffic it can take a bit longer.

The nightlife out at Batu Ferringhi tends to be a little more Asian focused than in Georgetown. This is because a lot of visiting Chinese tourists stay out there while on holiday. As a result there are lots of bars that are orientated more around Asian tastes, such as singing shows and karaoke. You can still find plenty of good bars here with the added bonus of being right on the beach too.

All in all, Penang’s nightlife really can be great. At first glance, you might feel a little disappointed but as you relax into this tropical island, like me, you will really come to appreciate it in a whole new level. The locals are generally very friendly and on more than one occasion I’ve been invited to a table when they have seen me sitting alone. The girl situation is nowhere near as easy as in Thailand, but somehow this adds to the fun of the place.

For me, the best thing about the Penang nightlife is that it will let you blow off some steam but still have some fun without ending up burned out like you get in Thailand. So, if you are looking for a nice tropical island where you can relax and enjoy life, then it is definitely worth a look.

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