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Indonesian women are a bit like the undiscovered girls of Southeast Asia in respect of the fact there are fewer western tourists that travel there to meet up with them, and still fewer that like to write up their travel stories for online viewing.

Worse than that, from an information point of view, is that the ladies of Indonesia have a completely different culture to that of most other Asian girls.

Many a western man has fallen for the charms of the ladies they meet in Indonesia, they are amongst the sweetest and sexiest that you will find anywhere.

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Islam is the dominant religion in Jakarta and throughout the country; Hindu is the dominant religion Bali however, and that just so happens to be the most popular holiday destination for westerns so I’ll add some info about that on other pages.

Buddhism is much rarer than in other South East Asian countries which means that my general dating strategy is somewhat less relevant to the Indonesian women than it is to women in other countries in the region.

On the plus side, the relatively scarce cultural guidance that is available does at least mean that there is more there to be discovered, so the probability of enjoying some new adventures comes into play once/if you tire of Buddhism based cultures.

There is still a lot of relevance to Indonesia in my dating strategy though; religion is only one aspect of culture and much that applies to the South East Asia region as a whole still applies here e.g. respect for elders and family, deference to parents, ultra lovely and feminine girls, and spicy as hell food!

Jakarta is the capital city, but Bali is a better option for nightlife.

There's plenty of fun to be had in Indonesia and us westerners still retain some appeal do our relative rarity here.

Serious Relationships

A lot western men are going to have some serious concerns when it comes to marriage to a Muslim lady. I’ve mentioned this elsewhere on my site with respect to Malaysian girls and the same advice applies to Indonesian women.

In short, to marry a Muslim lady you must convert to Islam, you must give up alcohol and pork (at least in the presence of your Islamic in-laws), you may need to get yourself circumcised, and you will need to take part in prayer times at regular intervals. This is fine if it appeals to you, but I think that most of the western world follows a different way of life.

I do believe that Hindu culture is less demanding and won’t entail quite the same overhaul of your lifestyle choices where you to marry into that religion so, if you are headed to Indonesia (Bali in particular) to start a new life then these girls might offer a more attractive long-term relationship proposition.

‘Bule’, as Caucasian men are referred to in Indonesia, get a lot of female attention. They are considered exotic and adventurous, and the girls love that on:

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Remember that another bone of contention – that relating to a dowry payment from you to your Asian in-laws, doesn’t apply to Hindu families. In fact, in Hindu culture the groom traditionally receives a dowry!

The other option with Indonesian women is, of course, to maintain your single status and enjoy all that comes with it. Indonesian women are known for being a lot like Thai girls in terms of their desire for fun and their interest in romance with western men (who they call ‘Bule’), so a single life almost certainly won’t mean a lonely life! 

As far as infrastructure, healthcare, education and all the other things that you take for granted in a developed economy, Indonesia is some way behind Thailand and a long way from the region’s best in Singapore.

If starting a family is your goal then these things matter and you might want to think about an alternative option, Malaysia is still cheap but good, but it comes with other concerns, safety being foremost.

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English is not widely spoken in Indonesia, so that can make life a little difficult at times and if you don’t speak the local lingo you might find yourself relying on the help of your lady-friend to translate a lot – that’s assuming that your lady-friend can speak English.

As always the Indonesian women in the capital city Jakarta tend to be more cosmopolitan and will have a better chance of having some English skills, but the other popular tourist destination, Bali, does okay on the communication score too. Stepping outside of these two locations will be a different matter though.

The crime rate is quite tolerable overall and there’s not much difference in safety between Jakarta and Bangkok. Bali, being a popular nightlife scene might have you expecting a high crime rate and significant safety problems but the figures I’ve seen paint a different picture – it’s actually rated as being one of the safest places in South East Asia!

Cost of living in Indonesia

The cost of living in Indonesia varies substantially depending on whether you want to live in the capital city, Jakarta, or not. It is true of other countries that the capital city is relatively more expensive but in Indonesia it’s a lot more. That said, Jakarta is roughly 5% cheaper overall compared to Bangkok.

As with Malaysia, beer and other alcoholic drinks are more expensive, about 30% more, due to the Muslim connection. Jakarta rental costs for apartments are similar to Bangkok.

Bali is a much cheaper option than Jakarta but still more expensive than other locations. Compared to Jakarta, it is almost 25% cheaper overall, with rental costs particularly cheap – a 1 bedroom apartment in the centre of Bali can be had for around US$200 per month compared with almost $600 in Jakarta.

Bali is particularly popular with Australian travelers.

Bali is even cheaper than Pattaya, around 10% cheaper overall but, if this isn’t cheap enough for you, then the Island of Batam might suit your budget, a 1 bedroom apartment in the centre of town there can be had for less than US$100 per month! Also, Batam is a tourist destination, so there are plenty of bars and girls to keep you happy.

More Information about Indonesian Women

Bali Girls – If it’s a big nightlife orientated destination that you are looking for in Indonesia, then Bali has got to be first on your list of places to go. The scene there is somewhat more like the party scene in the Mediterranean, with young people hooking with other travellers from all over the world. Mega clubs are popular venues for meeting girls, but there is also a P4P scene for meeting local Balinese girls.

Bali Escorts – For those travellers that are looking for company with a lady but who require a little extra discretion, Bali has got you covered better than alternative locations in Indonesia. There are options in Jakarta, but the Indonesian women working as escorts there tend to work independently rather than for an agency. For more details and prices, click the link.

Jakarta Nightlife - The capital city is one of the most overlooked and underrated cities in Southeast Asia as far as meeting local ladies is concerned. There's a lively nightlife scene with a good range of opportunities to suit most tastes, and western men are something of a novelty...

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