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Most of the Hue nightlife attractions, by which I mean bars and... well, more bars are condensed within a fairly compact area of the city. That's a good thing though, because that area is a bustling hive of activity.

Hue has its own 'walking street', but don't expect a miniature Pattaya, this is Vietnam not Thailand and things are more sedate, whilst still being fun.

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You'll find the city of Hue in central Vietnam about 100km north of Da Nang. It is a medium sized city with a population of about 350 thousand and it enjoys many of the same selling points that Da Nang has, most notably in terms of the girlfriend-suitable local ladies and potential for a new long-term home in Southeast Asia.

Getting to the city is relatively easy with flights from Saigon taking about an hour and a half, and costing next to nothing. For some reason though, most people seem to arrive by train or car.

The Hue nightlife caters to a mainly local clientele but the bars around walking street have a very similar feel to the sort of bars you find westernized areas of Saigon. There's western music mixed in with local music, and there's plenty of western food options if you should ever tire of the delicious Vietnamese food options.

The ratio of restaurants to bars is higher than in the main Vietnam tourist areas, reflecting the fact that this is not a north European budding alcoholics congregation point. With that said, the beer prices are rock bottom cheap!

Hue, Vietnam, BeachesHue is near to the coast, and it has several beach options...

Being located less than 10km from the coast you also get several attractive beach options to rest up on after an evening spent enjoying the Hue nightlife attractions.

Hue Nightlife Attractions

The style of the Hue nightlife is more akin to a southern Europe model where by people go out and enjoy a three course meal and wash it down with a bottle of wine rather than the north Europe model whereby you drink 15 bottles of beer and wash it down with a kebab.

It's a calmer, relaxed style of nightlife that will very much appeal to retirees, but there are still several suitable venues if you want to go down the 15 bottles route - see the list below for ideas.

The Best Bars in Hue

The bars below are all located either on or around the main Hue nightlife hot-spot i.e. Walking Street - technically called Pham Ngu Lao. There are many bars here to choose from, those listed below are widely regarded as being the best:

  • DMZ - located on Le Loi Street (the main street along the river) the DMZ has always been a popular option, and especially so with tourists since it's one of the first bars you'll stumble across.
  • Gecko Bar - located just around the corner from the DMZ, on Walking Street, and usually the second place you'll stop in. I like this bar due its rustic charm but it is only a small place that some will stroll right past.
  • Why Not - a popular option with some due to its western theme. Why Not is located opposite the Gecko bar and has some cheap accommodation facilities that will appeal to those on a budget.
  • Secret Lounge - my favorite, and aptly named being a little harder to find on Nguyen Cong Tru Street (a short walk from the other bars in a northerly direction). There's a beer garden, live sports on screen, and live bands.
  • Brown Eyes - a sort of bar/disco that's open until late. It's a little further away from the riverfront on 'Chu Van An' (very close to the bars mentioned here). There's a dance-floor and a decent music selection depending on the DJ.

Hue Girls & Dating

As with the ladies in other parts of central Vietnam, the Hue girls are amongst the most suitable for a long-term relationship. Most of them are nor at all interested in short-term casual fun between the sheets with passing tourists.

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The girls in Hue are usually born and raised here and that means that means that they want to protect their reputations. It's not the same as Saigon where girls from distant parts of Vietnam arrive to ply their trade in the 'hostess' bars.

With that said, there are still some freelance girls on the streets, and you will be offered all sorts of things as you stroll around i.e. sex, and drugs.

Hue Escorts & Prostitution

The majority of the sex workers in Hue work the streets that tourists are likely to visit. Walking Street and the areas around the riverfront are obvious candidates, but also the Imperial City site and other respectable attractions.

Hue prostitutes are not often the beautiful, well presented, girls that you find in Saigon bars. They have an altogether more poverty stricken look to them. They are more like the sort of street workers in the west and you'll find that they do not hold much appeal. They feel a bit like a blot on the landscape to be honest.

You try out one of the massage shops in town, you usually get some 'extra services' offered at these places but it's also common that those services only extend to something that you could perform on yourself!

If you want to find a good-looking clean and smart girl for casual fun then I think that your best bet is to go for an escort girl. Hue escorts are also a rarity though, so good luck with that.

Hue Hotels & Where to Stay

I'm assuming that you will want to stay at a hotel near to the main Hue nightlife hot-spot and the three options below all satisfy that criteria. There are other points of interest within the city, the gate to the Imperial City is located about a kilometer away on the opposite northern side of the river that you will want to see, but that can easily be reached by a steady walk. The climate is not so hot to make small walks like this unpleasant.

Imperial City Gateway, Hue, VietnamAncient gateway to the Imperial city...
  • Moonlight Hotel - located right on Walking Street this cheap hotel is perfect for anyone interested in the Hue nightlife and girls. It's a high rise hotel, so ask for a high floor to avoid the road noise.
  • Asia Hotel - also located on Walking Street the Asia hotel is a mid-priced hotel with spacious rooms and good facilities, although the swimming pool is a bit disappointing.
  • Imperial Hotel - located about 300 meters from Walking Street on Hung Vuong Street, this one is suitable for anyone who prefers a bit of luxury. It has a traditional design rather than contemporary, which means bags of style.

Hue Nightlife & Girls Final Thoughts

Central Vietnam really is a very good option for anyone who wants to get away from the rat race for a while, and Hue is one of three nearby locations that together provide most tourists with enough things to do to make them happy. The other two locations are Da Nang and Hoi An.

Many of those tourists will find enough in central Vietnam to keep them happy in retirement, and the charming local ladies will certainly help with that.

There is some interesting modern history relating to Hue. It was on the receiving end of some heavy US bombing during the Vietnam war and, more infamously, was the scene of a massacre of American troops by the communists.

As I've mentioned on my main page about Vietnamese girls, you shouldn't worry about any possible lingering animosity towards westerners, not even Americans.

This is all consigned to history and the local Vietnamese have no interest in bearing grudges. They are friendly towards us.

With regard to the younger generation, most Hue girls have little to no interest in a conflict fought decades before they were born!

You can enjoy the Hue nightlife in the comfort of a peaceful country without any real concerns at all from a safety perspective. Hue is a good place to put your feet up and relax.

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