Pattaya Women & Eating Out

By Peter (from England)

I’ve grown accustomed to Pattaya women and their ways and I’ve read a great deal from other expat writers on the subject of loyalty, lies and deception etc. What I don’t read much about is the everyday stuff that Thai girls do that causes us westerners to question our sanity.

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With that in mind, I want to write about a daily event that just wouldn’t happen with the girls back home i.e. mealtime madness… The dining experiences that I’ve suffered when taking Pattaya women out to eat at restaurants have taught me a few lessons that I thought I’d share with you. Pay heed to the wisdom here within, if you get tangled up with a Thai girlfriend at some point in the future then my words will come to resonate with you, and a little preparation might just stop a few blood vessels in your head from bursting!

Thai food culture is one of the big cultural differences that you will undoubtedly come across if you take the time to enjoy the company of some Pattaya girls. Most of the other cultural differences between Thailand and the west will probably have little to no impact on your holiday, but you can count on this one to feature prominently.

In a nutshell, if you are not aware of the food culture, it may well drive you to distraction. I’ve discovered that Pattaya women like to eat far more often than we do; and you might well ask yourself how on this planet they don't each weigh in at 200lbs or more.

papaya salad Thailand street foodA Thai street-food vendor preparing Papaya Salad, a favourite amongst the girls...

As soon as she gets out of bed in the morning, the first thing that she will want to do is eat, the last thing at night she’ll want is food, and every couple of hours in-between she will want to feeding. I recall how it used to mess with my head; I would cave in to her whingeing (you'll hear a constant ear barrage to the tune of "I hungry" or something similar) and get the girl some food. She would then have about 3 or 4 different plates of food and eat maybe a half dozen mouthfuls of it at most.

It's as though ordering food comes with some sort of status thing whereby ordering more of it than you can eat makes you look good. Ninety percent of it gets thrown in the bin and an hour or two later the "I hungry" process starts all over again! If you're on a budget it's no fun at all. Even if you're not, the waste just goes against the grain and drives you nuts…

Don't take Pattaya women to expensive restaurants!

During the first few days of meeting a girl, you might think that it is a good idea to roll out the red carpet and impress upon her the full extent of your considerable generosity. You'll take her to a fancy restaurant and allow her to order all that she desires. Big mistake, your wallet will take a pounding and I can almost guarantee that your girl will not even like the food that arrives... even if it is delicious.

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You can literally walk out of a top restaurant, having blown a small fortune, only for your girl to immediately order some 50 baht crap from a street vendor! Okay, that's a bit harsh, some street-food is also good. Therein lies your solution, only ever buy street-food for Pattaya women, they'll prefer it anyway, it's mostly low calorie vegetables and you will save some much needed funds for later escapades. When you go to a restaurant, tell her to sit this one out while you get busy.

Don't eat the spicy street-food

If your girl is from a region of Thailand called Isaan (pronounced E-san), which she very probably will be if you met her in Pattaya, she will probably like a dish called 'papaya salad'. Do not be tempted under any circumstances to eat this stuff yourself. 'Spicy' doesn't even begin to describe it.

No matter how sweet and delicate your Thai girl appears to be, do not be fooled. She's got a stomach that would put your average mountain goat to shame. Compared to you she can eat molten lava without even breaking into a sweat.

There is, of course, one easy way to prepare yourself for all the Thai street food delicacies that you'll come across i.e. read up on it beforehand.

Actually, it's a good idea as it will make your holiday in the land of smiles that bit better. Knowing what's what with street food vendors pays dividends as the food is really cheap, very tasty, and most Pattaya women will love you for it! So get this:

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When you consider some food to be just a little too spicy to tolerate, she will consider it food for babies and young children, it won't even register any heat with her at all. She may genuinely fail to detect any spices in it whatsoever.

So, when you see some papaya salad causing her to get a bit hot under the collar, that's your cue to leave well alone. If you think that you can handle it, be my guest, at least you will lose some weight over the following few days…

It is very likely, if your girl is from Isaan, that she will prefer Laos food to Thai food. In my experience Thai food is infinitely the better of the two and you might want to exercise some caution before digging into a plate of it; I’d ask what ingredients are inside it for a kick-off.

There it is, there is a lot more to know about Pattaya women and their ways but hopefully this rambling will make some small contribution to your preparation if you are planning a visit. To recap:

  • Don't take your girl to expensive restaurants
  • Buy her as much cheap street vendor food as she likes
  • Under no circumstances try to eat the same stuff that she eats

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