Pattaya Escorts, Gogo & Bar-Girls

In the Pattaya escort world, gogo girls sit at the top of the food-chain in terms of their confidence, curves and overall physical beauty. This is the perception at least, and in most cases (not all) it is true.

To get a job in a good gogo bar, i.e. a strip club, a girl needs to pass a much more stringent physical appearance test compared to getting a job in a beer-bar.

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Within the working-girl fraternity, any girl that works in a gogo bar commands a certain respect for being seen as the best of the best at what they do.

For a whole host of reasons, not just their physical beauty, Pattaya gogo girls can find far more customers in a typical day than the other working-girls can.

People go to beer-bars for all sorts of reasons e.g. to watch football, to listen to music, to chat with friends and so on. But when it comes to gogo bars, they are usually there for a very different reason!

Walking Street Gogo barGlass House A-Go-Go, Walking Street Pattaya.

The customers that you find in these venues are usually more hardcore 'primed' customers, and they are more likely to want the company of a girl. These customers are also more likely to want a fairly brief encounter rather than a full-on holiday romance.

All this means that, for the girls working in these establishments, a different game-plan is needed if they are going to maximize their incomes.

On my main page about Thai girls, I explained how beer-bar ladies often give the girlfriend type experience. But what about girls from a gogo bar, can you expect to receive the same measure of customer care from them? Read on.

Think about it for a moment…

The typical beer-bar girl is usually hoping for a long-term relationship with you, and she is placing her bets on being able to convince you that she is girlfriend/wife material. That's a much harder trick to pull off after dancing around, displaying all her bodily charms to anyone that cares to look at them!

That being the case, you tend to get more of a short-term business type experience with Pattaya gogo girls, and that is not really the sort of thing that most customers are hoping for when they part with the higher fees commanded by these ladies.

Gogo Girls – Financial Strategy

Since a gogo girl can get relatively more customers in a day, and since the price is much higher... roughly double what a beer-bar girl asks per ‘short-time’ (which is still much cheaper than in other places e.g. Bangkok) her strategy is to entertain as many guys as possible in a short a time as possible.

Living Dolls ShowcaseLiving Dolls Showcase, Walking Street Pattaya.

It is not uncommon to see a gogo girl on stage one moment, off with a customer the next, and back on stage within an hour. If you have seen a girl that you like, but she has already gone off with someone else, don't worry…

…you haven't lost your girl, you've just lost your turn!

These girls can easily get 3 or 4 customers per night (more during the high season from the start of December through to the end of February), and her earnings per month can easily top the 100,000 baht threshold.

That is not bad money at all for most Pattaya escort girls. If she had previously worked in a beer-bar, she may also have built up a few overseas 'sponsors' who are sending her regular cash on top of that.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Although the quality of service that you get from gogo girls is usually a little more business-like, obviously every girl is unique and so service standards do vary, but in general the standard of service is not as good if you are looking for a little enthusiasm from your chosen lady.

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Her general confidence will mean that she can talk a really good ball-game whilst you are sat with her in the bar, but once you are horizontal the girl will rarely deliver the delights that you will have been led to expect.

Her game-plan now is to get you sorted out ASAP so that she can get back to her bar in search of her next customer and her next payment.

Pattaya gogo girls can be a bit cheeky too…

Whilst many beer-bar girls are often shy to ask for money, you sometimes need to pay a gogo girl upfront. After she delivers a rather poor service, and starts to pack-up her things with some immediacy, she probably won't hesitate to suggest that a sizable tip is in order too!

The news is not all bad, there are some advantages to this type of escort girl.

As already mentioned, they tend to be the best looking girls available and you certainly get to see the merchandise before you buy.

If you just want a brief encounter then these girls do deliver the goods even if it is a bit rushed. There’s also a significant advantage with these ladies in that getting away from them is easy to do – beer-bar girls can be positively clingy in comparison!

If money is not a problem for you, you can still get a quality service if you go for the 'long-time' option i.e. you take her out of the gogo bar and spend the whole night with her – or even a few days.

Soi 6 Girls in PattayaSoi 6 in Pattaya is a daytime joy to behold!

Taking a gogo girl long-time will be expensive, but I think that if she is well paid she'd probably prefer to get a few days out of the bar and go off with you.

She might even revert to the beer-bar strategy and start trying to make you fall in love with her, which means you could be in for some fun! If she does try that, whatever you do, don't fall for it. It is a recipe for disaster, and an expensive disaster at that.

Pattaya Bar Girls

In this passage about a beer-bar girl I want to give you some insight into the sort of situation that these ladies are dealing with. With that in mind I thought I’d write a piece about a girl who I know personally. Her story is quite typical.

I’ve written it in as impartial a manner as I can, I don’t want to side with her or against her, I just want to shed some light on things as they are in many red-light areas in Thailand.

And yes, ‘Duan’ and I have been intimate...

The Story of Duan

Duan works in one of the many beer-bars in the city. Like most Pattaya escorts she comes from Isaan in the poor rural northeast. She has worked in Pattaya, as a bar-girl, for more than three years and is professional in every way.

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In many ways she is also an absolutely lovely girl, and certainly a much nicer lady than some that have worked in the bars.

As lovely as Duan is, certain aspects of her work require that she cannot be a lovely girl and completely successful in her trade.

The bar-work game demands questionable behavior from time to time and, when the situation calls for it, Duan is perfectly capable of unquestionably BAD behavior.

At the time of writing, Duan is 24 years old.

Her hair is jet-black in color, straight, and hangs just below her shoulder-line. She is fair skinned, especially by Isaan standards, and she has the face of an angel. Her general appearance is anything but the kind of thing you would expect from a time-served Pattaya escort girl.

Whereas many working-girls have tattoos on various parts of their bodies, Duan has no tattoos at all. Her manner is calm, quiet and reserved. If you met her, I guarantee that you would think her to be very shy and unaccustomed to life behind a bar.

She dislikes heavy make-up and prefers to go for a more natural look - a little light make-up aside. Her body is petite in size, she is very slim and I'd imagine that she would tip the scales at no more than about 44kg.

Duan is very softly spoken and I've never once heard her use foul language.

She chooses to work behind the bar, serving drinks, rather than going for the front-of-bar work that the louder, more outgoing girls prefer i.e. those who grab men as they walk by in an attempt to get them into their bars.

She does not like those occasions when the bar has a party, because she does not really like to drink, not to excess at any rate. She feels out of place when the other girls get drunk on such occasions.

In every way you can imagine, she fits the profile of a respectable Thai lady who would never go near a tourist-focused bar area if she had any choice in the matter... so why does she work in the oldest of professions?

Simon Beer Bar complexSome beer bars have chrome poles, but unlike gogo's - no nudity!

Family commitments

Unfortunately for Duan her life has not been without its challenges.

At the age of 18 she had a baby with her boyfriend, who then immediately took off with another girl leaving her with all the expense of raising the child by herself.

Both Duan’s parents are alive, but divorced.

Neither of them work and both of them are in need of financial support, which Duan is duly obliged to provide. She is also the eldest of three sisters and, unfortunately for her, Thai culture expects that she meets a responsibility to provide for her younger siblings too.

So, with a 6 year old child, two younger sisters and both parents to support, a significant income is needed to cover all the expenses.

Due to her poor background she was never able to go to University, and therefore has only a basic level of education, which rules out any hope of a well-paid job in a business career.

Added to that, the fact that she comes from a poor background and has had a child with another man means that marrying into a wealthy Thai family is totally out of the question.

That doesn't leave her with too many options... it is a similar set of options that many a Pattaya escort has had to grapple with, and her choice to make a living as a sex-worker is somewhat forced upon her.

The whole situation regarding Thai family responsibilities is one of the hardest cultural differences to understand if you are from the Western world. It certainly took me a while to come to terms with it, and it still raises my eyebrows from time to time.

Being a foreigner in Thailand does mean that in some ways you are seen as a second class citizen but, on balance, I think it is a good thing. Unlike a Thai person, a ‘farang’ is not subjected to all the cultural expectations that are very much expected of a Thai.

Nobody will mind if you sit in a bar all day without raising a finger... except to raise a bottle or order your next beer. Nobody minds at all if you seem to live, and actually do live, a completely selfish life devoid of any other responsibilities whatsoever.

This would not be so easy if you were Thai, because there are many expectations placed on Thais and family commitments are at the top of the list.

To begin to appreciate it you really need to cast aside your own preconceptions. Thailand is not the West, things are different here.

There is a concept in Thai culture known as 'Ga tan yoo', which refers to the immense debt of gratitude that Thai children feel towards their parents for bringing them into the world and looking after them.

It is a debt that can never be repaid.

Thais do not feel this debt to be a burden though, quite the reverse, they genuinely want to help their parents as much as they can, even if it means having to do without things for themselves… and even if it necessitates working as a prostitute.

Duan's situation

Duan's situation is not unique, but even amongst the Pattaya bar girl fraternity it is more unfortunate than most. It is particularly unfortunate in that there seems to be little sympathy for her amongst her own family.

Her father is in and out of her life, usually reappearing at times when he needs money.

Pattaya bar girlsPattaya bar girls on soi 7.

Her sisters take her clothes, live in her apartment, eat her food and use her electricity, all without contributing towards the bills. They do not give her any money, and at times she is expected to give them money even though they have jobs and money of their own.

At times, when money is short and she cannot help out as much as usual, she is accused of being selfish and keeping money back for herself.

When times are good and she helps out more than usual, her parents spend the extra cash on alcohol.

If you knew Duan, you would find it very difficult not to feel completely outraged at the total injustice of her situation. Regardless of the injustice, she will stick with her responsibilities come what may.

Her family will always come first, second, and third on her list of priorities.

Those Thai girls who turn their backs on their families are utterly despised by other Thais. Even if most other Thais agreed that Duan is being taken advantage of, abandoning her family would be seen as being morally far worse, and this is something that she will never do.

Duan keeps very little money for herself.

She does not have a motorbike, and doesn't even know how to ride one. She doesn't drink much, she doesn't smoke cigarettes or take drugs. I am convinced that, due to her sweet nature, someone at some point is going to fall head-over-heels in love with her.

Now listen up!

Here’s the problem.

The last thing that I would advise anyone to do is to get into any sort of serious romantic involvement with a lady like Duan. I've seen it happen many times before and it just doesn't work.

Duan is a lovely girl... in her family life!

When she dons her Pattaya bar girl persona she is a completely different girl and she has absolutely no concern for the welfare of any foreigner who is on a sex vacation. She has far greater problems to worry about than that.

You may think that you can straighten her out and solve her problems – but you almost certainly can't. A Westerner might look at the situation, help her out financially, and start to blame her parents for everything... and as soon as you do that Duan will hate your guts!

This is a no-win situation as far as any sort of long-term romance is concerned.

I've personally watched her laughing with friends about an SMS message that had been sent to her by an admiring Westerner. It was a tender message declaring loving feelings and so on. The laughter was due to happiness at having snared another unsuspecting farang boyfriend, and another income stream.

Ruthlessness is necessary if she is going to maximize her income.

She is banking on getting her customers to fall in love with her and send money to her each month after they have departed Thailand. The consequences for the men who fall victim to this sort of treatment can be severe, and the well documented 'Pattaya Flying Club' welcomes new members every year at an alarming rate...

Duan is not a bad person, she's just a person in a bad situation.

Maybe one day she will meet someone who is right for her, but there's no way she is about to risk anything on your average tourist. She will hedge her bets, she will not put all her eggs in one basket, and she will attempt to get as many farang boyfriends as she can.

That's her best way of securing a decent income to support her family.

Just don't make the mistake of thinking that your 'Duan' is any different. If you met her in a tourist area bar then she is almost guaranteed to be playing the same game, and you are very likely to get stung if you don’t know how to play your side of it!

You might think that a girl capable of such total devotion towards her family would be sure to mirror that loyalty in her devotion towards you... well think again.

You will almost certainly be seen as not much more than a means to an end - the end being financial security for her family. In terms of ranking you on her list of priorities, even if you were to marry her, it would probably go something like this:

  • Mum, Dad and Children
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Extended Family
  • The Thai Boyfriend that you don't know about!
  • Friends
  • YOU
  • The dog
  • The other farang customers that you don't know about!

At least you wouldn't come last!

My advice... treat Pattaya escort girls with the utmost of respect, try to understand their situation and always pay your dues. Then, when the time comes, say goodbye and move on.

It would be very nice to be able to 'save' all the ladies out there but, sadly, it just isn't possible. If it is a long-term relationship that you are looking for, you will do better to start with a decent online dating site than a girl that you meet in a bar.

I know of one man who is quite wealthy and had been married to his Thai wife for over 5 years, during which time he had spent 5 million baht on a house for her parents, bought them a pick-up truck, and even provided money for them to set up a small restaurant business.

Due to his job being based in Ireland he lived there with his Thai wife, and after five years of marriage he discovered that she had been prostituting herself almost the entire time that they had been there!

There is no Western logic that can explain such things.

The particular guy in question was of similar age to his wife, and in much better shape than she was. He was a gentle character and totally devoted to his girl, and her family, and this is how she behaved…

Final thoughts

I’m not sure how much longer Pattaya bar girls will use the model of cash extraction that I’ve detailed in this passage.

As time moves on there’s a definite shift towards to a more Western style of prostitution where the girl just tries to get as many short-time customers as possible in a night, and in Bangkok this is already the standard model.

For those guys who prefer their P4P adventures to have the traditional Thai flavor, you can still find it in Pattaya. In other, less well-trodden parts of the country, it is still very common and the girls that you’ll meet in the bars there are usually very sweet and attentive.

Enjoy it whilst you can before the ugly head of globalization reaches these places and taints them forever… but for god's sake don’t fall in love.

Where to find the sexiest Pattaya Escorts

There are gogo bars dotted around Pattaya in most of the nightlife hotspots, but I think that the most attractive girls tend to work in the bars near:

Walking Street or Soi LK Metro.

I've found that the gogo bars which are actually on Walking Street aren't the best, although there are exceptions. The bars on the side streets joining Walking Street are very good – especially Soi 15.

Soi LK Metro is smaller but the concentration of gogo bars is higher, and they are all worth a look. In fact, it’s a good idea to pop your head inside a number of bars before settling on one. They are free-entry so it makes sense to find a line-up of ladies that you like before taking a seat.

Chrystal Club PattayaThe Crystal Club on Soi LK Metro.

Soi 6 Pattaya

A good place to get a gogo girl type experience in Pattaya during daylight hours is Soi 6.

The bars there are sort of halfway between a beer-bar and a gogo-bar. Short-time is the standard service on soi 6, and the prices are much lower than in a gogo bar.

Pattaya Call Girls

Surprisingly, Pattaya call girls i.e. ladies who work for a dedicated escort agency, are not in demand to the extent that you might expect from sin-city. When you think about it, the reason why this is the case is not that hard to explain.

Pattaya is awash with alternative options for hooking up with girls, so there’s not really any need to pay the higher prices that Pattaya call girls will charge you for their time.

I’ve seen figures that estimate the total number of working-girls in Pattaya at anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 and take my word for it, these figures are easy to believe for anyone who has ever been to visit the city.

The whole place is built for adult entertainment and the nightlife is second to none in terms of its sheer size.

You might think that Bangkok would have a bigger nightlife scene but you’d be wrong. Bangkok is a much bigger city but, when it comes to evening attractions, the Pattaya nightlife scene is in a league of its own.

However, the naughty nightlife scene and the call girl scene do not map onto one another, and the customers that use each service can be quite different.

It took me a while to figure out where Pattaya call girls fit into the whole naughty nightlife scene, but with a little thought it starts to make sense. It all comes down to the discretion that they offer.

Pattaya call girlThai escorts are expensive, even in Pattaya...

Anyone who has business or professional interests in Thailand, including western guys, know that it is very important to maintain a respectable reputation if you want to be successful. That means that you cannot afford to be seen in the company of a working-girl, because gossip travels quickly in the land of smiles and no one will want to associate with a guy who openly uses hookers.

On the other hand, secretly paying for pleasure is commonplace!

A Pattaya call girl will command a much higher fee for her companionship than the other working-girls in town, but for that you get the peace of mind that comes with a protected reputation. Additionally, Pattaya call girls are amongst the most beautiful girls available.

Of course, if you are not in Thailand for work or business, you probably won’t care in the least about your reputation in Thai society. In this case it makes a lot more sense to hit the bars and clubs with all the carefree, lustful delights that you’ll encounter there – whilst forking out the significantly larger sums of money that the call girls command is totally pointless.

Many of the temporary visitors to Pattaya have no concern at all about appearing on someone's video post to YouTube or Facebook, and many of them are doing the sharing of such footage themselves!

Far from being ashamed of being seen partying with Thai girls in the land of smiles, they revel in it. Of course, this is a very difficult thing to accept for regular Thai people... they have long been astonished by the lack of any sense of shame that we westerners present with regard to such matters.

Privacy & Discretion...

Contrast Pattaya with Bangkok, there is a much larger body of westerners in the capital who are staying in Thailand for professional or business purposes. These guys know full well that their reputations would be seriously damaged were they to be seen in the company of a working-girl, so discretion is much more important for them.

Because of the different demographic between Pattaya and Bangkok, the Thai escort scene is comparatively larger in the big city due to the privacy that it offers.

There is another category of guys who value the extra privacy offered by Pattaya call girls, and that’s expats and other long-term residents who are already involved in a relationship with a lady but can’t resist the temptation of some extra activity on the side.

I’m not one to preach to other people, but unless you really need to have a steady girlfriend in Pattaya it might be best to stay single and enjoy the place for what it does best. If you are not done playing around, why get serious with anyone and cheat on her?

Some of the happiest people I meet are not seriously attached to any particular girl; they just enjoy the casual sex scene and have a number of ladies on the go.

Obviously, for that to work you do need to accept that your various lady friends will also be seeing other guys, and to accept that you won’t be able to form any serious connection with a girl.

Devils Den Pattaya

There is one Pattaya escort establishment in sin city that is very well known for the quality of the service provided by the ladies it employs. 'Devils Den' located on Soi LK Metro has been around for a number of years now and I’ve never heard a bad report about it.

One reason for this is that their prices are substantially lower than those charged by other escort agencies. Devils Den has a slightly unusual setup in that it caters to a wider range of fantasies than you would usually expect, and it specialises in providing 2-girls at a time.

You can book a single lady for an out-call service, but in-call is also available and that’s where the 2-lady experience comes as standard.

Other fetish desires are also catered for such as bondage, lesbian shows and so on, and I believe that it also caters for couples who are looking to add some spice to their sex lives...

I did pop my head through the door at Devils Den a while back but I do have to admit that the beauty of the ladies inside the venue did not sweep me away. On entry to the premises the girls are called out by the management, and they’ll line up on either side of a line on the floor.

Which side of the line the ladies stand indicates how ‘adventurous’ she is...

The more adventurous ladies tended to be on the less attractive side and a little older than the other girls. I cannot comment on the quality of the service offered as I didn’t go that far, but I am informed that what these ladies lack in physical appeal they make up for in other ways!

Devils Den PattayaIt might not look like much, but Devils Den has got a fine reputation.

None of this is to say that the ladies are ugly, they aren’t, and in most other circumstances you’d be delighted to entertain them, but in Pattaya you’ll soon find that your expectations go through the roof, and only truly beautiful specimens catch your eye!

Other establishments

There are plenty of other options if Devils Den does not appeal, there are several traditional escort agencies, there are online girls working as freelance hookers, there are many massage shops that provide out-call services with all the extra trimmings, and you can even find some specialist fetish type service providers – ‘The Castle’ on Third Road is one such place.

There are some places that you can go to that operate much like a gogo bar, but I think the selling point of the top-end establishments is that there is a much more personalized experience. They will offer a range of fetish type services and they are happy to cater for single men, single women, or couples.

Some girls will also offer a fully bisexual experience.

I think you can see from this that the Pattaya escort facilities and specialist operators do fulfil a role that the more mainstream naughty bars do not. Most couples would be very reluctant to start asking bar girls about their more adventurous services if they didn't already know that such things are available.

The better establishments offer both in-call and out-call options. The standard of room that you will use for an in-call service comes with a range of toys. The beds will probably be huge, there will be a large screen TV showing naughty videos, and there will be things like chains and handcuffs etc.

Some Pattaya escort agencies even offer an airport service!

This means you get collected or dropped off at the airport in a VIP bus. This bus will have a TV, a mini bar, leather seats, curtains on the windows, and two or more girls that will entertain you in style!

Questions & Answers

What are gogo bars?

I may as well start with the most basic question of all, since the term ‘gogo’ is not commonly used in some parts of the world it might be a little unfamiliar to some readers.

In short, a gogo girl is a stripper of sorts. At one time these girls would perform nude as standard but this is not always the case these days. Some of the girls do nothing more than a sort of shuffle whilst on stage, and there may be a dozen or more doing this in front of an audience of a hundred or so guys.

In some of the better bars there are various performers who come on stage in between the standard shufflers. Acts vary in the degree of eroticism, and some are quite tame whilst others have crossed the line as far as the law is concerned and even shown live sex acts…

Pattaya gogo girls are usually all available for take-out, but the girls that perform the specialty acts might not be. Any girl who wears a number should be available, and all you have to do is quote that number to a waitress and the lady of your choice will come and speak to you.

Gogo bars are more extreme than beer-bars - how do shy, quiet girls, from poor rural areas end up on stage?

Any girl that performs on stage in a gogo bar is no newcomer to the sex trade. You should keep that one fact in your mind because the implication is that Pattaya gogo girls have had long-term exposure to a line of work that changes a person’s character.

What may once have been a sweet, innocent, good natured lady from a sleepy village in rural Thailand is now a professional hardcore working-girl. If you get emotionally attached to one of these ladies you will almost certainly get scammed.

A more usual route to this kind of work is to start by either serving drinks in the bar or some other role off-stage. Another route is to start off working in a beer-bar and progress from there.

Both routes gradually desensitize the girls to actions that they may once never have considered.

Bangkok is only a 2-hour drive from Pattaya, why do the girls work in Pattaya for wages that are so much lower than in Bangkok?

There are a number of reasons for this:

Firstly, whilst earnings are lower in Pattaya so too are costs, so you don’t need to earn as much.

Secondly, perceptions play a part and some girls just think that Pattaya offers a better opportunity.

Third, many of the girls want to keep their work a secret and they may think that they are more likely to be spotted in Bangkok by someone they know.

Fourth, wherever a girl goes, you can bet that she went there because she has a trusted friend working in the same place.

Many of the girls have a deep mistrust of the other girls who they don’t know. Once a girl has settled into a place, she’s unlikely to uproot herself and head off somewhere different alone – even if she knows the pay is better there.

You always need to take a shower before getting up close and personal with Pattaya escort girls, can they be trusted not to raid my wallet when I’m in the shower?

This thought has crossed the mind of virtually every man as he has stepped into that shower! Of course there is a risk, but instances of foul play are very rare.

If you happen to be heavily intoxicated at the time then an opportunist thief might have a go but, for the most part, the girls would be afraid that you might step out of the shower and check your pockets.

In short, you are quite safe so long as you are not too drunk!

If a girl did make an unauthorized withdrawal from your wallet and you found out about it, you would obviously make a complaint to the management at her bar. The management would probably take the girl’s side of the story and kick you out but there would still be consequences for the girl.

The last thing that any bar wants these days is angry customers. There is fierce competition for customers and any bar that is well managed will want to keep the punters happy. A final piece of advice then is to stick to the busier, better managed bars.

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