Central Pattaya Nightlife Attractions

The central Pattaya nightlife area that I’ll write about on this page does not extend to Walking Street in the south, or to Soi 6 in the north, but it does cover some of the best loved attractions that sin-city has to offer, so keep reading.

I’ll be looking at Sois 7&8, Soi Buakhao, Soi LK Metro, Soi Diana, Soi New Plaza, Soi Made in Thailand, Soi Honey and Soi Chaiyapoon…

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One thing that is common to these sois is that they all have comparatively low prices whilst maintaining high quality standards overall. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule but generally speaking you’ll find the best value Pattaya nightlife establishments in the central part of town.

Variety is also a big selling point and not just in terms of the large selection of different sois that you could head off to. There is variety in terms of the people you’ll meet there. Expats from all over the world mix with tourists to a greater or lesser degree depending which soi you visit, there are younger newbies and old-hands all in the mix.

The variety of Thai girls that ‘work’ in this area is also diverse and it is easier to find a holiday-girlfriend if that’s what you are looking for (instead of a 1-hour friend).

There are Pattaya girls in beer bars and a go go bars, there are massage girls, and there are ladyboys to be found here.

Soi 7 PattayaSoi 7 is a favourite, but mostly for the nostalgia...

Whereas Walking Street Pattaya (in South Pattaya) is very much a love it or hate it destination, which typically means newbies love it and old hands hate it, the central Pattaya nightlife offerings are almost universally loved by anyone who likes bright lights, alcohol, and sex.

Central Pattaya Nightlife Destinations

Sois 7&8

These two adjacent streets were, at one time, easily my favourite places to be. It was the busiest nightspot in the area and had a really good feel to it. Fun times were guaranteed, the girls were beautiful and full of smiles, prices were low and all was right with the world.

Sadly, times have changed and whilst the central Pattaya nightlife attractions have improved on other sois, these two have gone seriously downhill.

A large part of the reason for this is due to the prime real estate that the sois occupy. They both run straight to the beach, and economic development has undoubtedly pushed rental costs for the bars sky high. Beer prices have had to rise to mitigate the extra costs of business and that has led to declining footfall in the area. There are still some good bars here, but many others have either relocated to cheaper parts of the city, or have had to close because the land on which they sit has been sold to hotel developers.

If you are familiar with sois 7&8, and you remember the good old days when the central Pattaya nightlife here was second to none, then there is still an enjoyable sense of nostalgia about the place. However, for anyone new to Pattaya, it is a difficult location to recommend when compared to the other options in town.

Soi Buakhao

Soi Buakhao PattayaSoi Buakhao is the main artery for nightlife.

If Sois 7&8 have been in decline over the last decade or so, Soi Buakhao and its main tributaries have gone in the opposite direction. That is partly because of the relocation process described above i.e. Soi Buakhao is located almost a kilometre inland which means that the rent charged by landlords for business premises is more affordable.

As a destination in itself, Soi Buakhao isn’t actually all that great, what makes it great is all the action that joins onto it from its tributary sois. All of the remaining sois that I’ll write about join onto Soi Buakhao.

The lowest central Pattaya nightlife prices are found here. At the time of writing the cheapest bar that I know of is called the Katesiree, and it sells the larger 660ml bottles of Chang beer for just 70 baht. That’s cheaper than most Walking Street bars charge for the smaller 330ml bottles...

For the seriously cash-deprived guys in Pattaya there is one other option that is slightly cheaper still – you can buy your beer from any of the dozens of 7-11 stores in Pattaya and drink on the street. I believe that this is perfectly legal (although I’m not 100% sure), but you’ll need a place to dispose of your empty bottles. If you mix it up with one beer from a 7-11 and one from a bar then the bar will dispose of your empty bottle when you buy something from them.

There is only one gogo bar on Soi Buakhao i.e. the Oasis A Go Go but, whilst it is a reasonably good bar, you will be much more impressed by the large number of gogo bars on LK Metro (more on that below).

Soi LK Metro

Soi LK MetroGogo Bar ground zero in central Pattaya.

Okay, this one is definitely a place that every red-blooded male should visit. The venue is not nearly as big as Walking Street (the other big gogo bar option) but it gets a lot more of the serious customers that the bars need. At present, you won’t see the Chinese hordes wandering through with empty pockets and cameras firing off in all directions, this place is for getting drunk and meeting girls.

There are beer bars mixed in with gogo bars, and they are good beer bars too. If you want to watch live sports or listen to live music then there are several options.

The Bilabong bar is the busiest and most successful of the beer bars for two reasons, a) it is located in the best position and b) it is well managed. Position wise LK Metro is ‘L’ shaped, and the Bilabong sits on the inside corner of that L which gives it a natural feel of centrality.

With regard to bar management, the guys at the Bilabong know what they are doing. There are tables and chairs outside the bar without any obstructing motorcycles, and the pricing system operates on a buy on get one free basis (which is really a pay twice as much for the first and your next one is free). It serves to keep customers in the bar longer which keeps it busy and attracts more customers and so on...

The Bilabong is not the only good beer bar, most of them are well run here. The Kilkenny, the Climax Bar, the Scooters bar, the I-Rovers Bar and others are all good and highly recommended.

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It’s impossible to nail down which are the best gogo bars because that all depends on which of them have the best looking girls working, and that will be different every time you walk into any given one of them. Gogo girls seem to come and go – at least the better looking ones do... What I can reliably state is that the best gogo bars in the central Pattaya nightlife area are all found here.

The standard advice for getting a beauty is to either go early so that you are first in line, or go late by which time many of them will have returned to their bars after having entertained some (or several guys) already. I can guess how most readers will feel about that...

Given the impossibility of predicting which gogo will be best on the night, my advice is to pop your head behind the curtains of a selection of them, and pick your favourite. The Champagne A Go Go is the most well established and is usually worth a look, but Sugar Sugar, The Office, Showgirls, and Lady Love have all been my favourites at various times... and there are still others that I haven’t mentioned but that other long-term visitors prefer.

No description of LK Metro is complete without a few words on the Devils Den bar. This place has a completely different business model and I wonder if the authorities will tolerate the place much longer. The Devils Den caters for guys that want to enjoy the company of two or more ladies at a time.

When you walk into the Devils Den the girls will be called and they’ll line up on either side of a line drawn on the floor. Which side of the line a girl stands on indicates which particular services she will provide – and all of them provide the regular adult stuff!

If you choose to engage in the fun stuff then you’ll be whisked away upstairs to a room that has various toys inside. You’ll shower with the girls and well, you’ll have to visit the place if you want to know more.

Soi Diana

Soi Diana PattayaBeer bars on Soi Diana, with Papagayo Coyote bar just behind.

The growing popularity of the central Pattaya nightlife scene around Soi LK Metro and Soi Buakhao has been shared more or less equally by Soi Diana. These three Sois connect with each other and form the busiest concentration of nightlife attractions.

This street, along with Soi New Plaza, Soi Honey and Soi Made in Thailand run between Soi Buakhao and Second Road, so they do the job of linking the older drinking establishments based nearer to the coast and the newer establishments further inland. Soi Diana is the busier of these three linking streets.

As well as the second entrance to Soi LK Metro, there are other selling points that make Soi Diana one of the best Pattaya nightlife venues in the area. For one thing there are a lot of quality beer bars here that tend to get quite busy, and the busier they get the better the atmosphere that surrounds them. There is also a particularly noteworthy Coyote bar on Soi Diana called the ‘Papagayo’ bar.

Coyotes are not to everyone’s taste because you often find that the girls inside them are either not available for takeout or they are but only at a high price. I’ve found that the latter usually applies in Papagayo but it’s actually a good bar to go to just for a drink or two. It gets busy and it the dancing girls make for good viewing even if you aren’t intending anything more.

Another central Pattaya nightlife attraction that will appeal to some guys is the pool hall that’s located here. There are a few pool halls dotted around Pattaya but the only one that is well located in my opinion is ‘Megabreak’ on Soi Diana.

One final point to note is the quality of the food stalls here. The best burgers in town can be found at ‘Oz Burgers’ near to the Soi Buakhao intersection, and you can eat them in ‘Nikom Court’ just behind the stall. Incidentally, Nikom Court is a very good venue for a few beers, and some people-watching, due to its location on one of the craziest and most dangerous traffic intersections in Pattaya!

Soi New Plaza

Soi New PlazaBeer bars are cheap, friendly, and good on Soi New Plaza.

Soi New Plaza used to be labelled as the Cheap Charlie soi in Pattaya due to the lower prices there and the guys that it appealed to i.e. guys that know how to stretch a baht. The label probably still exists in some people’s minds but as the years have passed it has become a respectable option.

The prices here are still competitive, but it doesn’t compete with the 70 baht for a large Chang that you can find on Soi Buakhao – not least because the larger bottles aren’t usually sold here. I think that the bars have caught onto the idea that two small bottles get drunk a lot quicker than one large bottle and that there’s a lot more profit to be made on them...

You will only find beer bars and food outlets here, there are no gogo bars or coyote bars. Also, the action here tends to get going a little earlier and end a little earlier. It’s actually a good option if you like to have a relaxing beer during the daytime.

You get an older crowd of people here, many of whom are expats, and the vast majority of them are western tourists. There are lots of pool tables in the bars, but they aren’t the best tables – most of them are older than the customers and if you like a decent cloth on your pool table then forget it. If you are a serious player then there are better sois to head to. Soi 7 has a couple of good tables as far as beer bar tables go – you’ll find then at the Dom Bar opposite the Eagle bar about halfway down Soi 7. The Megabreak hall on Soi Diana is still a better option though.

Soi New Plaza is at its best on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve when the individual bars arrange a Live Music act to entertain the masses. There are bars on both sides of the soi with yet more bars on a long central island. Lights are strewn from one bar to another and with only one music system playing it gives the impression of being one coordinated whole rather than being lots of individual bars. It has a great atmosphere at this time of year, as do most places, but the Pattaya nightlife here is just that bit extra special at this time of year.

Soi Made in Thailand

Soi Made in Thailand PattayaSoi Made in Thailand is good, but it needs more customers.

The infrastructure on Soi Made in Thailand is good, very good if you like beer bars! There are a lot of them here and personally I like the place. The only problem is that, for some reason, there is a shortage of customers.

I had thought that, as the central Pattaya nightlife gradually moves inland, Soi Made in Thailand would start to attract more visitors and whilst there has been a slight increase in recent years, growth has been disappointing. I wasn’t the only one expecting significant growth, in the past couple of years a whole new bar complex has been added to the soi (near to the Soi Buakhao entrance).

I have fond memories of this Soi. During my first ever visit, with a friend of mine and a couple of ladies we’d recruited for the night, we were sat at a bar when a guy with an elephant wandered around the corner... The girls nearly crapped themselves and made a run for it, but it was tame enough and I fed it some bananas that its keeper was selling.

You don’t see elephants wandering around Pattaya these days, although there is a growing number of bar girls doing their best impressions...

Despite the low footfall, I do still think that the central Pattaya nightlife scene will find a place in its heart for Soi Made in Thailand. Years ago it did get busy, and it is well located to gain custom at some point. Visitor footfall is hard to predict and different areas become fashionable for no apparent reason, sooner or later this place will start performing.

As with New Plaza, you’ll only find beer bars here but you do get the added attraction of some live music bars, as well as a few decent looking bar girls. Many of the bars are housed under a single roof, with a few others being standalone bars. Most of them employ girls but there is at least one ladyboy bar (near to the Second Road entrance).

Prices are reasonable, about average for central Pattaya, and all in all I’d encourage people to give Soi Made in Thailand a look. It might be a bit quiet, but it is a good place. At the Soi Buakhao end, Soi Made in Thailand can be found next to the popular ‘Piss Stop Bar’, at the Second Road end you’ll find it about a hundred meters to the south of the Central Festival shopping mall, on the opposite side of the road.

Soi Honey

Soi Honey PattayaMassage parlours along Soi Honey.

Soi Honey is the last of the linking roads between Soi Buakhao and Second Road that I’ll write about. The next one, Soi Chaiyapoon, links Soi Buakhao to Third Road.

Soi Honey is quite different to the sois that I’ve mention so far in that its speciality is all about massage... naughty massage in particular. There are plenty of bars here too, so getting a drink isn’t a problem, but it isn’t really focused on the alcohol industry.

The main parlour on the Soi is called the ‘Honey Massage’ parlour and it fits into the top quality bracket for these establishments. You can read all about the various naughty massage parlours on my page about happy ending massage, Honey Massage is one of the specialized soapy massage parlours where quality is more or less guaranteed.

The other parlours are of the smaller shopfront variety where the girls line up outside the establishment and try to draw in guys passing by.

These places are significantly cheaper than the soapy parlours and they have the advantage of being able to see what the girls look like before entering the premises. The downside is that the prettier girls tend to work almost exclusively for the higher end establishments, so don’t expect too much from the cheaper options.

A good bar to choose on this soi is the Nui Beer Bar, which sits on the corner of Soi Honey and Soi Buakhao. It’s a small bar that always draws a crowd during the day and it serves as a good base from which to start you exploration down Soi Honey.

Soi Chaiyapoon

In recent years Soi Chaiyapoon has been something of a rising star in the central Pattaya nightlife destinations. You’ll find it on the Oasis A Go Go intersection with Soi Buakhao.

You find that this soi shares the same main selling point as Soi Honey in that it is packed with naughty massage parlours. The action starts from early afternoon and it is a good soi to choose for daytime drinking.

I myself have fallen foul of the daytime drinking temptations here where, a few years ago, the bargains on offer made a budding alcoholic such as myself able to drink my way into oblivion at a ridiculously low price. Those days have sadly departed, and prices are much higher than they used to be... although they are still comparatively cheap.

The massage parlours fall into the lower end of the quality spectrum, but there is the odd beauty to be found if you do enough searching.

I wonder how long these lower end massage parlours will survive. As part of the package of policies aimed at cracking down on the fun in Pattaya, the authorities have been considering the introduction of licensing to prevent anyone who is not professionally qualified in massage to work as a masseuse.

For the time being Soi Chaiyapoon is a fun place to visit. I recommend the Triangle bar – it’s a venue that I used to frequent during the dirt cheap days, but you can still get a fair price here, and it is one of the best bars in Pattaya for a few beers during daylight hours.

Central Pattaya Nightlife; Final Thoughts

Whilst most newbies are always going to regard Walking Street as ground zero for adventures in sin city, seasoned veterans nearly always come to prefer the various alternatives. The central Pattaya nightlife offerings that I’ve discussed here are all worthy contenders for a night out and if you don’t like one of them then the others are close by.

If you end up visiting Pattaya on any kind of extended stay then you will certainly value the cost savings that are available here. Everything that you need for a good night out can easily be found, and there are fewer of the Chinese hordes clicking there cameras...

Whilst long-term visitors pretty much abandon Walking Street after a while, the other main destination that I’ve not discussed here, i.e. Soi 6, will not fade away in your affections. If you haven’t been there then you are missing a treat. Other than that there are some destinations that I’ve not mentioned e.g. Drinking Street in North Pattaya, but they have little extra to offer other than a change of scenery if you get bored with your preferred drinking holes.

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