Pattaya Bar Girls; beginners guide

By Shane (from Hua Hin)

It is often said that Pattaya bar girls are different to the bar girls you will find elsewhere in Thailand, usually in the sense of the extra care and attention that they offer. Some guys prefer them, while others will just describe them as being more hardened or more seasoned.

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To begin with, if you are looking for Go-Go bars full of beautiful young Thai women, then you need to visit either Bangkok or Pattaya. Places like Phuket do have plenty of nice looking women but Pattaya wins hands down.

Bangkok can of course compete with Pattaya in terms of quality, but it is expensive by comparison, and I am not only referring to the nightlife scene. In short, if you want as much adult fun as possible during your stay in Thailand, you go to Pattaya. Basically, you can get whatever you want in Pattaya and it will cost you less than it will in Bangkok.

The Transformation of Pattaya Bar Girls

As many expats will attest to, most Pattaya bar girls arrive in the city while they are still sweet and innocent. An older sister or an older friend or relative has told them how much money they can earn. They see their sister or friend wearing gold that's worth enough to pay them the daily minimum wage of 300 baht for six months or even a year, and their sister or friend got it for free, along with a whole pile of cash.

For a poorly educated girl who comes from a family with almost no money at all, the thought of being able to earn more than a doctor is simply too much of a temptation.

I was chatting to one bar girl in Pattaya a few years ago, and no, we never did anything together but we sort of hit it off as friends. She was single with two kids from a Thai man. She was super-hot and extremely proud of the fact that both her kids were in an international school, which by the way costs an absolute fortune in Thailand. She also told me that in low season she would only make about five or six thousand baht a week, while during high season she could regularly make more than 20,000 baht in a week. On top of this, she also had a “boyfriend” in Sweden who sent her money every month.

Let's keep in mind that most people in Thailand earn less than 15,000 per month, with many workers from the Northeast earning less than the formal minimum wage – as little as 6,000 per month. It's this significant earnings potential that quickly changes an innocent country girl into a hardened bar girl, and nowhere in Thailand is this more noticeable than with Pattaya girls.

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A mate of mine who I met several years ago owns a bar in Pattaya, and it was him who first brought it to my attention. I was there in his bar one night and I commented on one of the girls who in my mind were incredibly attractive. Not only did I mention her good looks, but I also mentioned the way she was acting.

Roy’s bar (not his real name) is just a regular beer bar with girls rather than being a Go-Go bar. In these types of beer bars, the girls typically try to draw potential customers into the bars. I’m 100% familiar with this and I no longer even notice it, but the one girl in Roy’s bar was really pushing the boundaries. Forgive me for not being politically correct, but in my opinion she was acting like a hard-core slut. Now, you may think that such behaviour is the norm in Thailand’s red light districts, but it actually is not.

I was talking about her to Roy, and I said I bet she has been around the block a few times. To my surprise he told me she had only been in the game for just over two months. She was from Surin and had arrived at his bar with a friend from her village who had been working at his bar for nearly a year. Roy assured me that she was anything but a bar girl when she arrived, and it was only after she had been there a few weeks that she went away with her first customer. “That lass that you see there went from an innocent village girl to that in the space of two months,” said Roy. Pattaya bar girls learn their trade very quickly!

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Roy then pointed to another gorgeous looking girl and told me she followed a similar path but that she was more selective as far as earning an income was concerned. Instead of her going with different customers every night or every other night, she had managed to get herself a few boyfriends who were madly in love with her. None of them knew she was playing them, and they were all sending her money every month.

With a good regular income, she didn’t have to rely on regular customers but she continued to work in the bar because with her looks, she had no problem convincing customers to buy her “lady drinks” from which she got a cut. She also often got hefty tips from drunken tourists who felt sorry for her. Sometimes she did go with a customer, but Roy informed me that she only did “short time” which meant an hour or two at the most. I can even remember entertaining the idea of taking her for some “short time” fun, but the thought of her boyfriends would have been a bit of a spoiler.

My First experience of Pattaya Bar Girls

As I have said to many guys before, some Pattaya bar girls are serious eye candy! There are just so many stunningly beautiful girls in their early twenties to early thirties; something which you would never experience in places like Hua-Hin for example.

Eventually, after being in Pattaya for several days, temptation got the better of me and I ended up leaving one of the bars with an amazing looking girl, and she also had a really fun sort of personality. Unfortunately I can’t seem to recall her name, but I do remember that I had an awesome time with her for a few days.

Now, I don’t want to go into too much detail here, but I will say that this girl was everything and more than I could ever have hoped for as far as bedroom activities were concerned. Perhaps I was initially misled by her innocent looks and her age. Once we got behind closed doors however, she was a total nymphomaniac with a seemingly infinite sexual appetite, and much to my surprise, she clearly didn’t have many boundaries.

If she had been in her late thirties or early forties with years of bar girl experience behind her, I would not have been so surprised by her sexual expertise, but she was only 23 or 24 four years old. It was on our last day together that she once again surprised me when she told me she had only been “working bar” for four months. When I asked about her expertise and her sexually adventurous nature, she simply informed me that if you want customers to stay with you or you want them to come back to you, then you have to do everything “crazy crazy” so that they remember you long time lol. I guess she was another example of how quickly innocent village girls can transform into hard-core Pattaya bar girls.

Three Girls in a Bed

Have I ever shared a bed with three Pattaya bar girls at the same time? Well, actually I have and you may think I am crazy for saying this, but the experience was nowhere near as good as I had imagined it would be. You see, I did actually share a bed with three lovely bar girls, but all four of us were fully clothed.

A good friend of mine on the other hand has slept with two girls at the same time on a number of occasions, and it has always been in Pattaya. As I have mentioned already, Pattaya bar girls tend to be more adventurous than the bar girls you see elsewhere in Thailand, with Bangkok being the exception.

Anyway, if you intend visiting Pattaya and you like the idea of taking two beauties back to your hotel room, you will find many of the bar girls are open to the idea, but many will not be willing to take part in any sort of lesbian fantasy, so don’t get your hopes up too high.

If you are hoping to see some girl-on-girl action, make sure you discuss this with the girls before you make any sort deal with them. Also, you’ll have the best chance of making this happen if you choose one girl you like, and then tell her what you have in mind, and ask her to find a second girl to join the two of you.

As I have said, a good mate of mine has enjoyed several such sessions with Pattaya bar girls. Not surprisingly, he has never had much luck with this sort of thing in Hua Hin, but that’s probably due to the shortage of good looking bar girls in Hua Hin!

Okay, time for one last tip: If you head down to Pattaya when you are in Thailand and you hit the bars in search of some exotic company for the night, just be careful when you choose a girl if you have had a lot to drink, because trust me, not all Pattaya bar girls are actually girls...

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