Pattaya Prostitutes & curious ways

By Anonymous

Regarding Pattaya prostitutes, there’s a lesson to be learned from Gandalf the Grey (of ‘Lord of the Rings’ fame) and his statement to the effect that hobbits can completely surprise you even after knowing them and their ways for many, many years.

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Now, I don’t know if Gandalf ever made it over to Thailand for a steamy relationship or two with the ladies there, but he could just as easily have been talking about Pattaya prostitutes as hobbits when making that statement. These girls tend to think differently and have different values to us westerners, which is one of my points about moral behaviour & prostitution in Thailand.

When hanging out with bar girls and other working-girls, there are about a million different things that can happen to a man that will leave him scratching his head and wondering what the hell has just transpired.

There are some size similarities with hobbits too; the number of cute little Thai girls you’ll find there is striking and I emphasize the phrase ‘little Thai girls’, they are usually tiny compared to the behemoths that pass for women in Farangland!

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Pattaya prostitutes; my observations

Let’s begin with a look at some of the more surprising aspects of encounters with Pattaya prostitutes:

Freebies are not particularly uncommon in the Thai prostitution scene – if you receive one it does not mean that you have found the love of your life, more likely that you have found someone who is playing the long game. Either that or you have found someone who is simply too ashamed to ask for payment. In these circumstances it is nearly always a good idea to make sure you do pay her, otherwise you might end up with all sorts of trouble that you hadn’t anticipated e.g.:

  • Getting a reputation for non-payment (the other girls won’t touch you!)
  • Getting said prostitute’s Thai boyfriend angry (with a possible kicking)
  • Getting the girl thinking you are an item (meaning she will be a pain in the ass if you go off with another girl)

If you are dating an ex bar-girl and you get caught in the company of another girl, it is sensible to make sure that you have a reasonable excuse ready and waiting. It doesn’t need to be a watertight excuse just one that could feasibly be true. Small they may be, but Thai hookers can cause quite a commotion when the situation calls for it!

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The point of the excuse is not to pull the wool over the bar-girl’s eyes; she will not believe a word of it anyway, but you will still have done the right thing and provided a face-saving way out of any potential conflict. This won’t work if you are dating a respectable Thai lady, she will simply end your relationship right there and then, but a bar-girl will most likely accept it. She’ll keep an extra eye on you from there on in though.

This lying game works both ways of course… if you catch your bar-girl in an incriminating situation, you can be sure that she will try to lie her way out of it. It is then up to you to decide whether or not to end the relationship or accept the lie. Remember that the purpose of the lie is to save-face, it is not to deceive… no Thai bar-girl is going to believe your lies and you shouldn’t believe theirs!

If the girl you are dating is still currently working as a bar-girl; don’t even bother to make excuses! Keep yourself firmly in the ‘customer’ classification and don’t let her think that you are anything more than that. Tell her straight out that you are a ‘butterfly’ and whilst she’s doing what she must, you’ll be doing what you lust! She won’t like it, but deal with it head on and tell her straight.

Jealousy and loyalty is an issue with Pattaya prostitutes that will startle you into disbelief. They are of the opinion that they are allowed to have sexual relations with multiple men because it is their job; you on the other hand are expected to be 100% faithful! Knock this nonsense right on the head and tell her how things are really going to be…. if she doesn’t like it, consider dumping her on the spot.

Parting Ways

If you split with a girl, or even if she splits with you, you need to be careful if you run into her again sometime later. Pattaya prostitutes are not known for their forgiving attitude and even if she doesn’t want you anymore, that doesn’t mean you are allowed to stop wanting her…. It especially doesn’t mean that you are allowed to find alternative female companionship.

Tempers can easily flare up, and sometimes with serious consequences, so be alert. If there is an altercation and the police get involved, you can bet that they will take the side of your ex.

The usual solution is an on the spot fine and you should consider paying it even if you are the innocent party. It won’t cost much and it might get you out of a more serious problem if formal charges are brought. If you refuse to pay any fine and your ex starts making up false accusations against you, she’ll soon find a few friends to back up her lies and you can all of a sudden find yourself in hot water.

All this is assuming that your ex is one of the worst bad-girls in town, most won’t actually try to get you in trouble with the law unless provoked, but many Pattaya prostitutes will threaten you with it if they think that you owe them something (which many will if you break up with them after any significant period of time).

Editorial Note

Yes, this all good advice, even if it is a little tongue-in-cheek. It seems that most people advise against getting involved with bar-girls and I agree completely. Avoiding Pattaya girls altogether as far as anything serious is concerned is my usual advice. Keeping things non-serious is a must. I would love to get some more stories from westerners with long-term successes to report in the Pattaya prostitutes dating scene, don’t be shy to write in if you have a worthy contribution…

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