Koh Samui Girls & Life on the Island

The Koh Samui girls fall into two main camps; those that were born and raised on the island, and those that have travelled there for work in the tourism industry. In 2006 the population of Koh Samui, Thailand’s second largest island after Phuket, was around 30,000. Since that time it has grown to around 63,000, and it has caused some friction with the locals.

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Tourism is the now the dominant industry and recent development is primarily geared towards further expansion; however, some of the local people feel that the benefits of tourism growth have done little to improve their lives.

Tensions between the indigenous Thais, the new Thai arrivals, and the huge tourist inflow since the 1980s has led to some serious problems on the island and surrounding smaller islands.

There have been many murders, rapes, shootings and other violent incidents that remain unsolved even years after the crime was committed. The most recent high-profile incident hit the global media in September 2014 when a young British couple were murdered on Koh Tao, just to the north of Koh Samui.

Who would link a scenery like this to a spate of violent crimes?

As scary as this is, I wouldn’t let the crime level deter you too much from holidaying there. Many thousands of tourists travel to the island each year and the vast majority experience no trouble whatsoever. However, if you are hoping to meet some local Koh Samui girls and spend the rest of your life with one of them on the island, then it makes a lot more sense to be aware of the simmering local tensions.

Koh Samui Bar Girls & Nightlife

The nightlife is concentrated on two main beaches, Chaweng Beach and Lamai Beach. Chaweng is the busier, louder of the two and attracts a slightly younger crowd.

I should point out here that, if nightlife is what you are looking for, there’s nothing on the island to come anywhere near to what you get in Pattaya, and even Patong on Phuket is a lot bigger.

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There are far fewer Koh Samui girls working in bars & clubs because there are far fewer bars & clubs! Koh Samui, and nearby islands, appeals more to couples or to younger men that want to dance on the beach all night trying to score with fellow lady-travellers.

There’s a much smaller P4P scene there, so keep that in mind if you are hoping to meet up with some Koh Samui bar girls. In all honesty, although you might read differently elsewhere, I think that Koh Samui is more of a place to take a lady rather than a place to meet a lady.

If you are travelling alone but determined to visit the island, you might want to have a look at your online options for meeting a Thai girl somewhere else, such as Bangkok, and then whisk her off on holiday with you. There are some Koh Samui girls online, but the number of girls that you’ll find living on the island is much smaller than you’ll find living in Bangkok.

Just to the north Koh Samui is the popular ‘full moon party’ destination for young revellers, back-packers and the like, i.e. Koh Phangan. Visitors to this island are famous for their love of partying the night away on idyllic beaches.

The Koh Phangan girls on the other hand, at least the Thai girls there, tend to be hookers hoping to meet up with the holidaymakers. From what I gather they don’t tend to enjoy too much success, most of the tourists are young and more interested in hooking up with each other…

Full moon parties are the standard form of nightlife entertainment here.

Cost of Living on Koh Samui

Overall, the cost of living on Koh Samui looks much cheaper than BKK, especially for rent. The figures provided via the link are not so reliable due to being based on a small sample size, but overall costs do look quite low.

The reputation that Koh Samui has for being a relatively expensive holiday destination may be true in some ways e.g. the average hotel is newer and of a better quality, hence relatively high costs. Restaurant/bar food and drink costs look higher too, but long-term accommodation costs look nice and cheap. Also, since the island attracts so many back-packers, there are provisions for people on a budget.

There is one extra cost to consider, the flights to the island tend to be quite expensive, and your other travel options for getting there are not really viable.

Final thoughts about Koh Samui Girls

I must admit that of the main Thailand destinations that I’ve described, Koh Samui appeals to me the least, and this may have fed through in what I’ve written here.

The Koh Samui girls, nightlife and general way of life has appealed to plenty of other people and for many tourists it features at the top of their wish-list as a place to be, so you might want to read more widely before discounting it from your list.

Regardless of the varying opinions though, the main points that I’ve written about are factually based, and if you are a single gentlemen over the age of about 40, then it’s more likely that you’ll have more fun in a different location.

As an alternative to Koh Samui, Phuket enjoys many of the same attractions whilst also having a more varied entertainment scene. Personally I believe that it is a much better choice for most of the men that are likely to read my website.

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