Koh Samui Hookers; love & murder

By Shane (from Hua Hin)

Are Koh Samui hookers any different from any other hookers in Thailand? Personally I don't believe they are, or perhaps I should say I don't believe they are much different to the hookers you will find in any of Thailand's tourist hotspots.

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I have not had much experience with Koh Samui hookers myself because whenever I went there I usually took a bar girl from Bangkok with me and, in the years that followed, my wife was the only woman I was interested in.

Koh Samui Hookers and a Lifelong Friend

Okay, before I get going I just want to stress the fact that Johann (not his real name) and I met each other in 1986 while doing our National Service in South Africa, but the lifelong bond between us was born in 1987 while the two of us worked side by side clearing landmines in the Angolan bush. From those days up until a few months ago the two of us were literally joined at the hip. Not a day went by where we were not together. We were so close that some of our friends even suspected us of being gay lol.

Haha, the closest we came to being gay was on the one or two occasions when we were drunk and having same-room sex with Thai hookers and again with two hookers in Hua-Hin. Anyway, our crazy hooker days came to an end when we both ended up getting married and having kids.

Johann shacked up with a bar girl on Samui. He initially picked her up because I guess he was horny, but also because his heart was way too soft. She was about 37 years old and was blind in one eye. Koh Samui hookers aged over 30, with facial defects, are at a huge disadvantage when looking for customers in the bars. However, Johann and ‘Fa’ (not her real name) seemed to hit it off and they were soon shacked up together, although the two of them never legally got married.

Fa soon became pregnant and Johann bought a small house in her name just a short distance from Hat Yai on the mainland. Foreigners cannot own land in Thailand but Johann was not concerned because he was earning excellent money and the house only cost a few thousand pounds sterling. Their daughter was born and the two were over the moon. He went on to buy several rubber farms as well, all in her name of course. He never wanted any of the profits, saying that the money could go to her family.

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Three years after their first daughter was born they had a second daughter, and the amazing thing is that his daughters are now friends with my own daughters. Anyway, just over five years ago he decided to buy a bigger house. This place is like a Hollywood mansion standing on a vast area of land. Even on the money he was earning, it took him five years to pay it off. By now he and Fa had new cars and every luxury you can think of with everything in her name – not advisable with former Koh Samui hookers…

Both his girls started attending expensive international schools and Johann paid for Fa's first kid from a previous marriage to attend the same school as well. Nobody in her family lacked anything. Because of the property being so huge and because he never wanted Fa to have to work, he employed her brother and her brother’s wife fulltime, paying both of them well over the going rate. They also had their own private accommodation on the property and everything was provided free of charge. Even groceries were provided. They were allowed to just help themselves. Hell, Johann even paid for their petrol and toiletries.

Koh Samui Hookers; where did it go wrong?

Johann was a hard worker. When he worked he worked hard and when he played he played hard. Thais generally find it very hard to work to a clock, and Johann's brother in law was no exception.  At this point I should add that a few years had passed where Johann and I never saw each other so, when we were reunited about two years ago, it was a very special moment for both of us. It was as if we had never been separated, and we once again started seeing each other all the time.

On our first reunion Johann, Fa and his mom came to my home but after the first night he suggested we book into a hotel in the centre of town along with my two oldest daughters. The women and kids had their room while he and I had our room. Once the kids were asleep the four of us did some serious drinking and Johann and Fa started arguing. This would prove to be one of many arguments I would witness. Later Johann fell asleep and Fa who was crying went to her room along with Johann's mom.

I continued sitting on the balcony and I could hear someone sobbing nearby so I jumped over the railings, only to see Fa sitting a few meters away. I went over to her to try and comfort her because Johann had in all honesty said a few nasty things... things relating to Koh Samui hookers. Anyway, she soon calmed down and the two of us sat and had a few more drinks next to the pool. By this time I was seriously drunk and I decided to have a swim even though you are not supposed to use the pool after 9pm. I still had my swimming trunks on so in I went.  All the lights were off but soon I could see Fa entering the pool on the opposite end. What I never saw though, was that she had removed her costume.

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Now, I have nothing against nudity but she was my best mate's wife. At first she gave me no reason to be suspicious, bearing in mind that we were both really drunk. Slowly but surely she started pushing the boundaries. Despite her age and the fact that she had had three kids, she still had an amazing body and really awesome breasts which she was using to her advantage. Soon, her seemingly innocent actions became bolder. We were at the side of the pool in the deep end having a drink when I felt her sort of wrap one of her legs around one of mine, and then I felt her press her crotch against me.

At first it was just straight forward contact, but soon this was replaced with a rubbing motion. I'm a guy, and she was quite literally sending shockwaves through my body. She grabbed my crotch next and then I felt her slipping her hand inside my trunks. I had become seriously aroused by now so when she started to remove my trunks I never resisted (sorry Johann). My trunks were off and she was clearly enjoying having this sort of control over me. After a playing with me for a few minutes she wrapped both legs around me and lowered herself onto me. Sorry again Johann. Whilst I still feel terrible about allowing things to go so far, I can at least say that everything ended within seconds. I just could not bring myself to carry on and go all the way.

I didn't know whether I should tell Johann or not. After all, he had kids that loved their mother. I was also afraid for our friendship. Fa tried to get me a few more times in the days that followed but I resisted. It had become clear to me that she should not be Johann's wife; she should have stayed on the island with all the other Koh Samui hookers.

When my daughters and I later visited Johann at his place for two weeks she made advances on me again but this time I was determined not to cave in. What really bothered me the most was the very apparent friction between Fa's brother and Johann. I even said to Johann that he needs to back off a bit or else simply employ someone else. I warned him about the fact that Thais don't like losing face even if they are in the wrong, and the fact that life is cheap in Thailand.

We saw each other many times after that and we stayed in touch daily via Line. Then one day about six or seven months ago he told me that he and Fa's brother had had a major argument which resulted in a few punches being thrown. I had also discovered that he and Fa weren't getting along very well. Fa had developed a serious drinking problem and had moved out to stay with some ladyboy friends in Bangkok. Following the fight where punches were thrown, Fa's brother and his wife also moved out but later came and asked if they could still work for Johann. He agreed, and again I warned him.

A couple of months later he told me Fa had moved back in and that things were looking up. I was glad but when my daughters and I went and spent 10 days there I saw a very different picture. The two of them were barely speaking to each other and Fa had become visibly cold. She did nothing other than eat, sleep and drink... not unlike many Koh Samui hookers past and present!

A few weeks after my daughters and I had gone home, I became seriously concerned when I couldn't get hold of him, but then I got a message via Line saying it was because he had been seriously ill. We chatted and he said he had no idea what caused it. In a joking sort of way I said that maybe Fa and her brother had tried to poison him. He shrugged it off saying that they had tried to get him to go see a doctor.

For the next three days we chatted daily and he was back to being his old crazy self and then, suddenly, no contact at all.

Koh Samui Hookers; how it ended

If I remember correctly it was the 27th of August 2015 that I got a Line message from my sister back in South Africa: "Shane, please get in touch urgently. It's about Johann, he's been murdered." My first response was: "I hope Fa and her brother have been arrested." There was no doubt in my mind that they were behind it.

Johann had been seriously ill again. On his first day on his feet he was standing in his kitchen preparing dinner for his kids for when they returned home from school. A hired killer entered the house and shot him twice and stabbed him once. He was shot once in the eye and once in the chest. He was then stabbed through the heart.

His wife only managed to play the “distressed wife role” for about a week before being arrested. The Thai police have seen similar cases so many times, and from the minute they arrived at the scene and they saw the house, they would have suspected the Thai family. As we say in Thailand: always make sure you are worth more alive than you are worth dead. Fa paid 250,000 Thai baht to have Johann killed, and yes, it was his own money that paid for his murder. Many Koh Samui hookers are known to have associated with some very dangerous individuals; whether the police new of her past or not is uncertain, but highly likely.

My heart really feels for his kids. First they come home and discover their dad has been killed, and then a week later they find out it was mom who got dad killed, and they also lose their mom because Fa is currently in prison. No words can even begin to describe the hatred I feel for Fa, and to make matters worse, all Johann's wealth might still end up with the woman who killed him.

Fa's brother was also in it and he too is in prison, along with the actual shooter. I actually still cannot believe that I'll never see Johann again after all we went through together. Rest in peace brother; burn in hell Fa.

So, are significant numbers of Koh Samui hookers capable of these extremes? Probably not! I’m sure many guys have fallen for them and have gone on to have happy long lasting relationships but Johann's story is not unique. There are lots of stories with tragic endings involving Koh Samui hookers and this one won't be the last.

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