Koh Samui Escort Girl Advice

I think that there is a strong case for using Koh Samui escort girls, as opposed to the other girls that you will find working on the main island and the smaller surrounding islands, in this part of Thailand.

For one thing, the selection of available Koh Samui bar girls is much reduced compared to the main nightlife orientated destinations in Thailand.

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There are still some nightlife options but, compared to Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, they are meagre.

The men that visit Koh Samui with the intention of hooking up with a Thai girl also tend to be financially better off than the men that go to places like Pattaya, so they're probably a little less price sensitive than most guys, meaning that the extra cost of a call-girl won't worry them so much.

You will need to pay an escort girl a lot more than you would pay other hookers, but the typical range of Thai escort prices are not going to worry you much if you are a man of moderate means or more.

I don’t have any recommendations to make about any particular Koh Samui escort agencies, but a quick online search will turn up your main options, there aren’t that many to choose from.

A Koh Samui Escort Alternative - Bar Girls

The main alternative way to meet girls here is exactly the same as in other areas of Thailand i.e. the local bar girls.

The nightlife scene is a little different to other places in that it caters more to couples and to young backpackers than your usual sort of naughty tourist, and many of the bars resemble regular drinking establishments rather than the sort of thing that you get in Pattaya.

That said, there are a few clusters of beer bars where the serving girls are most definitely available for take-out.

The all important ‘girlfriend experience’ is available from the Koh Samui bar girls, so, if you are looking for someone to share your holiday with and go off exploring, then this is a good thing.

The island is quite large and, if you don’t know your way around, a bar girl will be a very useful companion.

I recommend hiring a scooter whilst visiting the island, even if you can’t ride one there’s a strong probability that your bar girl companion will be able to, so you can sit behind her whilst she gives you the island tour (stopping off at all the beaches for a little alcohol refreshment of course).

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More Options...

If you are not interested in the girlfriend experience, then there is little to recommend about the bar girls. They do tend to be a little less easy on the eye than some of the other options, but you can still have lots of regular fun with them in the bar playing pool, connect 4 and so on.

For men that prefer their liaisons with the locals to be a little more discreet, you could try one of the massage parlours. These are very thin on the ground in Koh Samui, but there is mention of one on Chaweng beach called the ‘Pink Lady’.

There are lots of Koh Samui hookers working freelance, but my usual advice applies here - avoid them like the plague.

They come with extra risk of being drugged and robbed because they can disappear without any hope of tracking them back to the bar where you met them. There is much less frequent complaint about underhand dealings with the freelancers on Koh Samui than Pattaya, for example, but the risk is ever present none the less.

Koh Samui has beautiful spots to discover

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Additional P4P Info

The P4P industry extends to more than bar-girls; click the links for details:

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Morals & Ethics

Finally, there is the online dating option to consider. There are not so many online ladies to be found living on Koh Samui, so you are a little more restricted in your options but that’s no reason not to have a quick look.

If you find a suitable companion online then you will have probably found the best option of all since you will be able to strike up a bit of an understanding between the two of you before you even land in Thailand.

Koh Samui Escort Girls; final thoughts

I've written about the need for discretion that some men have in some parts of Thailand; on Koh Samui I would advise being respectful of local sense and sensibilities and not getting up to anything too lewd in public.

A Koh Samui escort girl can be met with discretion, and that may be a good thing if want avoiding upsetting local sense and sensibilities. This is not Magaluf and public indecency might land you in some serious trouble.

I’ve already written about the local tensions between indigenous Thais and the tourist industry on Koh Samui, so keep that in mind and behave respectfully.

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