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On the subject of Manila escorts, and other Filipina escorts around the country, I think the same general advice applies as with Thai escorts i.e. they are usually more expensive than other working girls but they do offer a greater degree of discretion. I say that they are ‘usually more expensive’ but there may be some exceptions to this rule in the capital city.

If you are looking for a long-term love interest then make sure you avoid the bars; the girls there come with too many risks. A trustworthy dating site is a much better option.

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Manila escort prices vary wildly, as do the prices asked by the bar girls and freelance working girls there, and that results in a small overlap between the cheapest escorts and the most expensive bar girls.

It is not much of an overlap, and most Manila escorts start their fees where bar girls finish theirs. If you have not read my article about Filipina bar girls, you might not be aware that in Manila they are far more expensive than their sisters in other cities, so much so that they make escorts a viable alternative. Generally speaking, an overnight liaison with an escort will cost at least 10,000 PHP (just over $200 U.S. dollars) whilst a 2-hour liaison will cost at least 5,000 PHP.

Filipina escort prices

You’ll notice on the chart that I have listed these prices as the cheapest prices available, the range of actual prices charged by Filipina escorts is very wide and the most expensive rates are more than double those listed in the chart.

There are some other important considerations to make. Firstly, whilst the prices vary wildly, this doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the beauty of the escort girls, there are cheap beauties and expensive beauties. Only in Angeles City did the beauty seem to impact upon asking prices, and in that city there was only a very restricted choice of girls available at all. I’m guessing that the main reason for this is that the vast majority of customers there are holidaymakers. These men are typically much more interested in the abundant supply of bar girls, and other working girls, that can be had at much lower prices.

If discretion is of no concern to you, some of the bar girls are not bad looking...

I was surprised that the cheapest asking prices in the Visayan city of Cebu were not lower; Cebu is located in a much poorer area than Manila and there are much cheaper alternatives there if you want the companionship of Filipina girls.

Another thing that stood out whilst conducting my research is that the availability of Filipina escorts is quite restricted outside the areas listed in the chart, or in other words, there are few dedicated agencies operating outside those areas and none that I could find listed on the online search engines. That is not to say that working girls cannot be found in distant places of the Philippines, prostitution is present wherever you go, but dedicated escort girls are thin on the ground.

If the culture gap between east and west puts you off Thai girls then you’ll be delighted to know that it is much less of a gap with Filipina ladies. Most are Christians at:

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Manila escorts and Makati escorts

It seems to me that the Filipina call girl industry only operates to a sizable degree in or around the capital city. Manila escorts and Makati escorts (Makati is actually a relatively wealthy part of the greater Manila metro area) are available in large numbers and it is there that the huge variation in prices is most apparent.

The highest prices I found came in at 28,000 PHP for an overnight service (almost $600 USD); this is obviously aimed at the high-class segment of the market. If this sounds interesting to you then I’d do some more research; I am a little suspicious of the suitability of these girls for any sort of high-class social event. Tattoos are rarely to be seen on Filipina girls, but when I had a look at the online pictures of these high-class Manila escorts I quickly spotted one – and it ran right down the full length of the girl’s forearm…

Services offered

One of the main attractions that draw some men towards escort girls is the sometimes unusual services that are provided. It is normal in most countries for these services to extend to entertaining couples; catering for fetish desires is also commonplace. However, when it comes to Manila escorts I’m not entirely sure what is on offer. A quick reading of the services offered on the most popular dedicated escort sites in Manila reveals nothing much about what services are being sold!

I suspect that this is due to the legal system in the Philippines; being a devout Catholic country I believe that the authorities would quickly crack down on any openly advertised prostitution, but I think that local law does permit you to pay for a lady’s company – this is why bar girls are freely able to accompany their customers out of their bars. Obviously, what goes on between the two of you once you’re in the privacy of your hotel room is unlikely to be scrutinized. Nevertheless, bearing in mind that Manila escorts require payment upfront, a customer does have to trust that his desires will be satisfied.

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