Krabi Girls and an Invitation

By Axel (from Prachuap)

The Krabi girls that I met during my time there were generally gentle and softly spoken, just the way I like my girls, and I was pleasantly impressed by the place. I had heard about Krabi for years, and was happy to get around to checking it out. Krabi town was quiet, and anything but a tourist trap.

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Most travellers only transited on their way to a nearby beach destination, called Ao Nang, and to the islands. Since I've always been drawn to small Thai towns, I checked into a guesthouse for a month.

To be quite honest with you, I had not expected to get to know any Krabi girls during my stay.

One of the main attractions in Krabi Town was the night market, where they served delicious food. Moreover, the Khao San Road scenes in the movie ‘The Beach’ were shot at the night market.

It was Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year, so when I walked out of my room, the Krabi girls at the guesthouse smiled and gently poured some water on one of my shoulders. Then they sprinkled baby powder on top; what a mess!

Songkran is the Thai new year, and it is celebrated with water fights...

If you've never experienced Songkran in Thailand then you won't know how crazy it can get. Some people love it, but it can get old pretty quick if you don't like getting wet!

Krabi Escort Girls & Call Girls

Before continuing with the story, I thought that a few words about the area as regards the ladies there might be useful. Krabi is quite an upmarket destination in the South of Thailand and it tends to draw a larger contingent of families and couples than elsewhere. That being the case, it is not a big sex tourist area.

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Now, back to my story...

Meeting Nok

I became a regular at an internet cafe that was run by a married Thai couple. They were both soft-spoken and pleasant to be around. The wife's name was Nok and her husband called himself Pom.

They both spoke enough English to have a meaningful conversation. Pom was really interested in meditation, like myself, and had Buddhist images all over the internet cafe, which doubled as a computer repair shop. What's more, they had a hyperactive 4-year old daughter who ran around like crazy.

After having known each other for a couple of weeks, we would to go to the night market in the evenings to eat together. One thing about Nok really puzzled me. Whenever she looked at me she had this warm, loving look on her face. Had she taken a liking to me? I didn't know what to make of these Krabi girls!

A typical food stall at the Krabi Night Market.

To make a long story short, Nok and Pom closed the internet cafe, while I was in Krabi, and moved home to Lampang where they ran another business. Their Krabi Town internet cafe had not been profitable.

I was outside their shop, to say goodbye, when they drove off with all their belongings on the back of their pickup truck. Pom, in particular, looked really troubled by the failure.

Krabi Girls: The Unexpected Call

Once my month at the guesthouse was up, I moved to Phuket where I rented a small apartment. One evening, after having stayed in Phuket for about two months, I unexpectedly received a call from Nok. She tried to tell me something but I couldn't make any sense of it.

Like a lot of Thai girls do, she apologized for not speaking good English.

I asked her to call back the following day, at noon, when I would be at my Thai friend's place. Nok called as arranged and I handed the mobile phone to Pong, my Thai friend. He listened patiently to what Nok had to tell him, and to say the least, he looked rather amused. Once Nok was done talking, Pong asked her a few questions. Then, he put the mobile to the side, for a moment, and explained what she wanted to tell me.

Nok would like to introduce me to her younger sister, and invited me to visit them in Lampang. An alternative would be that I invited her sister to Phuket. Her sister's nickname was Aoy, she was 23 and had one child. I almost choked, the whole thing was bizarre. Pong added that invitations like this were quite normal for Thais that would like to know westerners. In the end we agreed that I would think it over and get back to Nok.

The Krabi girls kept surprising me!

I was actually planning to leave Phuket for Chiang Mai, where I would join a meditation group I knew of. Not that I liked the idea of being introduced to Nok's younger sister, but I agreed to stop over in Lampang since it was on the way to Chiang Mai. Pong helped me inform Nok about my plans. I can't believe I agreed to it! A few weeks later, I left Phuket.

Krabi is home to some of Thailand's most beautiful beaches

The train stopped at the Lampang station at about 4 in the morning, it was still pitch black outside. I walked around the quaint little town in search of a room. Anyone who has been to Thailand knows that the street dogs are particularly fierce when it's dark. I checked into a guesthouse and got some rest.

At about 10 o'clock that same morning I called Nok's sister, for the first time, to let her know where she could pick me up. It's a strange way to get introduced, isn't it?

Aoy arrived at the guesthouse quite late, she had long wavy hair and was quite sturdily built. Unlike her sister, Aoy wasn't soft-spoken. Rather, she came across as the type of Thai girl that slaps you hard on the arm. I can't stand those kinds of women. Even worse, she didn't even speak much English and my Thai was limited to about 75 words.

As we drove down the highway, she accidentally hit the concrete divider with the front tire, causing the pickup we were in to jolt violently. It was too much for her, trying to talk to me and driving at the same time. I had no clue where we were going; I just hoped we would arrive without having an accident.

I quickly noticed that Aoy was quite impatient, my first impressions of her were really negative. Unlike most typically gentle Krabi girls, Aoy simply wasn't my kind of woman!

Krabi Girls; the Families

We had travelled along a country road, for about five minutes, when Aoy pulled into a hideous little house that hardly had any windows at all. It was her parents' home. Inside I met her mother, father and a grandmother. The grandmother was by far the least unsympathetic out of the bunch. We only stayed in the gloomy house for a short while. Then, out of the blue, Aoy took off. Later on, I was told that she had to go to work. That was the last time I ever saw her!?

Aoy's parents were really rough around the edges and spoke even less English than her. We were going someplace on an excursion, that's all I could pick up. Instead of having a regular door, the house had this roll up metal door that shops have; God it made a lot of noise. To top it off, he locked it with a padlock. What if there was a fire and grandma had to get out?

The three of us drove off in a small pickup truck. After some time, Aoy's father pulled over to a stall that sold drinking coconuts on the roadside. That was the first time I tried really ripe, yellow coconut, it’s much richer than the green ones. We arrived at a hot spring where we stayed for about 2-3 hours. Aoy's parents brought towels for themselves, but didn't have one for me! There wasn't much to like about that family.

Early that evening we took the pickup to Pom's parents' house, which was in a nice neighbourhood in Lampang. The villa was new and sizable. In the driveway I met Pom; it was good to see him again. We talked a bit about his meditation practice.

Inside the house I met both of Nok and Pom's mothers; they were really gentle and soft-spoken. In short, they were pleasant to be around. The odd thing was that Nok’s father stayed in the background and never came to say hello. He disliked foreigners, or just didn't approve of them being fixed up with Krabi girls?

There was such a contrast between the two families; one was cultured and well-to-do, while the other was not. All of us, except for Pom's father, went to a nice hotel for dinner.

Next morning, Pom and Nok picked me up at my guesthouse and drove me to the train station. Nok was really caring, and bought me snacks for the trip. The whole thing turned out worse than I had anticipated. Think twice before you accept an invitation like that from any Krabi girls!

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