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Why is it that having a ladyboy girlfriend in Thailand is treated with such tolerance compared to what you find in other countries?

The answer to this question is not immediately obvious and you could ask a million other questions about how a certain country has developed a certain attitude towards a given thing without getting any conclusive answers.

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There are certainly some things that help generate the tolerance level, Buddhism in general is a remarkably tolerant religion and being the overwhelmingly dominant religion in Thailand it has helped matters. It can’t just be down to this though; otherwise every Buddhist country would share similar attitudes.

I think that the unique aspect about Thailand is the general concept of avoiding conflict where possible. Of course it also helps that sex in general is not seen as being quite the taboo subject that it is in other regions of the world and freedom to express oneself in whichever way is preferred is seen as being perfectly natural.

You should note that even Thailand does not have complete equality, Time magazine has featured an article that describes a far from perfect picture (click here to read it), but there’s no question in my mind that the tolerance level here is extremely high compared to any other country I’m aware of.

Some ladyboys on Soi Buakhao, Pattaya

Are the opportunities to find a ladyboy girlfriend in Thailand limited to places like Pattaya or are there opportunities in traditional areas of the country?

There are lots of ladyboys in all parts of Thailand but, in terms of meeting them, there is a difference compared to meeting ladies. If you are looking for romance with a lady then there is every chance that you might intend to take that lady back to your home country at some point where you can continue the relationship. When it comes to ladyboy girlfriend options, most men come to Thailand precisely because they are too shy, or too afraid, to have these sorts of relationships back home. That makes holiday romances much more likely that long-term relationships and so there is a much higher concentration of ladyboys in tourist areas like Pattaya.

Another problem, if you are intending a long-term relationship, relates to recognising a ladyboy when you see one – you might not be able to. My top recommendation for meeting girls is to head over to Thailand for an extended visit and take your time getting to know some girls away from the tourist areas.

Meeting girls as they are walking down the street or working in a shop etc is the best way to find someone special but, since you won’t so easily spot a ladyboy walking down the street or working in a shop, you really need to consider online dating as your best option. Signing up with my recommended dating site will give you access to a dedicated a section for men looking to meet regular ladyboys for long-term relationships.

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If I am interested in finding a ladyboy girlfriend, does this mean that I am gay?

This is a very popular question that gets bandied about the Thai online forums very frequently. I don’t think anyone is qualified to give a definitive answer to it but plenty have tried. There are those people, Thai people in particular, that feel that attraction towards a ladyboy does not mean that you are gay – they argue that ladyboys are feminine in appearance and character and that to be attracted to that is not homosexual. Others argue more on physiological grounds that a ladyboys is genetically a man and that any that is attracted to a ladyboy must be homosexual. Personally I think that whole question is mute and meaningless. The people that get embroiled in these debates usually have an axe to grind and just want to vent some anger for one reason or another.

My opinion, for what is worth, is that attraction to a ladyboy is something different entirely. I don’t think it either heterosexual or homosexual; it belongs to a different sort of sexuality altogether. What I will say is that, it appears much more common for men that are currently involved with a ladyboy girlfriend to have had previous relationships exclusively with women. I think it is much rarer for a man whose previous relationships have been gay relationships to develop an interest in ladyboys. This is the intuitive message that have picked up on whenever I have read any stories, articles, interviews and so on regarding ladyboys and their partners.

If my ladyboy girlfriend has close friends with another ladyboy should I be concerned that they are involved in a sexual relationship?

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No, you should be aware that ladyboys see themselves as being female and that they regard other ladyboys as being female – at least in terms of their persona. That means that they are not usually attracted to each other; the want to be with heterosexual masculine men the same that a heterosexual woman would.

Believe it or not, there would be a greater danger if you were involved with a bar-girl from one of the tourist areas. It is well documented that many of these ladies are either homosexual or bisexual and, if she is particularly close with a lady that you suspect is gay, then there is a significant chance that there is a more meaningful relationship than mere friendship between them!

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