Langkawi Nightlife, Escorts & Sex

The Langkawi nightlife scene isn’t as great as people expect when they visit this tropical paradise. Some visitors, especially those looking for hard partying, find it quite a let-down, especially when you compare it to places like Bali or Phuket.

In fact, the nightlife is relatively quiet and dull, but I like it. The Langkawi sex scene is not loaded with hookers and P4P options, but there is fun to be had.

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The island has duty-free alcohol, which makes it a cheap destination in Malaysia, and the beaches are amazing.

In my opinion, the Langkawi nightlife is best enjoyed by relaxing on the beach with a few beers and then heading to one of the bars later on.

The main stretch is in Pantai Cenang. This is the beach near the airport and it has plenty of hotels and bars. Most visitors stay here and you can easily find both cheap and expensive beach resorts around this area.

The main town is Kuah, it takes around 30 to 45 minutes to get to Kuah from the airport. Fewer tourists visit and there aren’t many restaurants or places to drink.

If you are looking for a romantic setting and a relaxed holiday for two, the island is arguably the best that Malaysia has to offer, and it certainly the most popular.

Cenang beach is southwest facing, making it ideal for watching sunsets.

Langkawi Escorts & Prostitution

Casual encounters and sex in Langkawi is much easier to find than in other, more traditional, parts of the country. Like I said before, the girls are on holiday and they do let their guards downs a little, but don’t expect too much.

Prostitution on the streets is rare to non-existent; I’ve never seen or heard of it, but there are some online options to meet Langkawi escorts and call girls in the area (see below for details).

Pantai Cenang is just a small stretch near the beach and most of the population in Kuah are conservative Muslims. If you’re looking for a big P4P presence, consider heading to a different location altogether.

Langkawi is a safe destination and you won’t have any problems with gangs as you might in other cities in Malaysia but, saying that, theft and bag snatching does happen occasionally, especially at night on the beach.

The Langkawi nightlife is toned down, but sometimes it’s just nice to relax on the beach under the stars with a cold beer and good company.

Langkawi Call Girls, Prices & Options

For anyone who wants to avoid any of the usual long-term relationship issues that seem to plague east-west romances, Langkawi escorts are an option worth considering.

The beach is a good relaxed place to enjoy a night out

Escorts in Langkawi come in all of the Southeast Asian flavors that you get elsewhere e.g. Thai, Philippine, Vietnamese etc, but there are some escort agencies that have European girls available.

A European Langkawi escort girl will cost a lot more. Where the going price for an hour of entertainment with an Asian lady is around 250 RM, you can expect to pay up to 1,000 RM for an hour with a European girl.

Whilst that is higher even than western world prices, from the research that I've conducted, you can at least find some very beautiful ladies available at that price.

Langkawi call girls are just about your only option for P4P pleasure in this part of the world. There are no bar girls to be found, and no girls waiting around on street corners either. On the whole this is a conservative area, so it might be a good idea to utilize the extra privacy offered by a call girl.

Langkawi Girls & Dating

By Sam (from Malaysia)

Langkawi girls are unique; they do come from the conservative Malaysian background, but they aren’t quite as reserved as you might expect them to be. In the story that follows, a friend of mine gets romantically involved with one of these ladies, but he gets a little more than he bargained for.

Langkawi is an island that’s part of Kedah. This is an ultra-conservative part of Malaysia for both the Muslim and non-Muslim families. There aren’t many employment opportunities so many people migrate to the bigger cities of Penang or Kuala Lumpur to study and to work.

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Because of this, Langkawi girls tend to become more independent and less traditional than other Malaysian women. They’re easier to meet, get to know and even date. The girls who move away tend to embrace their freedom more, but they can come with unexpected baggage...

If you get serious with a local lady, everything will likely get off to a great start. Any major problems that might crop up later will have a familiar feel for anyone with experience of Southeast Asian girls i.e. with regard to the family getting involved.

What's it like dating Langkawi girls

John, an Australian in his late 20s was backpacking through Malaysia and decided to spend two weeks in Langkawi. He was in a food market in Kuah finding it difficult to tell the vendor what he wanted when a girl came over to help with translation. They chatted, exchanged numbers, and agreed to meet again. She was a local girl who had returned home for a long holiday after spending some time working in Kuala Lumpur.

John met her again the next day and they went out for drinks. She came alone, which is unusual on the first date with someone from Malaysia. They had a great time and on the second or third date things went further. Perhaps it’s the beach or the island lifestyle that makes Langkawi girls more laid back in this respect.

The holiday romance was now going at a fast pace. It soon became clear that John wanted more than just a quick fling, but he was also only here for a short time. So, they decided to keep in touch. Their love story is a little unusual. I can understand things being as easy and as smooth as this in Thailand, but not in Malaysia.

Cenang Beach, LangkawiCenang Beach, Langkawi.

So, one day over a beer or two, I asked John about how he dated her. For info, I myself am married to a Malaysian, and I found it to be much more difficult and complicated than John’s experience, or so I thought.

He told me that they would tend to meet in the bars along the beach. At times they would sit on the sand and just relax in the evening. She came back to his room after just a few dates and John thought that this was because she didn’t want to go home to her family. Presumably this was to avoid questions of where and with whom she had been...

The girl always complained about how her family interfered with her life; she was expected to behave in accordance with traditional customs. In fact, arranged marriages weren’t unheard of in Kedah, even for non-Muslims. After moving away and gaining her freedom it was almost as if she was rebelling. This is not an uncommon story, other Langkawi girls are like this too.

To cut a long story short, things worked out. They met again in Kuala Lumpur some time later and after a year something unexpected happened – John asked her to marry him, but it wasn’t the proposal that was the shock.

Langkawi girls and those from Kedah have to follow their family’s wishes and traditions. Dating a foreigner is unheard of and controversial so she kept it all a secret. John found himself engaged to a girl whose family didn’t even know about him!

Something needed to happen; they couldn’t tell her family that they’re engaged, but marriage is important in Malaysian culture and saying they’re just together may lose the family’s respect. This is where the problems and complications started.

It took a long time to convince the family to accept their engagement and, when it was finally agreed, John was expected to pay for the wedding, hold an engagement ceremony, and host another party in their village. Only a few of John’s family and friends would attend but hundreds of the bride's would. John had to pay for everything.

The Langkawi EagleThe Langkawi Eagle.

This was a major problem that people often forget when they’re dating Langkawi girls or any other girl from Malaysia. The cultural difference between the two of you may seem small, but it’s the differences with the family that start to cause the difficulties.

The Next Shock is on the Wedding Day

Finally, they get married. They did the engagement ceremony, held the wedding and planned to have the party in their village. After the marriage certificate was signed, the family took him to a private room before the ceremony. John was a bit tipsy from the champagne when the extended family boldly proceeded to explain the concept of a dowry. If you don’t know, a dowry is a monetary sum you give the parents when you marry their daughter.

Everyone was happy and in a jolly mood and John expected them to ask for a small amount; just a stipend to follow their traditions and to be polite. After all, he had just spent close to $10,000 on everything else.

Wrong; he was asked to pay a dowry of $2000 and the family were serious about it. John and his new wife were speechless.

This hadn’t been discussed beforehand and was only mentioned on their wedding day, just before the ceremony! Of course, both were unhappy. John took out a loan back in Australia to pay for it but, in the end, they negotiated and he paid only $200. When I was writing this article, I got in touch with John to make sure he was okay with it. I also asked him for some advice from his experience.

He gave a stark warning when dating Langkawi girls regarding how much the family expect you to give, give, give. Everything was about money and him adapting to suit their customs but not the other way around. Why hadn’t anyone told him before or even sent a gentle reminder to his new wife? Dropping a huge bombshell like that just after they had got married was unfair.

Where to enjoy the Langkawi nightlife

The Langkawi nightlife is somewhat active in Pantai Cenang and not so much in Kuah. The former has rows of restaurants and bars along the beach, most of which open in the early evening and offer 'Happy Hour' prices.

Whilst there is the usual Southeast Asia high and low season, the nightlife doesn’t get super active at any time of the year.

Different religious holidays bring different crowds of locals. Indians and Chinese drink, Malays not so much. Western tourists visit all year round, so the nightlife is a bit uncertain depending on the crowd that’s there.

Langkawi sky bridgeThe Langkawi sky bridge.

Some of the bars along Pantai Cenang play live music and open until after midnight. Drinks are cheaper than other parts of Malaysia but not so much in comparison to Thailand. Again, the atmosphere really varies.

Just to illustrate this point, I’ve been to Langkawi five times, twice in July and three times in January. The former is low season and the latter is the peak season. The first time in July was so busy you could hardly move. The following year, again in July, it was dead.

I went in January and had a great time spending most of my time in the bars and partying, so I went back the same time the following year and it was Ramadan… nothing was open!

I tried again the following year in January and it was full of families. The Langkawi nightlife, from my experience, changes and it just depends on what’s happening when you arrive.

You need to avoid coming when it’s Ramadan as most places will be shut during the day. Alcohol is more restricted and therefore the nightlife is toned down. Not many tourists come and the bars close early or don’t open at all.

Most local tourists come between November and February when it’s the school or end of year holidays but again, the family atmosphere isn’t really good for the Langkawi nightlife scene.

Places open longer hours during the high seasons yet it’s more family friendly. Remember that Malaysians are conservative and drinking is sometimes frowned upon.

There are always some westerners in Langkawi, the climate, beaches, and cheap drinks makes sure of that.

Some are backpackers who tend to drink more and party more, others are expats escaping the busy life in Kuala Lumpur.

You’ll probably see one or two westerners who have decided to open up their own bars and resettle here. These people are the best source of local information if you can find them.

How to meet girls in Langkawi

The locals love to come to Langkawi to relax and unwind. Girls from all around Malaysia visit for a few days and, when people are on holiday, they are usually easier to approach and are more receptive to flirting.

You’ll probably find a number of Malaysian girls on the beach, some may even be drinking. If you decide to try your luck with them, remember that Malaysian girls are conservative and one-night stands aren’t as common as in other SEA countries, but casual sex encounters are not impossible.

Just remember that the whole Langkawi nightlife scene doesn’t have to be about drinking and partying. Relaxing with a nice girl on the beach whilst sipping a cocktail or a beer is just as good.

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