Pattaya Beach Girls, Tourists & Dangers

Pattaya beach girls, despite frequent prostitution crackdowns by the local police, remain a fixture on the stretch of road that runs along the main beach for about a kilometer from Pattaya Klang (Central Road) to Walking Street.

I think that these girls are best left alone, but they do serve one useful purpose, they act as a barometer for the authorities’ current tolerance level for prostitution.

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The first working-girls that get targeted by the well documented government movement to clean up Pattaya’s international image these days are those girls that are most overtly soliciting their services to tourists. Pattaya beach girls are about as visible as it gets, and hence the focus on stopping them.

I remain unconvinced that any of the current policies to clean up Pattaya and the reputation that it enjoys suffers will have much success.

Now, I’ve no idea what the current penalty for suspected soliciting of sexual services stands at, but apart from rare occasions when the streets are literally devoid of working-girls because of a large temporary police presence on the scene, the number of Pattaya beach girls working as prostitutes is just as high today as ever.

Video footage exists on YouTube from way back in August 2011 showing how Pattaya beach girls (and ladyboys) have been targeted to little or no effect. At the time of the video, the fine for loitering and suspected prostitution was a mere 100 THB and a police warning. That’s not exactly a career-choice altering penalty...

Of course, the current Thai government was not in power at the time of the footage above, and there’s no doubt that the latest push to clean things up is much more determined than anything that we’ve seen before.

Ultimately, I suspect that things will change and that the Pattaya we know and love will eventually be consigned to history... but then again I’ve been making this premonition of doom for a while now.

Pattaya beach girls and risks

I mentioned above that the working-girls along Beach Road are best left alone, the reason is because of the well documented extra risks that come with attaching yourself to someone who cannot be traced if she were to disappear with your valuables. It happens a lot and even the video above mentioned that the crime rate amongst this section of the working-girl fraternity is high.

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Then you’ve got the extra attention that you may or may not receive from the local authorities. If you are unlucky with your timing you might end up being filmed in part of a surveillance operation. This is unlikely and I’ve yet to hear of anyone being pulled in by the police for illicit relations with these ladies.

The one exception being where a pedophile had been caught with an underage girl that he met on Beach Road, there is no tolerance for those scumbags and the Police are actually very effective at catching these criminals.

Whilst the girls have no attachment to any bars or other establishments with fixed premises, they do often have an attachment to drugs, and to some very shady characters who supply the drugs and pimp the girls out.

If you were to inadvertently upset one of these girls, which is easily done if she is loaded up on amphetamines or who knows what, you might end up being visited by someone whose positive characteristic traits do not include reason or self-restraint! There are an alarming number of western guys who have been fished out of the sea the morning after a bad night...

Pattaya beach girl customers

As you can imagine, the guys that go after the Pattaya beach girls are amongst the least fortunate guys in terms of financial resources. Prices for company are certainly lower than in the bars and clubs, and there is a certain section of the expat community that likes to stretch a baht.

Pattaya beach girlA gentleman out for a stroll along Beach Road.

Some of these guys will wander around the bars looking for balloons (which indicates that it’s someone’s birthday and that there will be some free food to be had). I’ve also been in bars where some western toe-rag has been freeloading off other tourists, and when his turn to buy the drinks came up he refused (deservedly earning himself some street justice).

Other guys refuse to pay the extra few baht for a beer from a bar and instead will head to a seven-eleven store to buy beer. Obviously you can’t drink those beers in a bar, so they’ll head to the coconut bar (colloquial name for Beach Road on account of the palm trees there) where they can drink. Whilst there they’ll hitch up with Pattaya beach girls to save a few baht more (no barfine to pay and cheaper prices for company).

It’s these sorts of westerners that tend to give the worst impression of the west in Thai minds. They sometimes end up homeless, penniless, overstaying their visas, dressed in rags, unclean, etc.

There was even a Dutch fellow at one time, albeit in Bangkok rather than Pattaya, who used to beg on the streets with a sign reading that he needed to raise money for a flight home. People would donate generously but the guy never left, and presumably never intended to leave. It was almost certainly a con that was intended to fund his life in Thailand. No one knows what became of him, one day he just disappeared.

Pattaya beach prostitutesSome of the prostitutes on Beach Road are not the most beautiful...

Other than the dregs of western society, the street-hookers also get a large amount of custom from visitors that hail from poorer countries. Indian guys can often be seen in groups, of anywhere from two to a dozen or more, negotiating with Pattaya beach girls. The aim there being that bargaining for pleasures in bulk might further reduce individual costs per participant...

Pattaya beach ladyboys and risks

Pattaya beach ladyboys are the most notorious sex-workers of all, and the local news in Pattaya frequently reports on incidents involving them with tourists.

Sometimes it’s clear that the tourist in question had mistakenly gotten involved with someone he believed to be a woman, and then got a shock.

I recall a news report recorded at the Police department with a Russian guy in handcuffs and a battered ladyboy who the Russian claims had tricked him...

I’ve also seen many reports involving Pattaya beach ladyboys harassing and even attacking tourists late at night.

You never quite know who is to blame in these incidents and I can imagine that most westerners fail to remain calm, and thereby cause the Thai in question to lose face. That’s never a good idea and at the end of the night when some ladyboys might be drug-fueled, anything can happen.

Drugs can, and frequently are, used to spike the drinks of tourists and it’s almost always the street-workers that are to blame. Once you’ve passed out, any valuables that you have are history. I’ve even seen a news report about a German guy who died as a result of being drugged by a street-worker.

Final thoughts

As you’ve probably gathered, I’m not a big fan of Pattaya beach girls and the extra risks that they come with. The dangers only apply to a few of them, but with much safer options available from the bars and clubs, not to mention online facilities for meeting girls, it just makes sense to find an extra few baht when an itch needs to be scratched.

For expats in Pattaya, my advice is to keep an eye on the Pattaya beach girls and the authorities’ tolerance of them. If/when the ratchet is further notched up in the fight to clean up Pattaya’s image, I suspect that it’s these prostitutes that will be the first to disappear.

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