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Surprisingly, Pattaya escort girls i.e. call girls that work for a dedicated escort agency, are not in demand to the extent that you might expect from sin-city. When you think about it, the reason why this is the case is not that hard to explain.

Pattaya is awash with alternative options for hooking up with girls, so there’s not really any need to pay the higher prices that Pattaya escort girls will charge you for their time.

There are a lot of Thai girls online that are just looking for some short-term fun with an exotic Westerner like you! Serious romance or no-strings fun is available on:

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I’ve seen figures that estimate the total number of working-girls in Pattaya at anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 and take my word for it, these figures are easy to believe for anyone that has ever been to visit the city.

The whole place is built for adult entertainment and the nightlife is second to none in terms of its sheer size.

You might have thought that Bangkok would have a bigger nightlife scene but you’d be wrong. Bangkok is a much bigger city but, when it comes to the nightlife, Pattaya is in a league of its own.

A Pattaya escort girl will command a much higher fee for her companionship than the other working-girls that you might want to get close to, so most guys choose to save the expense and stick to the cheaper options.

Pattaya escortThai escorts are expensive, even in Pattaya...

Another reason for the lack of interest in the discretion that a Pattaya escort would offer is because the majority of westerners in Pattaya are tourists who are carefree and just looking to have some fun.

Many of them have no concern at all about appearing on someone's video post to YouTube or Facebook, and many of them are doing the sharing of such footage themselves!

Far from being ashamed of being seen partying with Thai girls in the land of smiles, they revel in it. Of course, this is a very difficult thing to accept for regular Thai people... they have long been astonished by the lack of any sense of shame that we westerners present.


Contrast that with Bangkok, where there is a much larger body of westerners there that are staying in Thailand for professional or business purposes.

These guys know full well that their reputations would be seriously damaged were they to be seen in the company of a working-girl, so discretion is much more important for them.

Because of the different demographic between Pattaya and Bangkok, the Thai escort scene is comparatively larger in the big city due to the discretion that it offers.

Meeting the sexiest Thai ladies for fun times is getting easier and easier to do via the online dating sites. A lot of girls like the extra discretion that is offered on:

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If you have read much of my site, you’ll already know that I generally advise the use of Thai dating sites as a means of meeting regular Thai girls if a lasting romance is your goal but, when it comes to Pattaya call girls, there’s another side to the dating sites that may interest you... Quite a lot of the online girls there are actually working-girls, no matter how they try to hide it, and the possibility of arranging escort-like liaisons presents itself... without the associated high price tags!

The implication is that it shouldn’t take too much effort to use a dating site to arrange some meetings on a casual basis, and it shouldn’t cost anything like the going rate that a Pattaya escort girl charges.

If you do go for this option, remember to be respectful and don’t talk directly about sex. Just make it clear that you are looking for a holiday girlfriend that will take care of you and that you will take good care of her... any Thai girl will understand what this means, and you should understand that it involves a payment.

Devils Den PattayaIt might not look like much, but Devils Den has got an interesting reputation...

Pattaya Escort Service Options

There is one Pattaya escort establishment in sin city that is very well known for the quality of the service provided by their ladies. Devils Den located on Soi LK Metro has been around for a number of years now and I’ve never heard a bad report about it.

Additional P4P Info

The P4P industry extends to more than bar-girls; click the links for details:

Thai Escort Girls
Thai Hooker Safety
Happy Ending Massage
Morals & Ethics

One reason for this is that their prices are substantially lower than other escort agencies.

It is a slightly unusual set up in that it caters to a wider range of fantasies than you would usually expect; and it specialises in providing 2-girls at a time.

You can book a single lady for an out-call service, but in-call is also available and that’s where the 2-lady experience comes as standard.

Other fetish desires are also catered for such as bondage, lesbian shows and so on, and I believe that it also caters for couples that are looking to add some spice to their sex lives…

There are plenty of other options if Devils Den does not appeal, there are several traditional escort agencies, there are online girls working freelance, there are many massage shops that provide out-call services, and you can be sure that extras are available – ‘Dream Teen Pattaya’ is one example.

This lovely petite lady from Bangkok is 28 years old and looking for romance with a westerner. Would you like to meet lots of girls just like her?

Then join my Recommended Thai Dating Site:

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