Ladyboy Massage in Thailand

Finding a good ladyboy massage parlour in Thailand is not easy unless you are in Bangkok. Due to the size of the big city you can usually find whatever you are looking for and that certainly applies to massage.

The best parlours in Thailand are located in Bangkok and even if you are looking for a happy ending massage it is still the capital that has the best options.

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The massage options are one side to the naughty nightlife industry where Bangkok outshines Pattaya… perhaps the only side. Pattaya and other places do, of course, have their facilities but they don’t tend to be the specialist parlours that you can find in Bangkok; I’ll give some suggestions in the sections below on that.

There are also many different ways in which to find a ladyboy massage once you broaden your horizons and look beyond the shops and parlours. You could easily use a dating site to arrange a massage; my recommended dating site is perfect for that since it has a dedicated ladyboy section.

It’s also true that massage skills are not limited to professional masseuses, there are plenty of non-professional Thais that know all about massage but, as you might expect, quality will be difficult to guarantee unless you are visiting a reputable parlour.

ladyboy massageThe 'Fantasy Lounge' in Pattaya, ladyboy massage is available...

For the naughty stuff, you might not even care too much about the massage and only be regarding it as a prelude to what comes after. If that’s the case then you’re well advised to forget about finding a ladyboy massage parlour altogether, your options are far greater if you simply head out to a red light district and start talking to someone at a bar.

Massage options and prices

There are ladyboys to found in all the main foreigner focused nightlife hotspots in Thailand, and they will happily provide what you are looking for.

If the naughty stuff has no appeal to you at all, and you simply want to find the best regular massage possible, you might mistakenly be thinking that a lady is incapable of generating sufficient force to really give you a thorough massage. I can personally vouch for the strength of the hands of Thai ladies, especially those belonging to the older, seasoned professionals.

If you are unconvinced by this, it still doesn’t mean that a Thai ladyboy is your only option; there are some male masseurs to be found, although many cater for the gay scene…

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As far as ladyboy massage prices go, there is a great deal of variance, not just across Thailand but also within each location. Having said that, a cheap massage will set you back as little as 100 baht for an hour whilst an expensive massage should still only come in at around 500 baht, so it won’t break the bank.

The naughty stuff also varies depending on location, venue, and specific service but here too it won’t cost the Earth. You should expect to pay around an extra 2,000 baht as a ball park figure; a little less in a cheap location or for less than the full service, but probably a little more at the other extreme.

Ladyboy Massage Bangkok…

Bangkok is Thai massage Mecca and you’re spoiled for choice compared to the other options. The big advantage is reputable, dedicated parlours, with well trained staff. There are two of these in particular that stand out and mine is not the only website to have recognised this.

The Nuch Massage Parlour and the Montra Massage Parlour are located right next to each other on Sukhumvit Road between sois 5&7 and, whilst they might not look like much on the outside, you’ll be hard pressed to find better facilities in Thailand.

Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, at the Asok intersection.

Opinions are divided as to which of the two houses the more attractive ladyboys and, since the prices asked are similar, I don’t have a particular recommendation for one over the other. My advice would be to make your judgement on the day according to whichever has the better line up ladyboys outside the shop.

All the adult extras are available in both shops, should you desire them, so there really isn’t much to set these two apart.

The online scene is also at its best in Bangkok, and you really won’t face any difficulty at all in arranging to meet up with someone for this. My only tip here is to make sure that your hotel is guest-friendly so that you don’t have to pay extra to take anyone up to your room.

All of the main Bangkok red light areas are home to numerous ladyboys, should you prefer to find someone in a bar, and there are plenty of massage shops that employ a ladyboy or two.

Ladyboy Massage Pattaya…

There are no Pattaya massage parlours that I’m aware of that are are staffed exclusively with ladyboys, but there are plenty that employ at least one. The best location within the city is found on Soi 11, Second Road; otherwise known as Soi Honey due to the ‘Honey Massage Parlour’ being located there.

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Whilst that particular parlour does not employ any ladyboys, there are some smaller venues where you will find some options. At the top of Soi Honey, at the intersection with Soi Buakhao, you’ll find the ‘Fantasy Lounge’ (see picture above) which, although not a massage parlour, is exclusively ladyboy staffed.

Massage is also on offer here but I have no idea as to the expertise of the ladyboys in performing them… the Fantasy Lounge is more of a naughty bar than anything else, so be aware of that if you are thinking of venturing inside.

Other destinations in Sin City are possible; there are ladyboys all over the city that are working as either bar girls or freelance hookers, and most will be happy to give you a massage. Prices will, as always in Pattaya, be highest on Walking Street, but another viable option is Boyz Town (located off Second Road).

Boyz Town is more a gay area than a ladyboy area, but I believe that there are some ladyboys to be found there, and there are certainly some massage parlours there.

Ladyboy Massage Phuket…

In Phuket you need to head towards Patong if you want to find a ladyboy. The options are generally more limited than in Pattaya but there is the advantage of a dedicated ladyboy massage parlour there called ‘Tootsie’. As well as massage, all the adult stuff is also available there. You can find it near to Bangla Road on Soi Rat-U-Thit 2.

The main alternative option is to head of to Soi Crocodile off Bangla Road. This Soi is also known as Soi Kathoey (Kathoey being the Thai word for ladyboy). Not everyone on Soi Crocodile is a ladyboy, but there are plenty to be found there and massage is, as ever, available.

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