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You’ll find that Kuala Lumpur escorts, as with the freelance hookers in the capital city, tend not to Malaysian. It is much more common for these girls to originate from neighbouring countries in the region, typically Thailand and Vietnam, but there is still a small number of local girls to be found working here in the oldest of professions.

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Typically these local Malaysian working-girls tend to be either Chinese Malaysians or Indian Malaysians; I’d imagine that there would be little tolerance for ethnic Malay girls to work in this profession due to their Islamic faith.

With Malaysia being a predominantly Muslim country you’ll perhaps be a little surprised to read that the presence of Kuala Lumpur call girls and street hookers from any ethnic/religious, be they Muslim or not, would be tolerated at all.

Never the less, there is a range of ladies who are available to entertain you, and it is is a reasonably extensive range in the capital city.

If you venture into Malaysia for a visit, you might hear some of the local people referring to you as ‘Mat Salleh’; this is the standard term for Caucasians in Malaysia just as ‘Farang’ applies in Thailand.

This is actually a bar when the pool closes... the Luna bar in KL

I’m not sure if Mat Salleh make up the majority of the customer base for Kuala Lumpur escorts, but there are lots of western businessmen in the city who are no strangers to the Malaysian escort industry.

Call Girl Popularity

I think that part of the reason for the relative popularity of Kuala Lumpur escorts is due to the more restrained bar scene there. The capital city is not like other cities in the region and obvious red light districts with the sort of bars and clubs you get in Bangkok are not to be found.

There are lots of Malaysian hookers to be found in the watering holes around town, but they operate much more in the shadows and won't solicit themselves in an obvious way. If you are new in town then you’ll almost certainly miss them altogether.

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You’re more likely to run into Malaysian hookers on the streets than in the bars, and those hookers that you do see in bars will probably be freelance hookers. The reason is because local drinking establishments don’t employ bar girls in the way that Thai bars do.

Prostitution is illegal and, unlike Thailand, bars that promote it are more likely to land themselves in trouble.

Kuala Lumpur Escorts; Prices

At current exchange rates the starting prices of a brief encounter with a call girl in Kuala Lumpur work out to a similar fee to what you might pay in Thailand. The main difference, in terms of costs, is that the fees rise in a big way as the duration of a liaison rises.

This is much more consistent with a western style price structure, and anyone who is intending to enjoy a sort of holiday girlfriend relationship with one of these ladies had better have very deep pockets indeed.

Local prices are shown in the table above and, somewhat surprisingly, you'll notice that the costs are actually lowest in the capital city. I think that the reason for this might be that, at the time of writing, there are a lot more agencies and girls on offer in Kuala Lumpur compared to the other areas and that the extra competition in the market is driving prices down.

Be aware though that these are the lowest rates I could find and that some escorts ask for US$100 per hour even in the capital. Even so, these rates are not entirely disproportionate with modern escort prices in Thailand.

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Borneo in particular seems to have fewer options than other places, and I couldn’t find any online options at all in Kerching, Georgetown.

The nightlife there is regarded as being amongst the best in North Borneo so, if there is a lack of escort girls working there then I doubt that you’ll find much on offer in the more remote locations.

No doubt you’ll have the usual freelancer options there though, and I’d estimate that the going rate for those ladies is in the region of 300 to 400 ringgit for an overnight experience.

All the standard services offered by Asian call girls are available from Kuala Lumpur escorts, depending on the girl... and the usual safety factor is as high as it is elsewhere. When using the services of someone who can be tracked down in the event of any nonsense occurring, you are unlikely to have any trouble at all.

Similarly, with freelance Malaysian hookers, all the usual extra risks apply since they can easily disappear without trace, so keep a close eye on your possessions or, preferably, lock them away somewhere safe when you are entertaining one of these ladies.

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