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By Axel (from Prachuap)

If you haven't dated any Kuala Lumpur girls then you're missing out. Malaysian ladies are some of the sexiest in Asia and if you have a trip planned you're in for a treat! There are three main ethnic groups in Malaysia. The largest one is made up of Malays, followed by Chinese and then Tamils (Southern Indians).

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I don't want to disappoint you if it’s ethnic variety that you want, but the only Malaysian women that repeatedly interact with foreigners are from the Chinese camp. Think jet-black hair, a light complexion and excellent business skills, and you're pretty close to the real thing.

Let me share my first encounter with some beautiful Kuala Lumpur girls...

Kuala Lumpur girls, here I come

It was my first trip ever to Malaysia. I had become friends with a Malaysian Chinese guy in Phuket, Thailand. His name was James and to my surprise he was Christian. Anyway, he kept inviting me to visit him. He had a big personality and was good fun to be around and; as it were, he was due to take a week off from his work at Intel and he wanted to show me around Kuala Lumpur.

Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia

In an email he wrote: “I want to set you up with a nice woman while you're here. Either we'll throw a party and invite some top Kuala Lumpur girls, or I'll arrange a few blind dates for you, in one day. What will it be?” I just couldn't get enough of this guy. I was smiling from ear to ear, when I sent off the three-word reply, "Party, party, party!"

Fast forward; James picked me up at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and after a quick, "Welcome to KL," he didn't waste a single moment. He went on to talk about the 3 women, in great detail, who had been invited to tonight's party at his place. "They're all dying to have a Western boyfriend. All three of them have university degrees and long legs!"

James told me that his girlfriend had spent hours figuring out which friends to invite. He had reminded her over and over again, "They have to be spontaneous and playful!" James was such a great guy.

Once at his condo, which was on the 21st floor, I realized that James must earn a serious salary. The guestroom was more like a large studio apartment with a separate bathroom. Not to mention the view from the living room, it was mesmerizing. James pointed out that it looks much nicer at night with the blinking lights from the capital's landmarks.

It was high time to jump in the shower and to slip into some stylish clothes. I was going to wear my favourite slacks and my new, short-sleeved Armani shirt. The Kuala Lumpur girls were on their way...

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Sue and James's girlfriend arrived first. I thought to myself, "These women look fantastic in their fancy outfits, silky black hair and their long legs." They even shook hands, I loved it. I already felt like the happiest man on earth, and there were two more to come.

How do you pick the right one? What is most important in a relationship? I couldn't think straight, so I settled for a rudimentary strategy - to go with my gut feeling.

We had only been sitting down for a few minutes, mostly talking about Europe, when 2 more bomb shells entered through the doorway. It was Eva, who had shortish hair and wore a really tight red skirt and Li Xia, in a classy white dress. When I tried to say her name everyone laughed really hard, while Li Xia looked me firmly in the eyes, from behind her sexy, black spectacle frames.

Her gaze was as powerful as the afterburner on a fighter jet. Not only that, it was sexual power. It wasn't just a gut feeling, but waves of hormones told me that she was the one I wanted. Now I had to entertain her, win her over.

Li Xia, what a sexy name. I asked her what it meant. She looked me deeply in the eyes and told me it meant red clouds. Her voice was articulate and she had a ton of confidence.., I loved everything about her.

She was about 165cm tall and had long slender legs. Her hair was shiny and perfectly straight, and just reached slightly below her shoulders. Her warm, red lipstick stood in stark contrast to her fair complexion. Li Xia's face was really beautiful, but the real magnet was her personality and sex appeal.

Sue and Eva, the other two Kuala Lumpur girls, kept straight faces throughout the evening and engaged enthusiastically in the conversation. That's what I like about the Malaysian Chinese, they're emotionally mature. And kudos to everyone for speaking English from beginning to end.

What are Kuala Lumpur girls really like?

Li Xia asked a lot of questions. She was really to the point, unlike Thai women. She checked if I was single, what kind of girls I fancied, how long I planned to stay in Southeast Asia, what type of work I did, and finally the most personal question of them all, what I thought of her...

What do you tell a stunning young woman that you've known for less than an hour? I played it cool and said, "I wonder if you're a good kisser." There is no need to tell you what happened next, but I ended up with lipstick in more than one place. While looking me steadily in the eyes, she said, "Li Xia means red clouds. Now there are two of them on your left cheek."

I loved the warm look on her face, when she was laughing. Her sense of humour was the ultimate counterweight to her sex appeal and confident personality.

A few hours had passed and Sue and Eva had said their goodbyes. It's not easy to keep track of time when your senses are fuelled by a sexy woman who is ready to play. James looked very pleased when Li Xia put her hand on my leg while whispering in my ear. Her warm breath catapulted my pulse… I was so turned on.

What happened that night and for the remainder of my stay was the stuff of dreams, and if other Kuala Lumpur girls are anything like Li Xia, Sue and Eva then I predict that western tourists will soon be making Malaysia a must-visit destination. James was the best host one could possibly have, and my newly found love filled me with vibrant life.

About a month later Li Xia and I went camping in Taman Negara National Park. It boasts one of the oldest rain forests in the world but to be quite honest with you, all I remember from the trip, is Li Xia. Kuala Lumpur girls are way up there on my list of top feminine companions, I'm happy that I didn't miss out!

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