Pattaya Lady and Cakes

By Gary (from Australia)

I met a Pattaya lady in a local Isuzu dealership. She was an assistant finance manager there and she struck me as a lovely down to earth regular Thai girl. Via a colleague of hers at the dealership I asked about her availability and off the colleague went to talk to her.

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All went well and we began seeing one another during weekdays for lunch; things soon progressed and she began visiting me on weekends at my rented seaside home. After a time, just a few weeks really, we started to want to see one another even more, and so our story progresses to me moving in with my Pattaya lady 6 months later.

I was aware that she was a single mum of two wonderful kids that gave her and her family immense joy. Her family, knowing that we weren't married, surprised me by accepted the fact that l was living in the house with their daughter. Some families can have very traditional Thai customs, and living with a Thai lady out of wedlock can be problematic, so I was happy that my presence was accepted with no objections.

Time passed and we had many wonderful experiences altogether. The house that had been recently purchased by the family was still in its raw form, and so I helped them out and made many home improvements for them. A small pool for the kids was added, and a garden. Even better than that in my Pattaya lady’s eyes was the opening of a fantastic cake shop for her from yours truly; it was something that she had dreamt of all her life. She soon quit her job at Isuzu dealership to pursue her dream cake shop business and all seemed right with the world.

walking street pattaya nightlifeWalking Street; the heart of Pattaya's nightlife...

She/we were successful in the cake shop business right from the beginning. People were returning again and again and, with an ever increasing cliental, she was the happiest lady in the world. We were able to take weekends off and go off with the kids for trips to Koh Chang on a boat that l purchased. Life seemed so sweet, just like our cakes.

I have never been a big fan of the Thai prostitution scene, and family life suited my style and hers but, with great regret, the dream was not to last and things abruptly turned sour one Monday morning!

My Pattaya lady uncovered

It was on Monday mornings that she would do her banking for the week’s takings. On her return from this innocent chore I noticed a typing error in her passbook. On the back page of the book I saw that her surname was an English surname! I insisted that this could only be accounted for by one of two things that might have happened; either there is an inexplicable, virtually impossible error or she had been married to a man with that surname.

After some lies, followed by more lies, it was to be the end of me and my Pattaya lady as far as trust was concerned. Yes, for one and a half years right from the very day I met her, she was and still is married to an aged Englishman. Their story was a successful online dating story, for her anyhow.

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Our relationship had been a lie from day one, and what shocked and hurt me the most was that her entire family, whom I'd met many times during the course of our relationship, were fully aware that she had only 3 years prior got married to the Englishman. I just could not believe the unity of the deception from so many members of the family, I was completely gobsmacked.

All the money I gave, the motorbike (new) that I bought her, the boat, the cake shop business, helping the kids, and falling in love, counted for nothing. It was all about getting their own needs looked after and to hell with the stupid farang. Where is the Buddhist faith and moral ethical behaviour that is taught? It isn’t like they were struggling financially before I came along, the Englishman had been sending a monthly stipend from London of about 28-35,000 baht.

The absolute selfish and immoral acts on all of their behalves supports the widely known reputation of Thailand as being 'Lieland'. Never in my life have I come across this form of self-centred behaviour.

My Pattaya lady and I used to hang out with mutual friends, expats and their wives. She and her family showed the other Thais that we knew, our cake shop clients and friends, how cruel and sad some Thais can be. It took me 5 weeks to leave, but not before talking to the husband explaining in black and white what had happened. He too was shocked by her wicked deceitful acts.

I found him on Facebook and I needed for him to know what had happened in the family home that he had helped pay for. He was amazed by the fact that on one occasion when I was with his wife, he had been in the main town not knowingly that she was with me in my home.

I no longer live in Thailand; I still have other options as a 42 year old man. I do still believe that Thailand is a great place to visit, but one must be very careful there. I met the deceitful Pattaya lady in this story in the most unassuming of places, but she turned out to be anything but a good person.

Karma; after my departure it was brought to my attention that her life had quickly changed and fallen apart, the cake shop regulars deserted her and her husband has stopped sending any financial support.

Editorial Note

Yes, there are some real deceivers out there and anyone can get caught out by a Pattaya lady. They can be ruthless but they are not the norm and I suspect that other regular Thais may have given her and her shop a boycott once they heard of her lies – is that part of the Karma that you mentioned?

Hopefully it won't put you off meeting another Thai girl at some point in the future; the best of them are just as extreme in their virtues as the bad ones are in their deceptions....

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